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Embora Scotty acolhe com satisfação a chegada duma tecnologia melhorada, McCoy não está especialmente feliz pelas consequências. Star Trek was originally a joint-production of Norway Productions, owned by Roddenberry, and Desilu. The profit-sharing agreement for the series split proceeds between Norway, Desilu—later Paramount Television, William Shatner, and NBC. However, Star Trek lost money during its initial broadcast, and NBC did not expect to recoup its losses by selling the series into syndication, nor did Paramount. Star Trek: Voyager launched with UPN network with repeats entering into syndication.[24] The two hour long debut "Caretaker" was seen by 21.3 million people in January 1995.[25] After Voyager ended, UPN produced Enterprise, a prequel series. Enterprise did not enjoy the high ratings of its predecessors and UPN threatened to cancel it after the series' third season. Fans launched a campaign reminiscent of the one that saved the third season of the Original Series. Paramount renewed Enterprise for a fourth season, but moved it to the Friday night death slot.[30] Like the Original Series, Enterprise ratings dropped during this time slot, and UPN cancelled Enterprise at the end of its fourth season. Enterprise aired its final episode on May 13, 2005.[31] A fan group, "Save Enterprise", attempted to save the series and tried to raise $30 million to privately finance a fifth season of Enterprise.[32] Though the effort garnered considerable press, the fan drive failed to save the series. The cancellation of Enterprise ended an eighteen-year continuous production run of Star Trek programming on television. The poor box office performance in 2002 of the film Nemesis cast an uncertain light upon the future of the franchise. Paramount relieved Berman, the franchise producer, of control of Star Trek. Star Trek was a 20th and 21st century phenomenon created by Gene Roddenberry in the 1960's. It was a landmark show in that it was the first science fiction television show to market itself to adults, not just children. Known for its social themes, it masked current social commentary in sci-fi storylines. In fact, television's first-ever interracial kiss took place in an episode of Star Trek.

The Original Series era (1965–1969)

These jumps decreased the time needed to return by ~40 years. Counting elapsed time, by the end of the seventh and final season, assuming one year elapsed per season, Voyager was 28-35 years' travel from Federation space. Trek Today News New Icon Heroes Trek-Themed Office Supplies By: T'Bonz on May 15 Star Trek Pike And Spock Show Is A Go! By: T'Bonz on May 15 Star Trek Bottle Stoppers By: T'Bonz on May 14 Stewart Drops Hints On Picard Season Two By: T'Bonz on May 13 McMahan: Where Star Trek: Lower Decks Fits By: T'Bonz on May 13 New Star Trek Book I thought it was a Trekkie, and so I said, 'Sure.' I looked across the room, and there was Dr. Martin Luther King walking towards me with this big grin on his face. He reached out to me and said, 'Yes, Ms. Nichols, I am your greatest fan.' He said that Star Trek was the only show that he, and his wife Coretta, would allow their three little children to stay up and watch. [She told King about her plans to leave the series.] I never got to tell him why, because he said, 'You can't. You're part of history.' When Star Trek's Original Series first aired in the 1960s, one theme was a constant - the theme of looking to the future. Roddenberry's utopian vision of the future centred itself around the.

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Antes de publicar o primeiro episódio, uma série de três curta-metragems, chamados vignettes, foram estreados do 31 de julho ao 30 de novembro do ano 2012. O primeiro é um final prolongado do último episódio da série original (Turnabout Intruder), criado para apresentar a série como uma continuação direta da série original.[4] Star Trek inspired the popularity of slash fiction, a genre of fan-produced, in-universe fiction where normally platonic, same-sex characters are portrayed as being a romantic couple. The most notable being Kirk/Spock stories.[128]:799[129] Reviews of "Lolani" have been positive. Sam Sloan of Slice of SciFi wrote: "On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best 'Lolani' rates an easy 8.5. It was thoroughly watchable with rarely a boring moment".[10] The first publisher of Star Trek fiction aimed at adult readers was Bantam Books. James Blish wrote adaptations of episodes of the original series in twelve volumes from 1967 to 1977; in 1970, he wrote the first original Star Trek novel published by Bantam, Spock Must Die!.[56]:xi Season 3 of Star Trek: Continues. 2272. Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies Battle of Sector 323 3.01 2020 Humans, Klingons: Klingon

Post-Original Series rebirth (1969–1991)

Star Trek has led directly or indirectly to the creation of a number of magazines which focus either on science fiction or specifically on Star Trek. Starlog was a magazine which was founded in the 1970s.[56]:13 Initially, its focus was on Star Trek actors, but then it expanded its scope.[56]:80 Star Trek: The Magazine was a magazine published in the U.S. that ceased publication in 2003. Star Trek Magazine, originally published as Star Trek Monthly by Titan Magazines for the United Kingdom market, began in February 1995. The magazine has since expanded to worldwide distribution. Star Trek: Voyager is an American science fiction television series created by Rick Berman, Michael Piller, and Jeri Taylor.It originally aired from January 1995 to May 2001 on UPN, lasting for 172 episodes over seven seasons.The fourth series in the Star Trek franchise, it served as the third sequel to Star Trek: The Original Series.Set in the 24th century, when Earth is part of a United. The series is also available for streaming in the United States on CBS All Access, Hulu, Prime Video, and Netflix. Lou Ferrigno had to go through a four-hour makeup session to acquire the green tint of an Orion alien, which reminded him of the similar iconic green color that the actor had in the 1978 TV series The Incredible Hulk. Two more hours were required to remove the makeup.[4] The makeup process was quite tough for Ferrigno, but the actor was determined to play the role both because he was a big fan of the original Star Trek series and because he was confident that he could excel as the character.[6]

