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I am trying to learn how to use Blender, but its unintuitive interface is starting to get to me. Maybe people who designed this are Photoshop fans :rolleyes: I really don’t understand why wouldn’t developers stick to the conventional ways of doing things. It would be intuitive, if I could left click onto an object in the outliner to select it, and then Shift-LeftClick onto another object down in the list to select all the objects between the two, wouldn’t it? Isn’t that how we do selections in all other software? Why can’t I do so in Blender? Or why can’t I just drag an outline around the names of the objects I’d like to select, and if I do this while holding Ctrl, they would be added to the current selection. Wouldn’t that be intuitive, too?In hope this will hit the eye of someone who will make it easy to do in Blender 🙂 Have a nice day.

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I wish Blender would stop breaking or making Blender confusingly difficult to get working with each redesign release for its old users. It's getting annoying having to relearn stuff which aren't necessarily better now every few years. Also every Proprties window in every of my Blender 2.79 project files has now been replaced with a File browser window. I have to fix each one manually. And. It’s not at all intuitive, but in the outliner the object names and the gray strips they inhabit behave differently for selection. You can highlight or unhighlight multiple objects by left-clicking the gray region to the right of the object or mesh name (no need to use shift or ctrl when the items are separated). Then right click on one of the highlighted gray regions, and choose “select” from the dropdown menu. Your objects will be selected in the 3d view. Notice you can change the objects’ visibility and selectability from this menu as well, so be careful. As liero indicated, you can box-select in the outliner as well, but you then have to use right-click to actually make the selection. Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) renamed this task from Blender 2.8 Beta Crashes to Outliner crash when selecting object being in armature editmode [modeswitch]. Mar 29 2019, 11:38 AM Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) added a comment And what if the number of objects you need to select is too many that it fits into several screens in the outliner? Then the B will not work. Once set, the Filter options can be saved to the Startup File so they load whenever Blender is used (settings should also be saved to *.blend project files once set).

A lot of things in Blender 2.8 make sense once you’ve gotten used to them, just like back when the major 2.5 UI overhaul was introduced. But there are definitely some things that were more convenient in 2.5-2.7. Seasoned Blender users have to do some concessions now that 2.8 is targeted at luring users away from other 3D editors. @William Reynish (billreynish) Ok! I will try for that's. Ctrl + Click for simple clicking and Extending Selection Functionality

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import bpy def find_collection(context, item): collections = item.users_collection if len(collections) > 0: return collections[0] return context.scene.collection def make_collection(collection_name, parent_collection): if collection_name in bpy.data.collections: return bpy.data.collections[collection_name] else: new_collection = bpy.data.collections.new(collection_name) parent_collection.children.link(new_collection) return new_collection for o in bpy.context.selected_objects: P = bpy.context.selected_objects[2] P_collection = find_collection(bpy.context, P) new_collection = make_collection("Quick Particle 01", P_collection) new_collection.objects.link(P) P_collection.objects.unlink(P) but the number just after On Blender 2.79 Create a plane. Generate hair from it. Create any other geometry (monkey) as well. Save file. Open Blender 2.8, create a plane. Then, File>append. Navigate to the .blend scene and objects. Append the grid and monkey; Objects appear in the viewport, a collection is added but the collection is empty on the outliner Log In Set active collection Other Topics Python API addons wybren October 11, 2018, 1:37pm #1 It may be too early to ask this question because collections are still under construction, but it’s literally the only thing that I can’t get to work in 2.8’s Python api.I guess it’s for clarity. I have to admit I find it easier to have the one eye button at first. Then, when the rendering stage has commenced I activate the camera icon to make some things only visible in renderings. It may be too early to ask this question because collections are still under construction, but it's literally the only thing that I can't get to work in 2.8's Python api. After I add a new collection, I would like to set it as the active collection - basically the same functionality as selecting it in the outliner. I've tried many things and just can't get this to work. Is this still.

