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The European marketplace for photovoltaic projects and installations Milk the Sun is a pan-European online marketplace that allows buyers and sellers in the photovoltaic industry to search, browse and connect with other PV market participants who are looking to buy, sell or develop solar projects. Our online platform allows users ... IOS Applications :- On Air, Find My Car, App Entwicklung Find My Car https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/find-my-car-gps-basierte-kfz/id815542507?mt=8 It often happens that we forget where we parked our car and how long it has been parked there. Annoying traffic tickets now belong to the past, as Find My Car helps you ... Geo-location advertising for mobile devices Movendo is a mobile geo-location offer(discount) platform. Movendo notifies mobile users about discounted products and services nearby trough a free mobile app. We are not a daily sales site, we are more like Stumbleupon. When people pay through our app(Apple ... Ebay/Amazon for editorial media The times of having several employees of a newspaper search through Twitter to find original content is over! MediaHQ is a marketplace aggregating editorial media in real-time and offering them for sale to publishers. We filter social media and find the relevant ... Die deutsche Start-up-Szene entwickelt sich weiter gut. Im Europa-Vergleich fällt besonders Berlin aber zurück. Ausgerechnet diese Metropole luchst der deutschen Hauptstadt die Start-up-Krone ab.

laserpointeur http://www.laserde.com/laserpointer-grun-3000mw.html Diese 3000 mW grünen Laserpointer hat eine Wellenlänge von 532 nm , mit einer besonders starken grünes Licht gegeben (650 nm bei 405 nm für rot und blau) . Die Wellenlänge ist der für das menschliche Auge. Arbeit, ... App Store for web applications La Distribution connects web application developers to customers through an App Store like marketplace. With our technology, installing and using web applications become as simple and addictive as with an iPhone and the App Store. We're partnering with infrastructure ...Everyone in Berlin is obsessed with location — it’s all about finding the right Kiez, or neighbourhood. Outside the Ring? On the U8? A Späti (a small late-night shop) outside your front door? The city’s Kiez culture often encourages us to make assumptions about stores, eateries and businesses based on the nearest U-Bahn station. No wonder, then, that founders in the city are hesitant about setting up shop in certain parts of town, however much money it would save them. We would like to be the Moneybookers of bitcoin-using generation. Anonimized but still trustworthy (thanks to the social part), bitcoinexchange and bitcoin-based clubs to certain industries, user clubs. For example club-goers in Berlin- there is huge bitcoin activity in Berlin and also vivid nightlife.More relaxed than its pricier counterparts, its streets are lined with the new and the old, bohemian galleries alongside original Wedding tenants like printing shops. Pop-up shops and cafes are opening up in reworked spaces, and startup teams are creating offices in warehouses and former retail spaces. Incubator Project Flying Elephant, for example, is housed in a former branch of supermarket Kaisers, and Netzpiloten have opened their Blogger Business Lounge in an old factory hall.

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  1. Sharezad is a tool for discovering local places to go (or don't) according to your friends http://sharezad.com Sharezad is a tool for discovering the best places to go (or don't) according to your friends. ShareZad is a Social Map network where you can register and share interesting points creating and sharig all kind of Map. Zad stands for the spot ...
  2. PayPal for Trust in Marketplaces Credport helps you to instantly build a trust wherever you go. We also offer a simple yet powerful API for peer to peer marketplaces.
  3. App Store Analytics We are an App Store Analytics company. We track the ebbs and flows of the app economy across 55 countries in real time, and use leading-edge technology, data science, and some really amazing publisher partners to help shed light on the formula for success in mobile ...
  4. Bring old friends. Meet new friends. comeet - Bring old friends. Meet new friends. People feel much more comfortable getting to know strangers when surrounded by their existing friends. That's why comeet brings together two groups of friends rather than individuals. Meeting new people has never ...