Many of the conflicts and political dimensions of Star Trek represent allegories of contemporary cultural realities. The Original Series addressed issues of the 1960s, just as later spin-offs have reflected issues of their respective decades.[10] Issues depicted in the various series include war and peace, the value of personal loyalty, authoritarianism, imperialism, class warfare, economics, racism, religion, human rights, sexism, feminism, and the role of technology.[11]:57 Roddenberry stated: "[By creating] a new world with new rules, I could make statements about sex, religion, Vietnam, politics, and intercontinental missiles. Indeed, we did make them on Star Trek: we were sending messages and fortunately they all got by the network."[11]:79 "If you talked about purple people on a far off planet, they (the television network) never really caught on. They were more concerned about cleavage. They actually would send a censor down to the set to measure a woman's cleavage to make sure too much of her breast wasn't showing"[12] Star Trek 4, Tarantino Star Trek | April 26, 2018 | By: TrekMovie.com Staff 173 comments so far. Reports: Paramount Looking To S.J. Clarkson To Direct 'Star Trek 4' - With Chris Hemsworth. As with all such Star Trek fan productions, permission to use copyrighted and trademarked properties from the original series were allowed so long as the production was not-for-profit.[1][2]

Star Trek Continues Star Trek Expanded Universe Fando

Directed by James Kerwin. With Vic Mignogna, Todd Haberkorn, Chuck Huber, Christopher Doohan. This sequel to the TOS episode Mirror Mirror picks up the story in the alternate universe immediately after. Spock plans to rebel against the Empire in a quest for peace, but first must plot against Kirk to take control of the Enterprise AxaMonitor's Latest News tardigrade_dismissal BUNGLED APPEAL Nearly three weeks late in filing vital documents in the Tardigrades copyright suit against Star Trek: Discovery's creators, attorneys for game developer Anas Abdin have put the case in danger of dismissal by an appeals court. Meanwhile, all $20,000 raised on GoFundMe to support the appeal has gone to Abdi Additional All Access series are under development including the Star Trek: Lower Decks adult animated series, and a show centered around the Discovery character Philippa Georgiou. CBS's goal is to have new Star Trek content year-round on All Access.[49][50][51] By the 2010s, the episodes were made available on various streaming services including the owners CBS All Access[27][28] In 2016 Netflix made an agreement with CBS for worldwide distribution of all then existing 727 Star Trek episodes (including Voyager).[28] Voyager has 172 episodes and has been reviewed as a binge watch, with the whole series taking about three months, as rate of two episodes per day on weekdays and three episodes per day on weekends.[29] As of 2015 services known to carry the series include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes, and CBS.com.[29]

Post-Roddenberry television era (1991–2005)

The success of the sequel, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, reversed the fortunes of the franchise. While the sequel grossed less than the first movie, The Wrath of Khan's lower production costs made it net more profit. Paramount produced six Star Trek feature films between 1979 and 1991. Star Trek Continues fue una producción distribuida por internet y desarrollada por fanes de la saga Star Trek.La historia continúa la inconclusa serie original con los dos años de exploración pendientes del capitán James Tiberius Kirk al mando del USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), como Star Trek: Phase II.La serie empezó su producción en el 2012 y contiene 11 episodios y tres vignettes, y. 1,146,034 views. Star Trek Continues E04 The White Iris - Duration: 47 minutes. Star Trek Continues E09 What Ships Are For - Duration: 49 minutes. Star Trek Continues E10 To Boldly Go: Part I. The series primary protagonist is Lt. Commander Michael Burnham, portrayed by Martin-Green. This is a departure from previous Star Trek series whose lead character is traditionally the "captain of the ship". The series opened with a conflict between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon T'Kuvma, who is attempting to unite the twenty-four Klingon factions called the Great Houses.[70][71]

Film reboots (Kelvin Timeline) (2005–2016)

In August 2010, the members of the Internal Revenue Service created a Star Trek themed training video for a conference. Revealed to the public in 2013, the spoof along with parodies of other media franchises was cited as an example of the misuse of taxpayer funds in a congressional investigation.[120][121] The series consists of 172 episodes, all 45 minutes in length, excluding advertisement breaks. Four episodes, "Caretaker", "Dark Frontier", "Flesh and Blood" and "Endgame" originally aired as 90 minute episodes (excluding advertisement breaks). In syndication these four episodes are each split into two episodes (45 minutes in length). As with every episode of Star Trek Continues, the shooting of the Enterprise scenes took place in Kingsland, Georgia, at a facility owned by Farragut Films and their partners.[2][3] Although meant as a way of saving the Ocampa, the Caretaker's abduction caused the death of many of the Voyager Starfleet crew including some very critical roles including first officer, chief engineer, and medical staff.[10] This creates a labor shortage that has to be filled in various ways; in particular the Maquis crew, who lost their ship, are able to fill some of the highest-ranking positions including first officer and chief engineer. Voyager successfully recovers Tuvok, who was working as a spy, and he is also able to join the crew. However, over the course of the next seven years according to the theatrically exposed timeline over 40 crew are killed.[10] Sources of new crew-members included taking on the Maquis crew, aliens, and other sources.[10] The number of on-screen actors does not exceed the amount of possible crew over the course of the seven seasons.[10] The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise are investigating mysterious energy drains from power stations, when they encounter an alien artifact, which begins to draw power from the ship. They are forced to destroy the artifact to save themselves, however Spock (Todd Haberkorn) detects two life forms on it.

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In 1996, TV Guide published the following as the ten best Star Trek episodes for the franchise's 30th anniversary: [132] Star Trek has an on-going tradition of actors returning to reprise their roles in other spin-off series. In some instances, actors have portrayed potential ancestors, descendants, or relatives of characters they originated. Characters have also been recast for later appearances. Quando a Enterprise se encontra com uma anomalia, o alienígena chamado Apolo da mitologia grega que tentou escravizar a tripulação em Pollux IV, aparece a bordo da Enterprise bem mais velho e doente. Kirk terá de decidir o que fazer com ele para salvá-lo ou deixá-lo morrer, já que Apolo diz que a única maneira para sobreviver é ficar num planeta com uma civilização primitiva. Mas Scotty pensa que Apolo só quer voltar a ser um deus e dominar outra espécie.