Hi, Thanks Pablo, and everyone in blender Community 🙂 Simple request for video Editing : be able to select a default blend mode for adding a strip.I have also seen others and seen myself that older 2.7x files brought into 2.8 will sometimes randomly hide from viewport or camera render when brought into 2.8 not sure it is really a bug as everything is fine with the models and materials ( except for eevee which is normal) I still if going to bring a 2.7x project into 2.8 first save an additional file and use that file to work with in 2.8 just in case.@Xavier Thomas (xat) I think. If it's is successfully implemented in one view then it's not difficult to supports in others. Only we have to think how should supports in one way. Also which is prefer way!!! Log In What are the Python codes related to collection actions for blender 2.8? Other Topics Python API BD3D December 16, 2018, 9:32am #1 helloNavigating parenting structures in pose mode is already possible with [ and ] hotkeys (check the Select menu in the header while in Pose Mode).

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Only weakness I see is that if you already used Shift-click to select all items in between, and then want to keep extending in the same direction, it deselected the previous selection, because it always extends from the last activated item.I agree, this approach is totally idiotic with respect to how we use the 3D view or our brains, and as far as I can tell it’s undocumented.

For some reason, I can no longer select or manipulate any objects with my mouse. I can use A to select and deselect everything, but that's it. Besides being unable to select anything in any way besides the A hotkey, there are no problems. Once something is selected, I can still move it around with the mouse like always, I just can't select or deselect with it, making me unable to. Log In How to select multiple objects using the outliner Support Basics & Interface GT-Force (GT-Force) April 23, 2018, 5:54am #1 Hi,

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@Aqib Maqbool (aqib) Yes perhaps it could not activate items while holding Shift (only select them) so that you could keep extending the selection in the same direction. The option to make objects not selectable still exists. On the top of the outliner window look for a filter icon (looks like a funnel). Click on it and you will have access to other restriction toggle switches for the objects in the outliner bpy.types.BlendDataCollectionsnew(name) bpy.types.BlendDataCollectionsnew("name") bpy.types.BlendDataCollectionsnew(name="name") bpy.types.BlendDataCollections.new(name) bpy.types.BlendDataCollections.new("name") nothing is happening

What are the Python codes related to collection actions

  1. This is the issue: https://i.imgur.com/9OL155e.png The camera, along with many other objects, can’t be unhidden and are greyed out in the outliner. Why? How to unhide them?
  2. Maybe you’ve also deactivated the ability to select an object. Then you’d also need to activate the pointer icon.
  3. And as for “unintuitive”…there is such profession as interactive designer… it’s all about Intuitivity. Maximum usability without too much thinking and learning, that’s what it is.
  4. Yes !!! It feels too much like the current outliner is more an info list than a real editor. But 2.8 seems to bring up more thing in it, it makes me hype up. ♥
  5. #create a new collection ? #add selected object to collection "name here" ? #add selected object to collection created in the same code ? #more useful code about collections? could someone show me?
  6. Blender is packed with the power-packed feature. And to work with these features there are Power-packed Blender Keyboard shortcuts also available. Given below is the list of the Blender shortcuts to help you work with the amazing functions of Blender. Also, Download the Blender Shortcuts in the PDF form. Download Blender Shortcuts PDF

Sequence Selection Implementation in Blender's 2

How to select multiple objects using the outliner - Basics

  1. Moves Outliner's key-map Shift + Click to Ctrl + Click (Extend Selection) Moves Outliner's Key-map Ctrl + Click to Alt + Click (Recursive Selection) Moves Outliner's Key-map Shift + Ctrl + Click to Ctrl + Alt + Click (Extended Recursive Selection)
  2. And, out of curiosity, I downloaded and installed Cinema 4D Demo, and guess what, you can select objects from the outliner EXACTLY as I described; an intuitive interface, what a surprise :rolleyes:
  3. Guys could you please set back maya hotkeys for Maya preset in blender. I’m using Blender with maya nav, but right now 2.8 won’t let me to rotate object (even when I set rotate maya hotkey) when I enter Edit mode. Please update maya preset for base operations at least. Thank you
  4. Note: You can see some of the sync features are not implemented in the demo, for thous you have to use other patch Select/Deselect objects from 3d Viewport while using Box Selection tool && Deselects everything when clicking on empty area in Outliner
  5. Important: to ensure Disable in Viewports and Disable in Renders are available Blender 2.8 opens; in a clean General project (File » New » General) set the options in the Outliner (without doing anything else), then from the File menu click Defaults, then Save Startup File – File » Defaults » Save Startup File.
  6. yes, that was exactly what I thought, too.. I would click the icon to select the group I want to see, instead of clicking all but the one I want.
  7. Can't select mesh objects in viewport, only in outliner. Works momentarily on file load, but switching modes breaks it again. In edit mode, geo overlays not displaying, or selectable. This includes geometry>wireframe, normals, possibly others. Tried resaving the file in 2.8 and loading in 2.81, but that didn't help