  1. A crossover of Meetup and Highlight - just more simple and delicious mealUp is an innovative online platform that connects users via the activity of eating together at handpicked restaurants. Based on the insights that no one likes to dine out alone and that people always like to connect their meetings with a shared activity, mealUp ...
  2. Google has decided against opening a Campus for startups in Berlin after a series of protests. The space will now be sublet to a charity planning to open it up for local social projects
  3. Fyber is a leading advertising technology company. Fyber (formerly SponsorPay) is a leading advertising technology company that empowers app developers to execute smart ad monetization strategies across all connected devices through a unified mobile supply side platform. Fyber reaches over 100 million unique ...
  4. StartUP Berlin ist das Netzwerk der Berliner Startup-Szene. Das Angebot ist für Berliner Startups, Jobs, Investoren, Agenturen, Freelancer und Jobsuchende
  5. Simplifying Portfolio Websites We believe in the Power of Simplicity We're taking away the time and frustration associated with making your own website. The result - the easiest solution for creative individuals to get a portfolio website. Artly has: - No Content Management System. Everything ...
  6. g in a playful way. Bitcoinmillionaire is about Bitcoin ease of use and Bitcoin onboarding: Bitcoinmillionaire is ...

3D animated video messages Zoobe is a creator of animated avatars for mobile messaging. The company currently offers two free to download applications; Zoobe Pets for iOS & Android and Zoobe Eve exclusively for iOS, both of which turn personal voice recordings into animated video messages, ... Making People more Productive. At Scale. Today, for an enterprise to go mobile - that is, to upgrade their internal systems for mobile devices - is extremely complex, very costly, and takes a lot of time. We've built a platform to convert enterprise applications to mobile, in minutes. It consists of ...

Charging Station for UAVs Skysense markets charging stations for the UAV/Drones industry to enable remote-managed operations and automation. The Skysense Charging Pad can be remotely operated and provides fast-charging to existing multicopters and VTOL aircrafts. The Skysense Droneport ... Alle Startup Events in Berlin: Startup Night Messe Lean Startup Summit. Jetzt Events für Startups entdecken! Eventbrite, and certain approved third parties, use functional, analytical and tracking cookies (or similar technologies) to understand your event preferences and provide you with a customized experience

Online Marketplace for Temporary Employment InStaff (formerly FairMaid) is an online marketplace where businesses can browse through a curated list of temporary employees and book them directly online. InStaff takes care of payroll accounting & legal employment and we offer 2 key advantages over regular ... Meet like-minded people. On the road or in your city. hikewith.me is an app to make new friends, see your city with fresh eyes, and wander around a new destination with locals. We founded hikewith.me because our travel and re-location experiences have taught us that meeting like-minded people is still very hard; ... Cuppings connects you to excellent coffee Cuppings is a suite of applications that help to connect you to quality coffee wherever you are. Cuppings helps people who enjoy a good cup of coffee take their experience to the next level by showing them where to find the next cup and offering tools to enrich ... automated trading as a service Refined Investment is a Fin Tech startup. With up to 25,000 trades and 100 mm trading volume per month we are the leading platform in automated online trading in DACH. With 100k EUR in 52 minutes and 350k EUR in 9 hours collected on the leading German crowdinvesting ...

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Sign inTechStartupsBerlinPolicyCoworkingAbout UsSiliconAllee.comStartup Standort: The Best Berlin Kiez for Your Business for Every BudgetSilicon Allee TeamFollowSep 4, 2015 · 6 min readPhoto: Martin via Flickr Creative CommonsThis is a guest post from the team at Setting Your Marketplace for Sustainable Products. WeGreen is the largest German marketplace for sustainable products. The centerpiece is the Sustainability Footprint, which enables a quick and simple visualisation of the ecological, social and transparency performance of products, manufacturer and retailers: Green ... Global Bike Sharing LOCK8 is a global bike sharing platform, enabled by it's GPS tracked, alarm secured hardware.Though it’s not as rough around the edges these days, Mitte is home to numerous creative agencies (C3, aperto, Scholz & Friends), tech startups (Trademob, Houzz) and company builders (HitFox, Makers).

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Berlin's premier network for early stage startups. Join our group if you are: a founder or prospective founder looking for co-founders a developer or designer part of an established founding team (and can share some insights) work for a startup would like to join a startup curious about startup We can help you: find co-founders make valuable. Entrepreneurial Crowdfunding in Turkey We are about to establish a curated crowdfunding-system in Turkey and Germany to attract more ventures. We think there is a way to fund innovation in the early stage without making breathtaking financial moves or getting in touch with governmental restrictions. Photo-real Character Animation Mimic creates high-end animated characters, specializing in photo-real facial animation for the Gaming, TV and Film Industries. The demand for realistic character animation in the film and games industries is growing dramatically. Audiences worldwide are beginning ... Das Landgericht Braunschweig habe das Verfahren gegen die heutige Unternehmensspitze wegen mutmaßlicher Marktmanipulation gegen Zahlung einer Geldauflage eingestellt, erklärte das Unternehmen am Dienstag.