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Janice Rand is a female human who lives in the 23rd century and services the Federation and Starfleet as chief communications officer onboard the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Brianna Martin, she serviced on board the Enterprise as an non-commissioned officer and a yeoman to Commodore James T. Kirk. (Star Trek: Continues) Janice L. Rand was born on Earth in 2242. She soon moved. No Universo Espelho, Spock enfrenta-se a uma eleição que determinará o futuro do Império Terrano. Spock decide fazer um motim na ISS Enterprise à procura da paz.

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Star Trek Online este un joc de rol cu multiplayer online în masă (MMORPG). Este dezvoltat de Cryptic Studios și este bazat pe universul fictiv științifico-fantastic Star Trek creat de Gene Roddenberry.Jocul are loc în secolul al XXV-lea, la 30 de ani după evenimentele din filmul Star Trek: Nemesis (2002). Star Trek Online este primul MMORPG din franciza Star Trek și a fost lansat. Armus is an antagonist in the Star Trek universe that the Enterprise encountered on Vagra II in 2364. Armus was composed of a black viscous liquid that largely resembled an oil slick and was also a shape-shifter that could also assume a vaguely humanoid shape. He was physically portrayed by Mart McChesney, and voiced by the late Ron Gans

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  1. g, then called CBS Films. In 1994, Viacom and Paramount Communications merged.[18] Viacom then merged with its former parent, CBS Corporation, in 1999.
  2. Star Trek Continues is an American fan-created web series set in the Star Trek universe. Produced by the nonprofit charity Trek Continues, Inc. and Dracogen, and initially co-produced by Far from Home LLC and Farragut Films, the series consists of 11 episodes released between 2013 and 2017
  3. One notable connection between Voyager and The Next Generation appears regarding a wormhole and the Ferengi. In The Next Generation season-three episode "The Price", bidding takes place for rights to a wormhole. The Ferengi send a delegation to the bidding. When the Enterprise and Ferengi vessel each send shuttles into the wormhole, they appear in the Delta Quadrant, where the Ferengi shuttle becomes trapped. In the Voyager season-three episode "False Profits", the Ferengi who were trapped have since landed on a nearby planet, and begun exploiting the inhabitants for profit.
  4. imal input to the films while being heavily involved with the creation of The Next Generation. Roddenberry died on October 24, 1991, giving executive producer Rick Berman control of the franchise.[11]:268[8]:591–593 Star Trek had become known to those within Paramount as "the franchise", because of its great success and recurring role as a tent pole for the studio when other projects failed.[26] The Next Generation had the highest ratings of any Star Trek series and became the most syndicated show during the last years of its original seven-season run.[27] In response to the Next Generation's success, Paramount released a spin-off series Deep Space Nine in 1993. While never as popular as the Next Generation, the series had sufficient ratings for it to last seven seasons.
  5. Star Trek (2009) este un film științifico-fantastic regizat de J. J. Abrams și scris de Roberto Orci și Alex Kurtzman.Este al unsprezecelea film Star Trek, protagoniștii fiind personajele principale din Star Trek, Seria originală, însă cu alți actori.Filmul se concentrează asupra lui James T. Kirk care se înrolează la Academia Flotei Stelare, prima sa întâlnire cu Spock (Zachary.
  6. aries Nichelle Nichols,[citation needed] D.C. Fontana and David Gerrold.[116] A similar blend of Gilbert and Sullivan and Star Trek was presented as a benefit concert in San Francisco by the Lamplighters in 2009. The show was titled Star Drek: The Generation After That. It presented an original story with Gilbert and Sullivan melodies.[117]

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Amy Rydell, Actress: Star Trek Continues. Amy Rydell was born on September 27, 1971 in Culver City, California, USA. She is known for her work on Star Trek Continues (2013) and James Dean (2001) Robert Duncan McNeill (Paris) and Roxann Dawson (Torres) have also directed episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise, while Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, and Andrew Robinson (Garak of Deep Space Nine) all directed episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. The new ship's counselor (Michele Specht), who had begun to be enamored of Apollo, fires a phaser at him to stop his endangering the captain's life. Apollo is taken to the sickbay again, this time under restraint. Spock surmises that Apollo is incapable of controlling his desire to be worshiped by force. Apollo surprises the crew by requesting that Dr. McCoy (Larry Nemecek) operate to remove the organ which gives his race the power to convert human worship to life energy. The operation is a success, but it leaves Apollo in a much weakened condition. No consensus can be made on his stated desire to live out his days on a planet of humans, with doubts remaining as to his actual intent.

SCP-3135-3 is a phenomenon in which reruns of episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation are spontaneously hijacked by broadcasts of a show entitled Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Journey Continues!, framed as an official continuation of the original series. The source of these broadcasts is currently unknown Memory Alpha is a collaborative project to create the most definitive, accurate, and accessible encyclopedia and reference for everything related to Star Trek. The English-language Memory Alpha started in November 2003, and currently consists of 48,677 articles. If this is your first visit, please read an introduction to Memory Alpha. Star Trek: Discovery just kinda sucks. Judging by the enthusiastic reactions I'm seeing online, my opinion of Star Trek: Discovery is not going to be a popular one. I didn't like it. Didn't like it at all. Give the money to the guys who do Star Trek Continues on youtube. Ragni VégrímR says. 30 October 2017 at 1:15 pm