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One of problems I see in Blender development is, that it focuses on BIG projects… like Cycles and Bmesh… and other features…and that is GREAT, but small things are somewhat forgotten even if they actually are as important as big things, because we use them every day.I recently came to Blender from a background of other softwares mainly Maya and one of the things that really bothered me in Blender is the Outliner, it’s too much static and I think it should give more control over objects like reorganization and parenting by drag and drop, also having different colors for different types of objects makes it easy to read content without focusing on small icons. Renaming multiple objects also will be a great add. Basically it’s a wish list and my utmost wish is having something like Softimage’s ICE in Blender… I wish I was a programmer darn it 🙁 . Great work though on all that the devs have accomplished big applause and respect. Excuse my ignorance if I made a mistake somewhere.Edit: Oh if you want to make something the active object, left-click its name in the outliner last. Oy vey. :eek:there’s a filter textbox in outliner, use that or ‘select pattern’ to select by name… if you now group objects you can later just Shift+G to reselect outliner can improve a lot but it’s powerful as it is -see all display modes for instance-After I add a new collection, I would like to set it as the active collection - basically the same functionality as selecting it in the outliner. I’ve tried many things and just can’t get this to work. Is this still under construction or am I missing something?

Set active collection - Python API - Blender Developer Tal

Log In Switched to Blender 2.8, can't select most of my objects in the old blend files Support Basics & Interface vida_vida (vida_vida) September 16, 2019, 7:09pm #1 I wish Blender would stop breaking or making Blender confusingly difficult to get working with each redesign release for its old users. It’s getting annoying having to relearn stuff which aren’t necessarily better now every few years. Also every Proprties window in every of my Blender 2.79 project files has now been replaced with a File browser window. I have to fix each one manually. And the files I did resave in Blender 2.8 don’t even open in Blender 2.79 anymore. Thanks Blender. End of rant.Thanks for the answers, but when I click the grey areas, looks like I still need to highlight every single one of them one-by-one before I can right click and choose select. :no: Am I still missing something? I was asking whether there’s a way to select multiple ones between two, SIMPLY with two clicks (ok, three, if you count shift).Kudos for your Blender enthusiasm, and I hear you saying beggars can’t be choosers. BUT I used to code, too, and I always wanted to make my programs easy to use for OTHER users. Because, if I am the only one who likes using it, I would most likely end up being the ONLY one using it; then I would have failed as a coder (obviously, unless my sole purpose for writing that code was for my own use)!How about inc. importer for DAZ 3D etc..Models?and even for current Blender version?,Kindly please keep me posted.

@William Reynish (billreynish) What you think about. I think if i remove the functionality of activating of last selected item. It can be solved!!! But being able to select, move or delete whole sets of hierarchies at once is a must for the Outliner, and will make a better workflow in Blender. Hopefully the latest workflow updates will not stall at 2.81, as it seems 2.82 will still inherit some of the quirks that are still there In Blender 2.49b is was able to drag with the LMB and selecting this way (I guess it was also possible to select lower as the visible area). The Usability of the selection in the Outliner in Blender 2.6 is definitily not really good for fast selecting alot of Objects

I was asking whether there’s a way to select multiple ones between two, SIMPLY with two clicks (ok, three, if you count shift).The Outliner is where everything related to a given project is accessible in a human readable form. The default Display Mode, the presentation format for this information, is View Layer and shows the open projects contents as a list of items collected together as/under a Scene Collection. Here, data related is itemised using their respective their unique identifier or ‘ID’ (commonly their ‘name’); a graphic ‘data-type’ icon describing the ‘type’ of data represented i.e. a camera, mesh or lamp; and to the right an ‘eye‘ icon graphic, Hide in Viewport, that indicates whether the object is visible or hidden from view.Maybe I am missing a nice way around or an addon. Anyways it should be nice to be able to choose some settings and set them by default. Works on many more examples.. The default ‘filter’ options in the Outliner show/hide content in the 3D View – click the ‘eye’ icon to toggle on/off (show/hide).

