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Urek Mazino Collapse Signature Expand Signature #3 Urek Mazino, Feb 14, 2020. Dum Dum Celestial. Prosperous Wealthy Hero. Joined: Aug 26, 2015 Messages: 650 Likes Received: 893. Whoever decided to put the rare mats on the most boring, annoying, health sponge mobs in the entire game.. should be quarantined in case their stupidity is contagious It's possible he is comparable to Jahed is ranked above him but Urek is definitely stronger than most of the family heads besides the leader of the Arie family. Save changes Preview Cancel Loading editor. Reply Preview Topics for this thread: Tower of God Urek Mazino Edit Topics Topic. Save Cancel. Give Kudos to this message. You've given. The oldest recorded birth by the Social Security Administration for the name Urek is Monday, January 2nd, 1922. How unique is the name Urek? From 1880 to 2018 less than 5 people per year have been born with the first name Urek. Hoorah! You are a unique individual. Weird things about the name Urek: Your name in reverse order is Keru Immortality and Invulnerability: Zahard is immortal just like his other companions but due to an additional specific contract with the Floor Guardians, he is also invulnerable to harm from anyone who came from the Tower; in effect, this means that only an Irregular can kill him - the organisation with the closest possession of the means to do this is FUG.[6]

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View the profiles of people named Urek Mazino. Join Facebook to connect with Urek Mazino and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to.. Urek Mazino detailed, premium quality, magnet mounted prints on metal designed by talented artists. Our posters will make your wall come to life. 11,902,410 trees planted • Plant a tre However, this doesn't mean squat if the floor guardian/RT pulls the shinsoo out of the area around the irregular. Nothing to shoot around, thus no effect.

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Even if Baam has a millionth of the power Enryu had, the Red Thryssa is also like a speck of sand compared to the mountain of power that a real Guardian is. View the complete Dota 2 profile for UREK MAZINO on Dotabuf After this event, Zahard would order the destruction of FUG, and the extermination of all the Regulars who completed the Hell Train, and finally the destruction of Po Bidau Family, as Gustang had proven to be a traitor, leading to the events of Last Station.

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1. The combatants that are fighting. Urek Mazino Vs Narutoverse 2. The Location 3. Victory Conditions Death caused by opponent.... aka, some random edo tensei civilian which will wait till Urek dies isn't an answer. 4.Motivation bloodlusted 5. Equipment standard, Urek can use air instead of.. Baek Ryun (백련, Baekryeon, Backryun) is the Ruler of the 77th Floor and the best friend of Urek Mazino. He was one of the founding members of Wolhaiksong. He is the current head of Wolhaiksong and the most gifted Wave Controller in the Tower's history. As one of the top 10 High Rankers, his influence is comparable to one of the 10 Great Families. He was born in the Middle Area as an orphan. I honestly think that a part of it was just that he wanted to see what Baam can do - with the thorn especially. View the profiles of people named UrekMazino. Join Facebook to connect with UrekMazino and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share.. Buy 'Urek mazino Fanart Tower of god' by lunaticmoonart as a T-Shirt, Classic T-Shirt, Tri-blend T-Shirt, Lightweight Hoodie, Fitted Scoop T-Shirt, Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt, Relaxed Fit T-Shirt, Graphic T-Shirt, Chiffon Top, Sleeveless Top, G..

Same here dude, i thought that irregulars were abile to use shinsoo freely without any restriction and the fact that urek couldn't use it was very strange. Maybe they can use it freely but the authority of the administator is still greater that thier(exption for enryu and phanta) authority. Evo-War Server is a Tibia Ot free massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG

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Urek Mazino. Urek hanya butuh waktu 50 tahun untuk menyelesaikan semua ujian dan naik sampai ke puncak paling atas menara. Dia tercatat sebagai orang tercepat yang menaiki Inner Tower (Menara Bagian Dalam) melalui metode ortodoks dan itu mungkin akan sangat tepat untuk mengatakan, dia menaiki Menara lebih cepat dari Zahard sendiri.. Dalam perjalanannya, Urek mengambil ujian spesial Arie Hon. Urek Mazino (우렉 마지노, Urek Majino) is an Irregular, currently 4th in Rank. He was the strongest active Ranker before Zahard became active once again. He is also the most recent person to be part of the Top 5 High Rankers inside the Tower Urek Mazino is currently the 4th rank in the tower, and the only active one in the top 4. Hence the weaker regulars think that he is the strongest one in the tower. He is also called the Ray Barracuda, named after the ferocious white steel eel Zahard was resting, leaving the outside activities to his daughters and the Three Lords, but a lot of people expect that the day Zahard is on the move again is the day Zahard Empire expands by another Floor.[2] It's said, after the next shift of the political system, Zahard will be active again and capture the at the very least the 135th Floor. Meskipun Position Urek adalah Fisherman, dia sangat mahir hampir dalam setiap posisi manapun dan sangat agresif ketika berperan sebagai posisi tersebut. Sebagai salah satu dari 4 Ranker terkuat di seluruh Menara, dia unggul dalam semua bidang pertempuran, hampir melampaui semua orang dari segi kelincahan, kekuatan, Pengendalian Shinsu, dll. Setelah memasuki Menara, dia mampu melewati semua lantai untuk menjadi seorang Ranker yang paling cepat dari siapa pun dalam sejarah Menara, mengambil hanya 1/10 dari waktu rata-rata waktu yang dihabiskan orang biasa dalam Menara (Urek = 50 tahun). Sebelum ujian bunga Zigena di Lantai 21 ini, Urek membunuh beberapa Ranker yang dikirim untuk mengejarnya, dan setelah ujian ia benar-benar melumpuhkan tiga Ranker yang datang untuk menghentikannya. Ia juga mengklaim bahwa dalam rangka agar dia tidak merasa kesal saat berbicara tentang hal itu, minimal harus ada 1000 Ranker lainnya yang melawan dia.[4] Saat Shinsu sedang dikendalikan oleh Urek, itu berwarna kuning-keputihan-terang. Ketika penempatan Position (Posisi) final dirinya, Urek pernah melumpuhkan seorang Light Bearer yang juga dalam posisi yang sama; sama seperti, itu mirip seperti penjaga gawang mencetak gol ke gawang lawan dari jarak jauh.[2] HanSung Yu mengatakan kepada Lero-Ro bahwa satu-satunya orang yang pernah menggunakan Shinsu tanpa kontrak dari Penguasa Lantai dan bukan dari Keluarga Agung adalah Urek.

The Champion of the Tower~ Urek Mazino - Duration: 13:57. Nya D. Hemmingz 8,385 views. 13:57. Beautiful and Atmospheric Kevin Penkin Music Collection - Duration: 47:53 Urek Mazino from Tower of God (Death Floor Arc). Show More. Show Less. Upload Download Add to wardrobe 4px arm (Classic) Background Urek Mazino TheSauruRon. 0 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: May 04, 2020 . About 4 minutes ago . 1. 6 . 0 0 Urek Mazino from Tower of God (Death Floor Arc). Show More. Show Less

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  1. Not much of Zahard's personality is known. However, despite being well-respected and famous for all his achievements, to those who know him, Zahard is known to be a cold and ruthless king. Although he sired the Princesses of Zahard and is known to play favorites with them, he does not consider them truly as his children, as proven by how he is not bothered by how even the ones his favored fought each other to the death and he would not hesitate to punish them for their mistakes. In addition, he even went as far as to create the Ghost of the 13 Month series to kill the princesses who managed to get close just because he had no intention of getting married. His firmness as a king is feared by all to the point that even when his orders could cause chaos to the entire tower, they still carried it out of fear. Kallavan described Zahard as seeing all others but himself and the 10 Family Heads as being completely equal. He does not care about the deaths of a few of his subjects, does not get distracted from the big picture, and is solemn and tranquil.
  2. um oleh Ranker-Ranker lemah, bagaimanapun, ranking nya yang sebenarnya hampir mustahil untuk di tebak dalam Top 4, karena tiga Ranker lainnya tidak aktif dan tidak bisa dibandingkan dengan Urek.
  3. In ancient times, when there was no civilization in the Tower, Zahard came into the Tower and built his own empire.[2] Zahard conquered the Tower with the Great Warriors and gained the control of the first 134 Floors from the Floor Guardians. It is said he was the first person to form a contract with a Guardian of the Tower.[4]. This conquest is known among the Tower's residents as "The Great Journey". He became king through contracts with the Guardians.[7]
  4. Dia juga mengenal Putri yang lain yaitu, Ha Yuri Zahard, dan ini karena dia hadir saat penanaman "Wolhaiksong". Yuri berkata tentangnya dan menyatakan, "Dia pria terbaik untuk diajak bertarung, tapi pria terburuk untuk hidup bersama".[2]
  5. Irregulars have a higher authority for shinsu and can use it regularly but if a guardian chooses to exert its authority against them then it’s a different story. I imagine an irregular can exert control on another irregular if they have a shinsu control skill.

Garam Zahard (가람 자하드, Gahrahm Jahad, Garam Zahard), also referred to as Hermit in the North City of the 43rd Floor or The Princess of the Deep Colored Sea, is a Princess of Zahard and the owner of the Blue August and Indigo July. She was chosen to become a Princess long ago and eventually bestowed with the Blue August in recognition of her abilities. Her older twin sister was also. Why Bam can still use it is because the thorn has a higher authority over the shinsoo around him then the RT did, so the guardian couldn't move Bam's shinsoo, and thus Bam was unaffected.