Many licensed products are based on the Star Trek franchise. Merchandising is very lucrative for both studio and actors; by 1986 Nimoy had earned more than $500,000 from royalties.[83] Products include novels, comic books, video games, and other materials, which are generally considered non-canon. Star Trek merchandise generated $4 billion for Paramount by 2002.[84] The 22nd Fleet was founded by players to serve as an organization for players. We are united by our love to write fan-fiction through our various simulations (games) that span multiple genres, from Star Trek, Mass Effect, Firefly, Orville, Star Wars, and even some original sci-fi Voyager is notable for being the most gender-balanced Star Trek series with the first female lead character and strong female supporting characters,[35] with a review of the different series giving Voyager the highest Bechdel test rating.[35] On June 8, 2010, WizKids announced the development of a Star Trek collectible miniatures game using the HeroClix game system.[91]

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Star Trek: Discovery is an American web television series created for CBS All Access by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman.Launched in 2017, it is the first scripted series developed specifically for that service. The seventh series in the Star Trek franchise, it was the first series in the franchise since Star Trek: Enterprise concluded in 2005. Star Trek: Discovery begins roughly a decade before. One sign of the series' growing popularity was the first Star Trek convention which occurred on January 21–23, 1972 in New York City. Although the original estimate of attendees was only a few hundred, several thousand fans turned up. Star Trek fans continue to attend similar conventions worldwide.[23] Star Trek: Phoenix is a Star Trek fan-created Internet anthology, consisting of both video and audio episodes. The production is set in a time period of 42 years following the events in the motion picture, Star Trek: Nemesis, and adheres to the Prime timeline created by Gene Roddenberry. The pilot episode titled Cloak & Dagger: Part I premiered on the Internet worldwide on May 2, 2010

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  1. Após um intercâmbio temporário dos corpos que se produziu entre Kirk e a doutora Janice Lester, o capitão e a tripulação retomam as suas funções.
  2. O capitão Kirk luta para ajudar uma sociedade dum mundo isolado cujos habitantes vivem numa forma muito peculiar. E neste mundo não existe a cor, portanto as imagens aparecem em preto e branco quando estão neste mundo.
  3. ated for three more.[119]
  4. Episódio 6: Vem sem o teu dragão (pt) ou Venha sem seu dragão (pt-BR) (Come Not Between the Dragons) (28 de maio do 2016)
  5. Star Trek bliver - baseret på de omkring 6000 fanbreve, serien får tilsendt hver uge - set af videnskabsmænd, museumsdirektører, psykiatere, læger, universitetsprofessorer og andre intellektuelle. Smithsonian Institution har bedt om at få en kopi af serien til dets arkiver, hvilket en tv-serie aldrig er blevet bedt om før
  6. Welcome to the Official Star Trek Online Wiki,the Star Trek Online reference that anyone can edit! There are 64,168 pages (16,912 articles) since May of 2009,with 307,305 registered contributors. Register today to begin contributing!

Lolani is a fan-produced Star Trek episode released in 2014, the second in the web series Star Trek Continues, which aims to continue the episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series while replicating their visual and storytelling style. It was written by Paul Bianchi and Huston Huddleston from a story by Huston Huddleston and Vic Mignogna, and directed by Chris White Deep Space Nine stands apart from earlier Trek series for its lengthy serialized storytelling, character conflicts, and religious themes—all elements critics and audiences praised but were forbidden by Roddenberry while a producer of the original series and the Next Generation.[61] Star Trek: Titan is a book series chronicling the adventures of Captain William T. Riker and the crew of the USS Titan. The series continues from the canonical establishment of Riker's promotion and new command in the movie Star Trek: Nemesis. Main Characters Captain William Thomas Riker: Commanding Officer (2379-onward)., Commander Christine Vale: Executive Officer (2379-onward)., Commander. Other magazines through the years included professional, as well well as magazines published by fans, or fanzines.

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  1. This title will be released on June 2, 2020. Star Trek Season 1. 1967 | TV Parental Guideline Rating: TV-PG | CC. 4.8 out of 5 stars 5,324. $1.99$1.99 to buy episode. $45.99 to buy season. Or $0.00 with a Prime membership. Starring: William Shatner , Leonard Nimoy , DeForest Kelley , et al. The Expanse - Season 1
  2. Star Trek: Continues is a fan fiction series created by: User Dragonboy546 telling the adventures of the crew of the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Brianna Martin continuing the five-year mission of the Enterprise that then Captain James T. Kirk started. Summary Captain Brianna Martin voice over: Space the final frontier these are the voyages of the Starship USS Enterprise it's.
  3. More than one reviewer commented on how the episode dealt with the topics of sexual objectification and slavery. Howard Andrew Jones of the magazine Black Gate wrote: "If you're a fan of the original Star Trek series, you MUST watch 'Lolani'. Even more so than 'Pilgrim of Eternity', it feels like a lost episode" and highlighted how "Lolani" presented an original and more serious take of female Orion slaves, usually depicted in the official franchise as simple femme fatale women.[11] A similar sentiment was shared by MaryAnn Johanson of FlickFilosopher.com, who wrote: "Because 'Lolani' better shows the potential that Continues has: to bring a more modern progressive attitude to universe that is Star Trek. Not that the original Trek wasn't progressive, but 'Lolani' pushes that to a place where a 1960s TV show couldn't have gone".[12]
  4. According to the fan-run Star Trek Wiki, Memory Alpha, the Zheng He is a the same class of ship as the USS Ibn Mājid — both are part of the Curiosity-Class. If true, this would mean this.
  5. The Star Trek media franchise is a multibillion-dollar industry, owned by ViacomCBS.[92] Gene Roddenberry sold Star Trek to NBC as a classic adventure drama; he pitched the show as "Wagon Train to the Stars" and as Horatio Hornblower in Space.[15] The opening line, "to boldly go where no man has gone before," was taken almost verbatim from a U.S. White House booklet on space produced after the Sputnik flight in 1957.[93] The central trio of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy was modeled on classical mythological storytelling.[15]