Outliner Filter (Hidden Content) - Blender 2

In Blender 2.49b is was able to drag with the LMB and selecting this way (I guess it was also possible to select lower as the visible area). IMPORTANT NOTE: this information is subject to change until Blender 2.8's final release.. Summary. TL:DR summary on Collections; (1) Collections replace Layers.(2) Pressing M opens Move to Collections quick access menu.(3) Outliner area acts as Collections manager.(4) Inclusion/removal from Collections can be done in 3D View and/or Outliner.What are Collection

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This would be a great improvement for 2.8 outliner window. It is a very useful feature when working in complex scenes. So we could click on child object icons to select one from the list whithout having to spread a lot of hierarchies on outliner screen. Made an example in the following picture # Step 1 cube = bpy.data.objects["Cube"] cube_collection = find_collection(bpy.context, cube) new_collection = make_collection("Test", cube_collection) # Step 2 new_collection.objects.link(cube) # put the cube in the new collection cube_collection.objects.unlink(cube) # remove it from the old collection *Note: Objects can be linked into multiple collections, be mindful of this. Above I’ve just grabbed the first one for Cube during the find operation *Note: There’s a special “scene.collection” at the upper root of the hierarchy. It’s kinda separate right now and needs to be handled separatelyThank you. Like why did Blender decide to have it hidden by default? Like are they trying to piss us off on purpose?Thank you for the quick answer, Brecht! That made it work. This quick line below indeed does the trick to select the collection that was last added, give it was added to the master collection: context.view_layer.collections.active = context.view_layer.collections[0].children[-1]bpy.types.BlendDataCollectionsnew(name) bpy.types.BlendDataCollectionsnew("name") if i had a time machine…

In any other program, I left click onto coil 10 parent, hold shift, and click onto coil36 and voila! If there are any among them I don’t want, I could hold CTRL and click them to deselect them. Now how can I do this in Blender?Other than that I am loving the new collections system to organize scenes, and The Grove is going to make good use of it. In fact, the entire code is already ported to Blender 2.8 and everything is working great!If you’re a designer interested in getting involved, check out the call for icons on developer.blender.orgdef find_collection(context, item): collections = item.users_collection if len(collections) > 0: return collections[0] return context.scene.collection def make_collection(collection_name, parent_collection): if collection_name in bpy.data.collections: # Does the collection already exist? return bpy.data.collections[collection_name] else: new_collection = bpy.data.collections.new(collection_name) parent_collection.children.link(new_collection) # Add the new collection under a parent return new_collection Do the scenario:

The Collections in Blender 2

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  1. Click on the restriction toggles dropdown (pictured) and enable the viewport and render options (looks like monitor and camera respectively.)
  2. ded. We don’t have to always invent a weel again.
  3. there is an operator in the outliner which is bpy.ops.outliner.collection_duplicate() you can override it. the problem is your collection is not active making it active is not enough. when you select a collection with the mouse you can visually see the difference from just making the collection active
  4. The Outliner is a list that organizes data in the blend-file, i.e. the scene data, Video Sequencer data, or anything that gets stored in a blend-file. The Outliner can be used to:. View the data in the scene. Select and deselect objects in the scene. Hide or show an object in the scene. Enable or disable selection (to make an object unselectable in the 3D Viewport)

Link to the CG Masters page here...http://www.cgmasters.net/free-tutorials/5-little-known-tricks-in-blenders-outliner/ The outliner?! That old unassuming thi.. Ok! Reviewing your video above I missed the expansion of the icons on top showing the different entities like objects, children etc.. Got that part done.. Now going to the scene menu : I can see a tree with children like view layers ! If layers are not implemented anymore why do still have them mentioned? There is a render layer … then collection that is not active then a child collection that seems to be active and associated with a check box and a pointer.. I do not get the usage of such a disposition if I cannot access some of the items why do I see them? Then there is the ‘viewport’ item! What are we supposed to do with that? again collections then a sub master collection..! But if I understand the structure of the collection, there is a master and sub collections to it? but then if duplicating an object at that level, does it means that there is two instance of that object with one I don’t use because it is a master? I am not sure I get the usage model here.. Collections have numbers after them.. But still I don’t see the objects that were in the original Blender ! Also if I click on the collection that is activated and carries the pointer and check box, all the objects in the scene vanish .. How do I address separately each object in the outliner ?