Filter which items are to be displayed below. * Notifications for standings updates are shared across all Worlds. * Notifications for PvP team formations are shared for all languages Se dice que Urek Mazino entró en la torre de persiguiendo a Phantaminum. El autor dijo una vez que Phantaminum al instante podría destruir la historia de TDD si él quería. Con toda seriedad, esto no es una broma. Con base en obras TUS (Talse Uzer Story) trabajadas anteriormente, Phantaminum, como Exis, es una entidad que fue despertada. Extraordinary Speed: People who have seen Urek Mazino in combat have evaluated his combat style as "aggressive, ferocious and fast, but very beautiful". He can resist Lighthouses without effort and has claimed that even Opera can only stop him for a fraction of a second.[3] Mazino has enough raw speed of movement in that he can travel roughly fifty metres from one stance to a mid-air kick in a literal instant.

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Urek Mazino Wallpapers Discover the ultimate collection of the top 1 Urek Mazino Wallpapers and Photos available for download for free. We hope you enjoy our variety and growing collection of HD images to use as a Background or Home Screen for your smartphone and computer Urek Mazino (우렉 마지노, Urek Majino) es un Irregular, actualmente cuarto en la clasificación de Rangos.Es el mas fuerte Rango activo, y también el más reciente a formar parte del Top 5 de los Altos Rangos dentro de la torre.. Actualmente es el Rango más famoso, conocido mejor que el mismo Zahard Él es considerado en el mismo nivel que Phantaminum por Rangos más débiles, a pesar. Urek Mazino's Crest (Tower of God) Girl Swag Background Pictures Anime Style Wattpad Cover Tower God Manhwa Stencil Infinity. Derpy 25th Baam. Find the best Tower of God Wallpaper HD on GetWallpapers. We have background pictures for you! Urek Mazino's Crest (Tower of God) [1080x1920] #Music #IndieArtist #Chicago.

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  1. imal power (granted, Viole was shielding someone but it would have made little difference).[3] It can be inferred that its true destructive power and lethality when used at full power is many magnitudes greater.
  2. istrator. Perhaps they have the same (or similar) permissions/control/pull of shinsoo as one another.
  3. As the strongest currently active Ranker, as an Irregular and as one of the founders of the Wolhaiksong, Urek Mazino is one of the most influential and feared people inside the Tower. Moreover, it is not an overstatement to say that his every single move affects the future of the Tower.

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  1. Urek Mazino. Level . 12. Community Leader. 500 XP . No information given. View more info. Currently Offline. Badges 7 Games 7 Inventory Screenshots 2 Reviews 1 Artwork 2 Groups 4 Sapphire Technology 63,594 Members. www.gamersbook.com.
  2. She was chosen to become a Princess long ago and eventually bestowed with the Blue August in recognition of her abilities. Her older twin sister was also chosen and given a 13 Month Series: Yuram Zahard. Reflecting back on those days she says things were chaotic among Princesses and it had turned into a fierce competition that caused the murder of many of them.
  3. Urek telah menaruh perhatian pada calon Slayer yg baru, Jyu Viole Grace, itu karena status Viole, Urek terkesan dengan karakter Viole dan sebagian karena Viole berhasil membuat Urek lecet di bagian pipi bahkan pada saat dia sedang melindungi Miseng.
  4. When it seemed like things would never change, Enne Zahard became a Princess and was given the Colorless December. Garam admired her strength and believed she would be the one to put an end to the strife among them and their Families.

Urek Mazino ToG. 2d Character Character Design Wattpad Cover Inspirational Photos Webtoon Manhwa Anime Guys Ninja Anime Art. More information... Saved by Kenster Hennegan. 13. People also love these ideas. Manga Anime Comic Manga Anime Art Character Poses Character Art Character Design Manhwa Gods Princess Anime Group Urek Mazino - Tier (?) Unsustainable PvP. Discussion in 'Rise of Agon Videos' started by Urek Mazino, Jun 16, 2018. Urek Mazino Wave Likes Received: 281. HEY ALL! IN CASE YOU FORGOT, IM GARBAGE! HAVE A GOOD DAY! Urek Mazino Collapse Signature Expand Signature #1 Urek Mazino, Jun 16, 2018. franchisee, BeatIt, Fengor and 7 others like this. The rumours about Wolhaiksong being an anti-government organisation are false.[8] Wolhaiksong goal is not to overthrow the government, but rather "finding a way outside of the Tower". However, FUG is still often compared to the Wolhaiksong because of their opposition to the 10 Great Families. The organisation consists more of a "social club" centered around several members whose objective is "to find a way out of the Tower", as opposed to FUG which can be seen as a "religious organisation" centred around a single faith with the aim of killing Zahard.[9] It's likely that their progressive image of "finding a way out of the Tower" disagrees with the kingdom's conservative ideals. Although the relationship between the FUG and Wolhaiksong is not that good, there are a few members who are associated with both groups.