Welcome to Memory Beta Memory Beta is a wikipedia-style database for licensed Star Trek works, including novels, comic books, RPG sourcebooks, video games and any other licensed works. Warning: This wiki contains a plethora of spoilers relating to the Star Trek series and novels. Read at your own risk. This wiki was started on April 15, 2005, and we are currently working on 54,459 articles. After the original series was canceled, Desilu, which by then had been renamed Paramount Television, licensed the broadcast syndication rights to help recoup the production losses. Reruns began in late 1969 and by the late 1970s the series aired in over 150 domestic and 60 international markets. This helped Star Trek develop a cult following greater than its popularity during its original run.[22]

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Star Trek is an American media franchise based on the science fiction television series created by Gene Roddenberry.The first television series, called Star Trek and now known as The Original Series , debuted on September 8, 1966 and aired for three seasons on NBC.It followed the voyages of the starship USS Enterprise on its five-year mission, the purpose of which was to explore strange new. Over the course of the series, the Voyager crew finds various ways to reduce their 75-year journey by five decades: shortcuts, in the episodes "Night" and "Q2"; technology boosts, in episodes "The Voyager Conspiracy", "Dark Frontier", "Timeless" and "Hope and Fear"; subspace corridors in "Dragon's Teeth"; and a mind-powered push from a powerful former shipmate in "The Gift". Also, the crew is not able to use other trip-shortening opportunities, as seen in the episodes "Prime Factors", "Future's End", "Eye of the Needle" and "Inside Man". A technical enhancement that will reduce their return to a two-year journey is found, but only by a duplicate crew in the episode "Course: Oblivion", with this crew dying shortly before finding a way to communicate what they have learned to the “real” Voyager. After traveling for seven years, the remainder of the journey is shortened to a few minutes, when Voyager is able to access a Borg transwarp conduit in the series finale, "Endgame". Biography [edit | edit source]. Sharma was born in Vancouver, Canada, to parents who migrated from India during British rule. She has had roles on Battlestar Galactica, The 100 and also played Avi Samara on the fan production Star Trek Continues.. Star Trek Online [edit | edit source]. Rekha Sharma has appeared in-game since the May 14, 2019 as part of Rise of Discovery • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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  1. A emblemática missão da USS Enterprise chega ao seu fim enquanto Kirk e a sua tripulação lutam contra o seu último adversário.
  2. Enquanto a Enterprise é enviada numa missão aparentemente rotineira, Kirk é chamado para ir a uma base estelar onde Spock é promovido a capitão. No entanto, Kirk tem de afrontar um dilema ético que desafia o próprio núcleo do Comando da Frota Estelar.
  3. ion War veteran.; In 2379, Shinzon became the Praetor of the Star Empire largely through his use of thalaron weapons and an alliance.
  4. The original “future” is changed when Admiral Janeway alters her original timeline and reduces the journey to seven years in the series finale, and one depicted in "Relativity".
  5. The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) was the second Federation starship named Enterprise, commissioned in 2286 under James Kirk's command to replace its destroyed predecessor. After several years of operation, the Enterprise-A was decommissioned in 2293 following the Khitomer Accords, and replaced six months later by the Excelsior-class Enterprise-B. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Star Trek VI.
  6. The central trio of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy from the Original Series was modeled on classical mythological storytelling.[15]
  7. Burgundy Leather Moto Jacket, Star Trek Print T-Shirt, Green Jeans, and a Leopard Print Umbrella (22462910562).jpg 800 × 1,200; 341 KB DCFontanaJan2016 (cropped).jpg 426 × 495; 53 KB DCFontanaJan2016.jpg 426 × 640; 62 K
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A series of novels focusing on the continuing adventures of Voyager following the television series finale was implemented in 2003, much as Pocket Books did with the Deep Space Nine relaunch novel series, which features stories placed after the finale of that show. In the relaunch, several characters are reassigned while others are promoted but stay aboard Voyager. These changes include Janeway's promotion to admiral, Chakotay becoming captain of Voyager and breaking up with Seven of Nine, Tuvok leaving the ship to serve as tactical officer under William Riker, and Tom Paris's promotion to first officer on the Voyager. The series also introduces several new characters. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, frequently abbreviated as DS9, takes place during the last years and immediately after the Next Generation (2369–2375). It debuted the week of January 3, 1993, and ran for seven seasons. Unlike the other Star Trek series, Deep Space Nine was set primarily on a space station of the same name rather than aboard a starship. The cast included: The Constitution-class was a type of heavy cruiser that saw service in the Federation Starfleet during the 23rd century.The class served for several decades and underwent an extensive refit in the 2270s.By the mid-24th century the class was no longer in active service.The workhorse of Starfleet, the Constitution-class was probably the most balanced, all-around starship known in the 23rd century Star Trek: Voyager is an American science fiction television series created by Rick Berman, Michael Piller, and Jeri Taylor. It originally aired from January 1995 to May 2001 on UPN, lasting for 172 episodes over seven seasons. The fourth series in the Star Trek franchise, it served as the third sequel to Star Trek: The Original Series. Set in the 24th century, when Earth is part of a United Federation of Planets, it follows the adventures of the Starfleet vessel USS Voyager as it attempts to return home after being stranded in the Delta Quadrant on the far side of the Milky Way galaxy. Star Trek is noted for its cultural influence beyond works of science fiction.[4] The franchise is also noted for its progressive civil rights stances.[5] The Original Series included one of television's first multiracial casts.

The team created the franchise's eleventh film, Star Trek, releasing it in May 2009. The film featured a new cast portraying the crew of the original show. Star Trek was a prequel of the original series set in an alternate timeline, later named the Kelvin Timeline. This gave the film and sequels freedom from the need to conform to the franchise's canonical timeline. The eleventh Star Trek film's marketing campaign targeted non-fans, even stating in the film's advertisements that "this is not your father's Star Trek".[33] It also would not interfere with CBS's franchise. Star Trek: Picard is the ninth series in the Star Trek franchise and centers on the character Jean-Luc Picard. Set at the end of the 24th century, 18 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis (2002). The tenth and penultimate episode of the fan series Star Trek Continues is now available. To Boldly Go: Part 1 was written by acclaimed sci-fi author Robert J. Sawyer and features guest star.