Blender 2.8 parent visibility - User Feedback - Blender ..

In Blender 2.8 the layer system was revamped, so that objects are organized into a hierarchy of collections. No longer is there a limit of 20 fixed layers. To make this system more powerful for animation pipelines, we are making a further design change: collections will be data-blocks that can linked and instanced across scenes and files in fact I forgot it was my first answer what you proposed. but this is creating a link copy not a full copy as in the outliner duplicate linked vs dupplicate collection. but no matter I give it up

How to Render a Background Image in Blender 2

Outliner New Features - Blender 2

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  1. Here’s a somewhat practical example to kick start you a bit. Things to remember along the way: collections have a hierarchy, it’s not a flat list, and collections can contain other collections; they need to be placed under a parent in the scene for it to show up and work correctly*
  2. Hello Pablo I am looking at the 2.8 developments and regarding the outliner and particularly the collection concept I have some issues with that implementation versus the old layers model. I first did import a 2.79 scene into 2.8. In the outliner I could see the view of layers but the structure was not transposed. For example I keep separated camera, lights from the rest of the scene.. The import did not show the camera or lights anymore into the layer view. then I saved the imported blend file into a separate folder for 2.8. did reopen it and what I found was nothing in the layer view, but only one collection named collection 11, no objects but the camera and no lights. All this makes your design project difficult to understand at this point.. Could you provide some more detailed technical clues as to how do you see the implementation and usage of the collection model? Thanks
  3. Introduced with Blender 2.8 the UV Editor itself now includes a complimentary set of manipulation tools and widgets that bring it inline with other editors, first being the Select tools for making UV component selections, be they vertex, edge or face (cf. below); Select Box (Shift + Spacebar, B) - draws a linear box or right-angled outline.
  4. More often than not if the Missing DNA Block message appears the affected *.blend file will be utterly unusable, nothing can be done to retrieve the user generated content it otherwise contained. In these instances it may still be possible to reestablish the project checking whether Blender created a *.blend1 backup file in the project folder.

Outliner crash when selecting object being in armature

Hmm, I use Industry Standart, with Some modification, Modifications was done in blender 2.8. I Installed a fresh copy of 2.81 and On Startup choose to Use my Settings from blender 2.8. Then I was going over new Features and already the first thing I noticed was that Outliner doesn't work how it is presented in 2.81 Introduction. The Blender 2.8 project has gone a long way since its start. With the upcoming Code Quest bringing the first Beta release even closer, it's a good time to reveal some of the most remarkable highlights of Blender 2.8 so far.. EEVEE. The render engine EEVEE took the world by storm with its good looking, modern, real-time rendering capabilities Most of the other software don’t really care of what was the first or last selected object. In blender, it does make a difference. That could be reason why. If you want to select a group of objects, make one beforehand (3d view, select by any means and Ctrl-G), then select it by switching Outliner to Group view or selecting in menu if one object from that group is selected already.

Blender 2.8 Highlights — Blender Developers Blo

Well anyways, selecting a bunch of objects with B, scrolling down, selecting more etc etc etc is pretty fast to begin with. Only when you start going over 1000 objects ofcourse. But at that point it’s better to put objects in layers and selecting them through their layer. What I mean to say is that it all depends on your workflow in blender. If you work in a clean and organized way, blender will show you love. If you throw everything in there like 1 big soup blender will visit you on the day and claim your firstborn child.Quick overview by Pablo Vazquez on the work done by Dalai Felinto for better scene management workflow thanks to outliner filtering.also where to find this type of information appart from digging for hours with ctrl space in the console?