Garam cared deeply for her Birth Family and when faced with the possibility of them being at risk for the actions of her twin sister, she decided to kill Yuram at a great personal cost. Due to the involvement of the Ghost of the 13 Months in her sister's death, she bears an intense grudge against it and Zahard for setting up such a scheme. She is shown to have hated what the Princesses of Zahard had become by the time she joined and thought that Enne was to be their salvation. Obviously, she was disappointed when she went insane and was locked away. Still, she didn't believe the official version and sought her out to find out what happened. Because of this she became very knowledgeable about what the Zahard Empire keeps in utmost secrecy.[8] When Hwang destroyed the scale and stood before the Mirror, the fail-safe Zahard implanted activated and alerted Zahard in the real world. Zahard projects himself there, his mere presence causing great pressure to Baam, Eduan and his data self. He uses a fraction of his power to kill Hwang, after mocking his desire to leave the Hidden Floor, before being dispatched by Urek's Sworn Enemy. As Data Zahard is about to give the bracelet to Baam, Zahard manifests and reclaims it, while asking his younger instance what he was doing. Looking at Baam, Zahard is surprised by the fact that Arlen's son, who he had killed, is alive. When Data Zahard asked on what he said, Zahard mocked him for being unaware but is surprised when Eduan arrived to aid his data self: In the real world, Zahard and Eduan are not on good terms.

Urek mazino is somewhere between relativistic to light speed(and Enryu scales to that easily cuz his probably much stronger than urek). I can back up my claims with scans if u want. 4 months ag Like any other Princess of Zahard, she is a very attractive woman. Her hair is coloured in a gradient of light grey to blue with some golden bangs. Her eyes are also blue. She uses a purple nail varnish. She wears a light grey coat over a deep blue skirt or dress. She uses black tights and blue shoes.[7] Biography [] Trivia []. Urek Mazin0's name is a reference to a character in the manwha (Korean webcomic/webtoon) Tower of God, an English translation of which is available here. Tournament Results []. This table shows up to the 10 most recent results Julukan Urek adalah Ray Barracuda (레이 바라쿠다, "Ray Barracuda"). Ray merujuk pada gaya bertarung dirinya, menembak Shinsu pada kecepatan cahaya.[2] Barracuda adalah sebuah nama Belut Berzirah Putih paling agresif dan ganas di dalam Menara. Meskipun julukan formalnya adalah Ray Barracuda, kata Barracuda itu sendiri dapat merujuk pada sosok Urek di dalam Menara.

The next time you open the Steam Client you can download and play from the Library Urek Mazino. Urek is an Irregular that came after Phantaminum (possibly tracking down Phantaminum) and climbed the Tower in just 50 years. He is currently the 4th strongest and the strongest active ranker. Also, he founded a group called the Walhaiksong or Winged Tree, which has become strong enough to rival the 10 Great Families in strength Zahard is currently the strongest antagonist Baam has ever encountered and as the primary antagonist, he will likely remain unchallenged among the other foes Baam may encounter in the future. In addition, with the possible exception of Urek Mazino, Zahard is currently the most powerful character Baam has met Mar 5, 2020 - Explore urek3mazino's board Aizen Sosuke on Pinterest. See more ideas about Aizen sosuke, Bleach anime and Bleach art

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  1. ant force in the Tower.
  2. Due to his famous accomplishments, many of the Tower's inhabitants greatly admire and respect Zahard. However, there are also some envious and trying to rebel against his reign.
  3. She hid herself again on the 43rd Floor (as the Floor was without a Guardian) [4] and looked after Anak Zahard for a while.[5] Eventually, she also aided Grand De Jah covertly in stopping Hell Joe from taking over North City. She was later shown to still be living there.[6]
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  5. +1 tier ⇒ score * 4 (The tier used is an average between your soloqueue tier and your flex tier, ponderated by the number of games you played in each) +12% winrate (compared to the average for that champion/role) ⇒ score * 2 +100% KDA (compared to the average for that champion/role) ⇒ score * 1.3

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Arie Hon is known for giving special tests on his Floor and at some point after entering, Urek Mazino challenged the test. Urek Mazino's task was to endure his attacks for 10 minutes, but Urek Mazino fought evenly thus becoming the first person to ever successfully pass Arie Hon's special test. Urek Mazino became the most famous Ranker in the. Cadis Etrama Di Raizel vs Urek Mazino! Enjoy _____ Rai and Mazino are both Brutally strong characters in Webtoon series , and this poll is to see the difference in viewers and the very opinion of the AA Community. Since I am a fan of webtoon , Manhwa and Mangas I thought of the idea of making a poll on these characters here we go. Cadis Etrama.