Product Description. The original Star Trek adventure that started the enduring sci-fi pop culture phenomenon. The classic series focuses on the 23rd century adventures of Captain James T. Kirk, Mr. Spock, and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, a powerful interstellar spacecraft dispatched by Earth-based Starfleet Command to explore the galaxy About her years on Voyager, Kate Mulgrew said: "The best thing was simply the privilege and the challenge of being able to take a shot at the first female captain, transcending stereotypes that I was very familiar with. I was able to do that in front of millions of viewers. That was a remarkable experience—and it continues to resonate."[37] Computer engineer and entrepreneur Steve Wozniak credited watching Star Trek and attending Star Trek conventions in his youth as a source of inspiration for co-founding Apple Inc. in 1976. Apple later became the world's largest information technology company by revenue and the world's third-largest mobile phone manufacturer.[109] Michele Louise Specht (/ˈspɛkt/) is an American actress, comedian and voice actress, known for playing Katie in the VH1 series I Hate My 30's and Doctor McKennah in the web series Star Trek Continues Unsubscribe from Star Trek Continues? Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Need to report the video? Sign in to report inappropriate content. Sign in to make.

Star Trek Raven - See new version listed below - Starfleet Studios EP01 Full Film - Duration: 32:04. Starfleet Studios 168,153 view In 2005, the Redstone family reorganized Viacom, spinning off the conglomerate's assets as two independent groups: the new Viacom, and the new CBS Corporation. National Amusements and the Redstone family retained approximately 80% ownership of both CBS and Viacom.[135] Star Trek was split between the two entities. Star Trek Continues E06 Come Not Between the Dragons - Duration: 42:21. Star Trek Continues 695,352 views. 42:21. Star Trek Continues E09 What Ships Are For - Duration: 49:14 With Vic Mignogna, Todd Haberkorn, Christopher Doohan, Grant Imahara. The further adventures of the crew of the USS Enterprise Ratings for Enterprise started strong but declined rapidly. Although critics received the fourth season well, both fans and the cast reviled the series finale, partly because of the episode's focus on the guest appearance of members of the Next Generation cast.[65][66][67] The cancellation of Enterprise ended an 18-year run of new Star Trek series, which began with the Next Generation in 1987.

Star Trek: Voyager has not been remastered in high definition and there are no plans to do so, due to the costs of reassembling each episode from the film negatives and recreating visual effects.[30] The show begins after the brutal Cardassian occupation of the planet Bajor. The liberated Bajoran people ask the United Federation of Planets to help run a space station near Bajor. After the Federation takes control of the station, the protagonists of the show discover a uniquely stable wormhole that provides immediate access to the distant Gamma Quadrant, making Bajor and the station a strategically important location.[60] The show chronicles the events of the station's crew, led by Commander Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks), and Major Kira Nerys (Nana Visitor). The eighth installment from the fan production Star Trek Continues debuted today on the web, after a live premiere at Dallas Fan Expo on Saturday. Still Treads the Shadow is a return to the. He directed and starred as Captain James T. Kirk in their web series Star Trek Continues. Mignogna has received good reviews for writing, directing, executive-producing and starring in Star Trek Continues, especially for his portrayal of the character of Kirk, respectfully utilizing William Shatner's unique mannerisms and cadence

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The competitive nature of the entertainment industry led to negotiations between Viacom and CBS on a potential merger, with CBS as the acquiring party, which would realign the stakeholders of the franchise under one corporate umbrella.[140] After several failed attempts at a merger, negotiations restarted between CBS and Viacom in 2019, led by Shari Redstone, chairman of National Amusements, and Joe Ianniello, then CEO of Viacom.[141] On August 13, 2019, CBS and Viacom boards of directors reached an agreement to reunite the conglomerates as a single entity called ViacomCBS.[142] National Amusements board of directors approved the merger on October 28, 2019,.[143][144] The merger was finalized on December 4, 2019.[145] In 2017, La-La Land Records issued Star Trek: Voyager Collection, Volume 1, a four-disc limited-edition release containing Goldsmith's theme music and tracks from Jay Chattaway's "Rise", "Night", the two-parter "Equinox", "Pathfinder", "Spirit Folk", "The Haunting of Deck Twelve", "Shattered", "The Void", and the two-parter "Scorpion"; Dennis McCarthy's "The 37's", the two-parter "Basics", "The Q and the Gray", "Concerning Flight", "Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy", and the two-parters "Workforce" and "Year of Hell", David Bell's "Dark Frontier", and Paul Baillargeon's "Lifesigns".[33] In the pilot episode, "Caretaker", USS Voyager departs the Deep Space Nine space station on a mission into the treacherous Badlands. They are searching for a missing ship piloted by a team of Maquis rebels, which Voyager's security officer, the Vulcan Lieutenant Tuvok, has secretly infiltrated. While in the Badlands, Voyager is enveloped by a powerful energy wave that kills several of its crew, damages the ship, and strands it in the galaxy's Delta Quadrant, more than 70,000 light-years from Earth. The wave was not a natural phenomenon. In fact, it was used by an alien entity known as the Caretaker to pull Voyager into the Delta Quadrant. The Caretaker is responsible for the continued care of the Ocampa, a race of aliens native to the Delta Quadrant, and has been abducting other species from around the galaxy in an effort to find a successor. Following the success of the science fiction movies Star Wars [d] and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Paramount adapted the planned pilot episode of Phase II into the feature film Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The film opened in North America on December 7, 1979, with mixed reviews from critics. The film earned $139 million worldwide, below expectations but enough for Paramount to create a sequel. The studio forced Roddenberry to relinquish creative control of future sequels. Asia De Marcos, Actress: Miss Congeniality. Asia De Marcos is known for her work on Miss Congeniality (2000), The Life of David Gale (2003) and Star Trek Continues (2013). She is married to Shayne Benton. They have one child