Then you can make invisible objects from 2.7x scenes visible again in the viewport and in renderings.sorry didn’t understand the question, could you precisely describe what you intend to do so i can help you ?Design note: to show/hide a given object in the 3D View the ‘eye’ icon can be clicked to enable/disable the selected items display, or ordinarily from the Object menu using Hide Selected – Object » Show/Hide » Hide Selected (alternatively H), and Show Hidden Objects – Object » Show/Hide » Hide Selected (alternatively Alt + H).The best thing about blender is that most shortcuts and hotkeys do the same in different panels. Using B to bounding box select is one of those. Yes you need to learn to work with blender, but don’t you need to learn how to work with cinema4D as well?

Navigation in the outliner is a good idea! Needs to be investigated and tested thoroughly though, animation and keyframes are such a core function, it’s almost like hitting F12. Cannot select multiple objects in outliner. B to border select in the outliner now simply selects all items directly bypassing the highlighting stuff. I'll be releasing it soon. Viewing 3 reply threads You must be logged in to reply to this topic. Free Blender 2.8 Icons Whilst the Outliner behaves more-or-less the same in Blender 2.8+ as it did for previous versions of the application one or two changes cause content to appear missing from the 3D View but not rendered images (or vice versa). This issue is due to different Filter options being omitted by default.. An object missing from rendering a scene despite the mesh displaying in the 3D View

Blender 2

I know this is a Blender forum frequented by Blender fans, so at the risk of talking like a troll, I’ll say that if this is the only way, and it does not work as I described, I am sorry to say this but it is kind of retarded. Here is a new video with the latest new Features and Fixes for Blender 2.8 in the current experimental build. The topics are: * Triangulated cube (a feature?) * A-Shortcut to select / deselect all. In most file browsers it works a little better, so that you can keep extending multiple times in the same direction, but that may be more complex to support.Thanks, Karlis, for showing how to make this even more easy. You now really don’t need to scroll your mouse wheel to the final damage to get to the end of this list. But i wouldn,t agree with that Intuitivity thing. That could not be so intuitive to, say, martians. Just because billions worth enterprise put so much R&D value into it and made sure 98.7% of users are accustomed with principle and trained their motorics. There are OSes, using mouse with just one button only, can you imagine that? Dead already? No surprise, happens. Here, in this part of world, for me it’s unimaginable how people get their meals done using just two sticks only. That’s clearly not quite motoric and intuitive for me…Lots of them are still alive, not starving, because of such oddity. Enough. There are ways to do things in blender, i learn and use what’s there or not use it. If i develop it, which i don’t, i do things my way however crazy they might seem to others. I like it that way. Reason for being like it is could be patent issue also. Thanks, we still have mouse click freely usable. Peace. Abid Maqbool (cto.abid) retitled this revision from Shift + Mouse Click to Selects Range of Selection to Sequence Selection Implementation in Blender's 2.8 Outliner. May 11 2019, 3:04 PM Abid Maqbool (cto.abid) edited the summary of this revision

Switching to Blender 2interface - How can I select an object in the viewport in

i also tried the code that blender is telling me that it just create a collection, but nothing is new inside of the outliner (the code of “ctrl G”)Thanks for the replies, but looks like I could not explain what I mean. Maybe this example will clarify:

Whilst the Outliner behaves more-or-less the same in Blender 2.8+ as it did for previous versions of the application one or two changes cause content to appear missing from the 3D View but not rendered images (or vice versa). This issue is due to different Filter options being omitted by default.We could do this with Ctrl-click. Currently this is used to renaming, but we also have double-click for that, so I think it's fine to replace Ctrl-click with extend select.

pointing linked objects to a different file in 2

I really want to support Blender, but if it’s like this, then I would have to give credit to people who told me “rather than wasting your time trying to learn Blender, pay the money and get Cinema 4D, it’s worth the money”.“Most”…that’s my point about the outliner. It doesn’t make sense to use LMB to select something in the outliner, but RMB to select the same item in the 3D view. But then B-key selection works the same way in both? Then there’s the whole gray-area business to make multiple selections… there must have been a reason for all this, but it escapes me atm.I expanded one of the parents for you to see how much stuff is under one. Now, let’s say I need to select coil10 to coil 36. How can I do this from Outliner, without ever using the 3d view? In any other program, I left click onto coil 10 parent, hold shift, and click onto coil36 and voila! If there are any among them I don’t want, I could hold CTRL and click them to deselect them. Now how can I do this in Blender?so it worked, i tried to do it to the whole selection instead of just an object and this is what i coded

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