Dalam perjalanannya, Urek mengambil ujian spesial Arie Hon' di lantai 100;[3] ujiannya adalah agar Urek menerima semua serangannya selama 10 menit, tapi Urek bahkan memilih untuk bertarung, hasil akhirnya, membuat dia menjadi Ranker paling terkenal di dalam Menara.[3] Setelah menjadi seorang Ranker, Urek menggunakan hadiah ujiannya (Hak transfer dan penguasaan penuh atas seluruh lantai yang dipegang atau dikuasai oleh Arie Hon dan menguasai Lantai 77; dia kemudian memberikan hak transfer tersebut kepada, Baek Ryun, yang membangun markas (benteng pertahanan) Wolhaiksong disana.[3] Baam es teletrasnportado al interior de la Torre mediante una Luz. Las reglas relacionadas con el sistema de teletransporte son desconocidas, pero la función del sistema de teletransporte es lo suficientemente precisa, de manera que sólo Irregulares como Phantaminum, Enryu, Urek Mazino, Zahard y los 10 Grandes Guerreros entraran a la torre (o más precisamente, la Torre Interior)

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Tower of God 326 - Read Tower of God Online For Free - Stream 1 Edition 1 Page All - MangaPark What others are saying Allow me to present you one of the millions of reason why I have a crush on urek mazino Urek_Mazinoe is one of the millions playing, creating and exploring the endless possibilities of Roblox. Join Urek_Mazinoe on Roblox and explore together!The reason that fish try to reach the sea isn't because of memories - it's because of instinct - Urek Mazino Urek Mazino is a member of Forums | Rise of Agon | Sandbox MMO | Official Site. Wave Controller, Male, from FLORID

Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Urekmazino - Urek Mazino, Mazino. Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. Submit your funny nicknames and cool gamertags and copy the best from the list Urek Mazino, Khun says in a tantalizingly low voice, and Mazino lets his smile widen into a delighted grin. And you're Khun, right? But you've got me at a disadvantage, baby, Mazino replies with a playful furrow of his brows, because that's all I know about you, though I'm sure we'll get to know about each other on our.

Urek Mazino from Tower of God Death Floor Arc Download skin now! The Minecraft Skin, Urek Mazino, was posted by TheSauruRon However, Zahard is not entirely without emotions. He was noted to have fallen greatly in love with Arlen and later said he loved her more than anything. After becoming King, he proposed to her and despite the rejection and her declaring war on him, he allowed her and V to go into hiding after she could no longer attempt any rebellion. The fact that she and V had a child was so heart-breaking to him that he angrily killed Baam in front of Arlen and later on relished the chance to do so again. He has not moved on from Arlen despite all she had done to him and has no intention of getting married, implying a slightly more positive side to Zahard's coldness; he was true and faithful to the one woman he loved even though his affections were never returned. Red Horn Tentacles: Zahard seems to have the power of red horn tentacles from the demon inside his body. The tentacles are sharp and deadly. He used it to pierce Hwang, the Big Breeder who was in the form and appearance of Ha Yura's brother.[11] Why are Enryu and phanta in the same sentence. Phanta is a axis user Enryu is not. That show that a irregular can challenge a guardian. Whether the individuals possess that ability to beat him is up to the individual at the same time Enryu could have used thorn to be the guardian he already he the prerequisites to challenge but needed a lil extra help. Idk jus stating possibilitiesImmense Strength: Even while nowhere near full power in the Hidden Floor, Zahard was easily strong enough to choke Baam nonchalantly one-handed, nearly killing him, and was able to firmly keep him in his grip even when a spatial control skill activated to take Baam out until Eduan erased his hand.

Zahard (자하드, "Jahadeu") is the famed "King of the Tower" and the most famous and greatest being residing inside; he is like a god to the inhabitants of the Tower.[2] He is a High Ranker, currently retaining the 3rd spot in the ranking, and the overarching ruler of Zahard's Floors and founder of the Zahard Empire while still conquering the Tower. After Urek Mazino left to climb the tower again, Backryun's ambition continued to grow. He then later confesses his passion to Urek Mazino who returned as a ranker. Urek Mazino, delighted by Backryun's confession, asks to leave with him; however, Backryun declines the offer, saying that he cannot leave this forest which is like his own life Urek Mazino Level . 4. Gem Maker. 100 XP . No information given. View more info. Currently Offline. Badges 5 Games 1 Inventory Artwork 1 Groups 5 INVICTUS Dota Syndicate 113 Members. ς DOTA777.com ς 205 Members ♪ DOTA777.com ♪.