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Voyager's journey home was essentially a trek across a large fraction of the Milky Way. The estimated 75-year duration of the voyage was reduced by several large jumps in distance in several episodes. A number of alternative timelines were explored due to the introduction of races possessing the ability to time travel, as in "Timeless". One such timeline involves the death of the entire crew, with only Chakotay, Harry and The Doctor surviving. Only by altering the past does Voyager continue. Its tele-theater and the flexibility of the science fiction universe created by generations of Star Trek writers and production staff accommodate this and more, with the theatrical devices forming a palette of plot tools. The use of Borg technology in the final episode allows Voyager to return home after only seven years. Enterprise (renomeada Star Trek: Enterprise em sua terceira temporada) é uma série estadunidense de ficção científica criada por Brannon Braga e Rick Berman que se passa no universo ficcional de Star Trek, criado por Gene Roddenberry na década de 1960. A série segue as aventuras da primeira nave de dobra 5 da humanidade, a Enterprise, dez anos antes da criação da Federação Unida dos. In 2016, in a listing that included each Star Trek film and TV series separately, Voyager was ranked 6th by the L.A. Times.[38]

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  1. Star Trek Continues é uma série produzida e distribuída pela Internet, desenvolvida por fãs da série Star Trek.A história continua a inacabada série original (como Star Trek: Phase II), como a viagem de cinco anos manteve-se em três, esta série tem como objectivo continuar os restantes dois anos da exploração do capitão James T. Kirk ao comando da USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)
  2. Initially, Enterprise featured self-contained episodes, much like the Original Series, Next Generation and Voyager. The third season comprised a single narrative arc. The fourth and final season consisted of several three and four episode arcs, which explored the origins of some elements of previous series, and resolved some continuity errors with The Original Series.
  3. g producer for the show's third and final season.[c] Despite another letter-writing campaign, NBC canceled the series after three seasons and 79 episodes.[18]
  4. Michele Specht, Actress: Star Trek Continues. Michele grew up in Colorado - and got up on every stage she could manage singing, acting, and unfortunately dancing from the time she could say: jazz hands. She earned degrees in Theater and Classical Vocal Music Performance, completed a prestigious theater internship with Theatre de la Juene Lune, then moved to London to bartend
  5. Christine Chapel was a Federation Starfleet medical officer on active duty in the 23rd and 24th centuries. The future Dr. Chapel was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 2237. Her parents were Patterson and Lauren Chapel. As a child, Christine had an interest in ballet. (Star Trek: Starship Creator) Reliquary: The Letters affirmed the given names of Christine's parents from Starship Creator.

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  1. There is a mythological component [to pop culture], especially with science fiction. It's people looking for answers – and science fiction offers to explain the inexplicable, the same as religion tends to do... If we accept the premise that it has a mythological element, then all the stuff about going out into space and meeting new life – trying to explain it and put a human element to it – it's a hopeful vision. All these things offer hope and imaginative solutions for the future.
  2. ation of Voyager, the franchise continued with Star Trek: Enterprise.
  3. In 2005, Paramount's parent company Viacom split into two companies, the CBS Corporation owner of CBS Television Studios, and Viacom owner of Paramount Pictures. CBS owned the film brand while Paramount owned the film library and would continue the film franchise. Paramount was the first company to try to revive the franchise, which it hired a new creative team to reinvigorate in 2007. Writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman and producer J. J. Abrams had the freedom to reinvent the feel of the franchise.
  4. Star Trek Continues is a fanfilm series that continues on the five year deep space mission of Star Trek: The Original Series where the original series left off. The series was created in 2013 by Vic Mignogna.The production team is proud to be part of Trek history, completing the final year (late 2269 - early 2270) of the original adventure
  5. Star Trek: Discovery este un serial TV science fiction ce se desfășoară în universul Star Trek creat de Gene Roddenberry.Serialul este creat de Bryan Fuller și Alex Kurtzman pentru CBS All Access.Este primul serial dezvoltat special pentru acest serviciu și primul serial Star Trek după Star Trek: Enterprise care a fost finalizat în 2005. Pe fundalul războiului rece dintre Federația.

"Pilgrim of Eternity" is a fan-produced Star Trek episode released in 2013, the first in the web series Star Trek Continues, which aims to continue the episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series replicating their visual and storytelling style. An unofficial sequel to the original TOS episode "Who Mourns for Adonais?", it was written by Steve Frattarola and Jack Treviño, from a story by Jack Marshall and Vic Mignogna and directed by Mignogna. After a successful Kickstarter in 2014 (they more than doubled their $10,000 target by taking in $22,600), writer/director Tommy Kraft and his team have finally delivered a fan film that's. Zaminhon arrives aboard the Enterprise. A diplomatic dinner organized by the Captain to convince the slave trader to free Lolani does not produce the desired result. Instead, tension arises when Zaminhon physically assaults Lolani for having described him as a brute monster. Kirk tries to stop the slave trader, and even makes an offer to purchase the woman from him, but Zaminhon is determined to keep Lolani and returns to his ship, taking her with him.

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Lieutenant Elizabeth Palmer was a Human woman who was an officer in Starfleet, a relief communications officer serving aboard the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain James T. Kirk in the 2260s and 2270s. (TOS episodes: The Doomsday Machine, The Way to Eden; TOS - The New Voyages short story: Fracture) In 2266, Palmer manned the communications station during the night shift. At. All of the rewards at the $100 level, PLUS a 1/677 model kit of the HMS Icarus. You can be one of the first and few to proudly own this very limited edition of the hero ship, ICARUS as seen in: Star Trek Renegades. This is a high quality, light-able resin model kit Em Star Trek Continues atuam Vic Mignogna no papel do capitão Kirk, Todd Haberkorn no papel do sr. Spock, Larry Nemecek (episódios 1-2), Chuck Huber (a partir do episódio 3) no papel do doutor Leonard McCoy e Chris Doohan (filho de James Doohan) no papel do sr. Scott.