Should the scale of the Hidden Floor be destroyed, Zahard would be capable of projecting a small amount of his power into the digital world to interfere. Throughout the tower, many people worship Zahard like a god. One of the worshippers believes he is the 'one true king.' An omnipotent and omniscient being.[9] I Urek Mazino I / Gold 4 0LP / 150W 140L Win Ratio 52% / Shen - 19W 12L Win Ratio 61%, Kayn - 14W 8L Win Ratio 64%, Lee Sin - 8W 9L Win Ratio 47%, Thresh - 9W 4L Win Ratio 69%, Sett - 10W 2L Win Ratio 83 It has been hinted that Zahard was once a more noble and better person, as the "God" of guardians noted on how Zahard wished for power to make everyone in the Tower happy and noted he was similar to Baam at first but differed in that he sought to use his power to stand above others to be able to change them. Likewise, the mysterious person who talked to Dowon stated that he wasn't always like the person he is now. However, years of apparent failure to fulfill his original goal, his acquirement of vast power, and the betrayal of Arlen and V had clearly hardened him to the king he is in the present. Clan: ELITE | Level: 33 | EXP: 6,643 / 9,800 (67%) | Views: 1

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Urek Mazino studies Computer Science, Economics, and Sociology Buy 'Tower Of God : Urek Mazino Wolkhaisong' by Nicolas Durand as a T-Shirt, Classic T-Shirt, Tri-blend T-Shirt, Lightweight Hoodie, Fitted Scoop T-Shirt, Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt, Relaxed Fit T-Shirt, Graphic T-Shirt, Chiffon Top, Sticker, i.. Mazino Urek / Gold 4 80LP / 32W 47L Win Ratio 41% / Master Yi - 19W 24L Win Ratio 44%, Elise - 8W 5L Win Ratio 62%, Vi - 0W 2L Win Ratio 0%, Kai'Sa - 0W 2L Win Ratio 0 Terbang: Urek memiliki kemampuan untuk terbang, mengambang dan berdiri di udara seakan-akan sedang berdiri di tanah datar.

My sloppy guess at this is that the Thorn is related to the RT in how they both originated from the death of the same Administrator. Urek Mazino is one of my favorite characters in @towerofgod simply because he is OP. Badass, crass-call him anyway you want. Badass, crass-call him anyway you want. But Urek will always be the force to reckon with Precognition and Fate Manipulation: Zahard has the power to see and manipulate fate, which he could use to successfully fool and manipulate even others who could see fate, as displayed with Khel Hellam, who he managed to trick twice, first when he allowed Khel Hellam to confront him and his team so he could show his surpassing power and then when he sent Yasratcha to the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence so that he could turn Khel Hellam's attempt to use the Canine People against him.

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Úrek Mazino / Grandmaster 233LP / 372W 365L Win Ratio 50% / Trundle - 56W 26L Win Ratio 68%, Gragas - 26W 21L Win Ratio 55%, Sejuani - 26W 17L Win Ratio 60%, Sylas - 24W 19L Win Ratio 56%, Diana - 21W 16L Win Ratio 57 Zero, Akabane, I'm gonna have to step in here real quick even though I've long lost interest in ToG and say No to Hell Joe being able to shut down any ability around him, that's straight up false, he does it by clearing away the Shinsoo in the immediate area, so that any ability that characters within the tower use are rendered unusable. Shinsoo is a special element that permeates the. Urek Mazino berkelana di dalam tubuh Zigena dengan misi menemukan Bayi Zigena untuk Yuri, sebuah permintaan dari Repellista Zahard. Selama itu, dia membunuh beberapa Ranker yang juga mengincar bunga itu. Selama di dalam Zigena, Urek tidur dan beristirahat karena dia merasa belum waktunya dia untuk pulang. Dia bangun saat merasakan kehadiran Team Tangsooyook masuk ke dalam, dan bertemu Kang Horyang dan Prince setelahnya. Dia hampir saja membunuh mereka tapi tidak jadi setelah dia menyadari mereka hanya Para Regular, dia putuskan untuk membiarkan mereka hidup jika mereka menyerah pada ujiannya. Viole datang masuk dan menolak untuk menyerah dan menantang Urek. Merasa terhibur, Urek menerima dan memutuskan untuk bermain sebuah game dengan Viole, mengatakan bahwa Viole harus mengambil bunganya sebelum Urek menangkap dan membunuhnya. Dia memberi Team Tangsooyook waktu untuk berkumpul dan menyerangnya.Dia dengan mudahnya menghindari semua serangan mereka dan mulai mengejar Viole. Saat keduanya hampir saling melepaskan adu-tinju super, Miseng melompat keluar dari gua dan berada diantara mereka,mencoba untuk meraih bunga dari bayi Zigena. Viole melindungi Miseng, menyebabkan dirinya terluka sangat parah. Towards those he dislikes, Zahard is shown to be not only able to be ruthless, but also show cruelty, as he took time to taunt Baam after rendering him at his mercy that he will kill everyone he cared for. He even admitted that he relished the chance of killing the son of the woman who rejected his love. While shinsoo only exists in the tower there’s hints that magic might exist outside. If the tower’s entire purpose is to train then it would make sense that there is a comparable force outside of the tower to harness. Entry may have even brought some with him to kill the guardian.

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Urek is said to have a ruthless personality, leading him to be respected by all those who dare call themselves men and at the same time seems to be disliked by seemingly every woman he meets. Urek sudah jauh menjadi sangat kuat bahkan saat dia masih seorang Regular menaiki Menara. The "god" of guardians berkata bahwa Urek pasti lebih kuat darinya saat mereka bertemu di Hell Train.[5] Bahkan lebih mengesankan adalah bahwa dia juga bisa menjadi lawan sebanding dengan Arie Hon, ketua 10 Keluarga Agung, dalam pertarungan dan orang pertama dalam sejarah Menara yang berhasil melewati ujian spesialnya.[3] Bukan hanya berhasil menyelesaikan ujian tersebut, dia menolak peraturan untuk "menahan" serangan dan malah bertarung secara setara dengannya; terlepas dari kemampuan mereka yang setara, Arie Hon bahkan mengakui setelah pertarunganya bahwa Urek itu "lebih baik".[3]

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David Hockney stated that she may be the strongest person he has ever met.[7] When subduing the possessed Yuri, she was able to easily pin down Evan Edrok, one of the Top 100 Rankers, showing her strength. Additionally, Garam was strong enough to kick Yuri with enough force to cause her pain. She was even confident she could battle Hell Joe by herself long enough for Baam to escape and then flee on her own. Zahard is ranked 3rd which seems poor when reflecting his influence and the splendour of the past (he was firmly the No. 1 Ranker before Phantaminum and Enryu appeared).[2] He is the supreme ruler of the Zahard Empire, but because he was inactive—said to be "hibernating"—the Three Lords handled the day-to-day ruling in his stead.[2] He is technically an Irregular but he is not considered to be one by anyone with the exception of the Floor Guardians.[2]

Oct 25, 2016 - Pin ini ditemukan oleh Finixjum. Temukan (dan simpan!) pin Anda sendiri di Pinterest Urek Mazino (우렉 마지노, Urek Majino) is an Irregular, currently 4th in Rank.He was the strongest active Ranker before Zahard became active once again. He is also the most recent person to be part of the Top 5 High Rankers inside the Tower.. He is considered to be on the same level as Phantaminum by weaker Rankers, however, his true rank is almost impossible to determine in terms of. By just investing some of his powers into his daughters, who are not blood-related to him and are selected by a specific set of tests or a specific procedure, alone is sufficient to make them the "ultimate species".[2] At his younger days alone, his power was already tremendous to the point that his data-self was unrivaled as the ruler of the Hidden Floor and he was capable of effortlessly trouncing Baam and the data of Koon Masccheny when she already had acquired his power. He is also stronger than the data self of Koon Eduan, as he himself openly admitted. In his rematch with Baam after his month of training under Eduan, Zahard maintained the upper hand towards the majority of their clash while yet fighting seriously and upon getting serious, despite being initially overwhelmed, he was able to ultimately stalemate Baam using the full power of the Thorn, although he admitted defeat. His current level of power is noted to be dramatically greater to the point his data self noted that the real Zahard can kill both him and data Eduan easily if he wants and he was able to render Baam entirely helpless and would have killed him had he not been teleported out, all the while being noted to be nowhere near full power as it was just a digital version of his true self. According to Urek's sworn enemy, Zahard's data is stronger than himself. Urek Mazino también paso su prueba y fue ahí donde lucho con Arie Hon. La prueba fue que soportara sus ataques por 10 minutos, pero Urek Mazino peleo en igualdades. Urek Mazino se convirtió en el más famoso rango dentro de la Torre por esta oportunidad Co-founded by the famed High Rankers Urek Mazino and Baek Ryun, the influence and power of this organisation are such that the 10 Great Families fear it.[4] Additionally, Khun Hynd Luch stated that Wolhaiksong is strong enough to threaten Zahard's Army. However, Gustang implies that the Family Heads themselves do not see the organisation as more than just a game or a deception.[5] 

d2jsp Forums Software by Paul Taulborg (njaguar) © 2003-2020 ContactContac Urek Mazino (우렉 마지노, Urek Majino) is an Irregular, currently 4th in Rank. He was the strongest active Ranker before Zahard became active once again. He is also the most recent person to be part of the Top 5 High Rankers inside the Tower. He is considered to be on the same level as Phantaminum.. Her ability as a Princess of Zahard was recognised with the bestowing of the Blue August; moreover, after her killing of Yuram Zahard she obtained the Indigo July. Upon her disappearance she became a High Ranker and was able to hide herself for many years from the Zahard Family.