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Star Trek Continues é uma série produzida e distribuída pela Internet, desenvolvida por fãs da série Star Trek. A história continua a inacabada série original (como Star Trek: Phase II), como a viagem de cinco anos manteve-se em três, esta série tem como objectivo continuar os restantes dois anos da exploração do capitão James T. Kirk ao comando da USS Enterprise (NCC-1701). A série começou a sua produção em 2012, e contém nove episódios e três vignettes por enquanto. Star Trek Continues é produzida por Far From Home, LLC e DracoGen Strategic Investments, e em associação com Farragut Filmes. I'm looking forward to my next series which probably will be as the Terran Empire. Posted by 3 days ago. Demons Event chain. I had this event fire while playing as untied earh and mars eventually broke away. the vulcans invaded mars and it came back into my possesion but I didn't have a pop up saying the event was over and I still have the. Star Trek-based comics have been issued almost continuously since 1967, published by Marvel, DC, Malibu, Wildstorm, and Gold Key, among others. In 2009, Tokyopop produced an anthology of Next Generation-based stories presented in the style of Japanese manga.[86] In 2006, IDW Publishing secured publishing rights to Star Trek comics and issued a prequel to the 2009 film, Star Trek: Countdown.[87] In 2012, IDW published the first volume of Star Trek – The Newspaper Strip, featuring the work of Thomas Warkentin.[88] As of 2020, IDS continues to produce new titles. [89] Star Trek is a science fiction franchise comprising eight television series, thirteen films, three companion series, numerous novels, comics, video games, reference works, podcasts, role playing games, along with thousands of collectibles. Originally, Star Trek was a product of Desilu Studios as created by Gene Roddenberry in a first draft series proposal Star Trek is..., dated 11 March 1964

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Star Wars vs. Star Trek: The Rivalry Continues compares the space opera worlds of George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry for a one-of-a-kind intergalactic documentary. It traces the origin and development of STAR TREK from conception to the spin-offs and film series. It also takes an in-depth look at STAR WARS from its sci-fi influences in the past. "Lolani" is a fan-produced Star Trek episode released in 2014, the second in the web series Star Trek Continues, which aims to continue the episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series while replicating their visual and storytelling style.[1] It was written by Paul Bianchi and Huston Huddleston from a story by Huston Huddleston and Vic Mignogna, and directed by Chris White. A Star Trek: Voyager amerikai sci-fi, a Star Trek univerzum negyedik televíziós sorozata, melynek alkotói Rick Berman, Michael Piller és Jeri Taylor voltak. A sorozat hét évadot élt meg 1995-től 2001-ig, és ez különlegessége, hogy az egyetlen olyan Star Trek-sorozat, melyben a hajónak női kapitánya volt, Kathryn Janeway személyében. A filmsorozat a USS Voyager föderációs. Star Trek has been a cult phenomenon for decades.[3] Fans of the franchise are called "Trekkies" or "Trekkers". The franchise spans a wide range of spin-offs including games, figurines, novels, toys, and comics. Star Trek had a themed attraction in Las Vegas that opened in 1998 and closed in September 2008. At least two museum exhibits of props travel the world. The series has its own full-fledged constructed language, Klingon. Several parodies have been made of Star Trek. In addition, viewers have produced several fan productions. As of July 2016, the franchise had generated $10 billion in revenue, making Star Trek one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time.[citation needed] There are 62,018 pages (16,391 articles) since May of 2009, with 307,181 registered contributors. Register today to begin contributing! Welcome to the Official Star Trek Online Wiki, the Star Trek Online reference that anyone can edit! There are 62,018 pages (16,391 articles) since May of 2009, with 307,181 registered contributors

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Star Trek (2009) won the Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, the franchise's first Academy Award. In 2016, the franchise was listed in the Guinness World Records as the most successful science fiction television franchise in the world.[131] A 2014 scholarly work Newton Lee discussed the actualization of Star Trek's holodeck in the future by making extensive use of artificial intelligence and cyborgs.[85] To Boldly Go, Part II is the eleventh and final episode of the fanfilm series Star Trek Continues, the conclusion of a two-part finale.. The iconic mission of the U.S.S. Enterprise comes to an end, as Kirk and his crew battle the ultimate adversary. Background information Edit Continuity Edit. Serving as an account of the end of James T. Kirk's five-year mission, the Continues finale completes. The Maquis ship was also pulled into the Delta Quadrant, and eventually the two crews reluctantly agree to join forces after the Caretaker space station is destroyed in a pitched space battle with another local alien species, the Kazon. Chakotay, leader of the Maquis group, becomes Voyager's first officer. B'Elanna Torres, a half-human/half-Klingon Maquis, becomes chief engineer. Tom Paris, whom Janeway released from a Federation prison to help find the Maquis ship, is made Voyager's helm officer. Due to the deaths of the ship's entire medical staff, the Doctor, an emergency medical hologram designed only for short-term use, is employed as the ship's full-time chief medical officer. Delta Quadrant natives Neelix, a Talaxian scavenger, and Kes, a young Ocampa, are welcomed aboard as the ship's chef/morale officer and the Doctor's medical assistant, respectively. Star Trek: Discovery is a direct prequel to the Original Series, set roughly ten years prior.[68] It premiered September 24, 2017 in the United States and Canada on CBS.[45] The series is CBS All Access exclusive in the United States. Netflix distributes the series worldwide, except for Canada.[69] Star Trek: The Original Series, frequently abbreviated as TOS,[f] debuted on NBC on September 8, 1966.[52] The show tells the tale of the crew of the starship USS Enterprise and its five-year mission "to boldly go where no man has gone before". During the series initial run, it was nominated for Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation multiple times, and won twice.[25]:231 Cast included:

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