King's Scorching Fist of Death Supreme King's Scorching Fist of Death (패왕열사권, Paewangyeolsagwon, mungkin 覇王熱死拳):[4] Sebuah teknik yang Urek anggap sebagai "legendaris". Teknik tersebut cukup kuat untuk melumpuhkan secara total, memberikan luka yang parah, dan hampir membunuh Viole dalam sekali serangan, walaupun digunakan dengan tenaga yang sangat sedikit (memang Viole sedang melindungi Miseng namun hal tersebut hanya membuat sedikit perbedaan).[4] Dapat disimpulkan bahwa kekuatan destruktif dan mematikannya, bila digunakan dengan seluruh kekuatan, dapat berkali-kali lipat lebih besar. Tower of God is a Korean web-manhwa by SIU Urek Mazino is an Irregular, currently 4th in Rank. Sobriquet is Ray Barracuda. Well, it turned out not very similar, but I think it's not so bad in the end... than it woul Urek Mazino. Details First Seen 3 months ago Last Seen 10 hours ago Current Server(s) Not online. Flags. Player flags help you track and categorize player profiles. Player flags are limited to Premium and RCON subscribers. Click the button below to start a subscription and gain access to these features Heey there! Welcome to this weeks review of Tower of God!!! this week had a pretty good chapter with a lot of really good looking panels. Saw some new info on stuff like the ghost of the 13 months

I think that in the future chapters, Urek will come and use some of his fingers to beat the shit out of the ruler, the high rankers, kallavan and all the rankers on his own. The first time we've seen him, he said that it would take a thousand rankers to create a fair battle with him ; he also punched Joe's ass without any use of shinsoo Thus, SIU is probably alluding to several imageries or meanings, the first being that the form of a tree with wings in place of branches resembles a pine tree. Note the resemblance of the Wolhaiksong symbol to a pine tree, meaning that the actual tree may not be being referred to in this sense. Urek then gave the compressed forest with wings in a box to Baekyun's. Baekyun's was very surprised and grateful however, there was a problem. The compressed forest was too heavy for Backryun to carry. So Backryun gave the box to Urek, This winged box became Urek and Backryun's symbol of friendship

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Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Known for many as specifically being a Fisherman with brutish strength, Zahard is apparently a sublime hand-to-hand combatant.[citation needed] Didn't Urek say he never learned from the god of guardians/do the rice pot training so maybe he is be capable of Controlling shinsoo like Baam and the other irregulars just never learned how because he was already a monster

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Arc Villain: Urek Mazino serves as this for Sweet and Sour. Though it's revealed later on that Noma was the true villain of the arc. Awesome Ego: Urek Mazino is a calamity in human form and he knows it. Every scene he's in reinforces (often from Urek himself) just how overpowered he is compared to everyone around him El dibujo no me pertenece. Todos los derechos reservados a su respectivo autor. El coloreado si me pertenece. Espero les guste Urek Mazino (우렉 마지노, "Urek Majino") is an Irregular, currently 4th in Rank. He is the strongest active Ranker and also the most recent to be part of the Top 5 High Rankers inside the Tower. Urek Mazino_ Add Servant. Latest Content. Interlude Campaign Part 5 Fate Apocrypha Challenge Guide - Colorless Faction (Amakusa Shirou) Fate Apocrypha Inheritance of Glory - Walkthrough Fate Apocrypha Inheritance of Glory - Quick Farming Guide Fate Apocrypha/Inheritance of Glor Daniel Mazino Carbajal is a League of Legends esports player, previously substitute bot laner for Gaming Gaming|Gaming Gaming. He was previously known as UrekMazino. Urek Mazin0's name is a reference to a character in the manwha (Korean webcomic/webtoon) Tower of God, an English translation of which is available here Although his main Position is Fisherman, he is proficient in almost every other Position and very aggressive when performing in any of them. As one of the top 4 strongest Rankers in the entire Tower, he excels in all fields of battle, outmatching almost everyone in agility, strength, Shinsoo Control, etc. After entering the Tower, he was able to pass all of the Floors to become a Ranker the fastest out of anyone in the Tower's history, taking only 1/10th of the average time people usually scale the Tower in (50 years).Prior to the Zygaena's flower test on the 21st Floor Urek killed several Rankers that were sent after him and after the test he completely fodderized the three Rankers that came to stop him. He also claims that in order for him to not be embarrassed while talking about it, it has to be at least 1000 other Rankers against him.[3] When Shinsoo is controlled by Urek, it takes on a yellow-white hue. Urek Mazino, while standing on his final Position, had once knocked down a Light Bearer who was also on their final Position; figuratively speaking, it's similar to a goalkeeper scoring a goal from across the entire field.[1] Yu Han Sung said to Lero-Ro that the only known person to use Shinsoo without a contract from the Guardian and not from a Great Family is Urek.

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