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Venture Development Intern (Operations) - Starting August/September Veröffentlicht am 13.05.2020 Berlin Start Alliance forms a business network between the most vibrant startup hubs around the globe, With around 500 new digital startups per year, Berlin is Germany's capital for tech start-ups. It has a successful infrastructure for funding and financing in Europe BigData Lead generating platform for activities Timply.com is the first platform that suggests you matching activities according to your personality and mood. Timply is a lead generation platform. We integrate community proposals and services provided by partners in our self-developed algorithm and suggest ... SaaS Crowd Software Tests (Zendesk for testing) testCloud specializes in Continuous Testing in an agile development process. This form of software testing combines automated and human testing. With its test management system – offered as a 100% Software-as-a-Service – testCloud provides support across the entire ...

Changing the way people invest into real estate We are a young funded Berlin-based FinTech startup, looking to change the way real estate is working as an asset class for the ordinary investor. Run by experienced founders with a background in finance, Tier 1 strategy consulting and venture-backed startups, ... Online Doctor Appointment Booking In the disconnect between patients and doctors in Germany, Arzttermine.de see's the opportunity to greatly increase access to health care. By bringing the doctor-patient relationship online, huge problems are solved for both sides. In our web, mobile, iOS, and ... Start-up-Barometer Deutschland Anzahl der Finanzierungsrunden nach Bundesländern Berlin war auch 2019 wieder der Hotspot der deutschen Start-up-Szene: Mit 262 Finanzierungsrunden verzeichneten Start-ups in der Bundeshauptstadt 37 Prozent aller hierzulande gezählten Finanzierungsrunden. Bayern konnte bei der Zahl der Deals seine Cart-based comparison shopping for drugstore products We help consumers do their drugstore shopping always at the best price. 1. User fills her cart based on the combined assortment of all connected retailers 2. Bars on top of the page indicate total cost of your current product selection at all retailers in real-time 3. ... Simple eBook creation and one-click publishing for everyone. Liberio is the easiest way to create and publish high quality eBooks for everyone. No more complicated software and failing ePub exports. Liberio enables everyone to publish books, tell stories and share knowledge through eBooks for free. We're redefining how the ...

Personal data-driven shopping KISURA is Germany’s first online platform for personal shopping for women only. We digitalize the traditional shopping experience by offering the exclusive service of a personal shopper online and accessible for all women. Our mission is to bring the „right“ fashion ... Eastern European ART joy - with no need to puff ART up! Eastern European ART - with no need to puff ART up! New ART from emerging Eastern European ARTists for international ART lovers. ARTists promising and successful today, even more successful tomorrow? Meet the ARTists and become an ART curator yourself. Welcome ... We personalize your products Stickvogel developed a full service product personalization solution for webshops. Our configurator tool fits in every shopsystem and has a great usability and high conversion rates. We do it all, from frontend to production. We embroider, engrave and print. The ... Fairtrade and organic coffee capsules for Nespresso(R) machines Nero Commerce is the Berlin-based company behind the Gourmesso brand and was founded 2012 to offer Nespresso®* compatible capsules to customers for a reasonable price. We believe in offering high quality, excellent tasting espresso along with friendly, first class ...

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beauty appointments online booking platform Salonmeister lets you book personal appointments for your hairdresser or massage online. 24/7 a day with ratings and calendar overview for the salons and customers. Currently fusioning with Wahanda to become market leader in Europe. Matching Startups with Executives (Agency). For Employers: we help you find the brightest minds for your role. Focus is on senior candidates: CEO/ CMO/CPO/CTO/COO/CRO - or VP-level. We work performance-oriented - and very uncomplicated. For Candidates: contact us via [email protected] We ...

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  1. A webbased plugin free collaboration plattform. Peerspeax is a browserbased collaboration plattform. Our plattform is builed on WebRTC-Technologies and provides a plugin-free webservice for sharing files, doing groupchats, videoconferences and working together on whiteboards.
  2. Seit vielen Jahren treffen beim Startup Camp Berlin erfolgreiche Unternehmer auf die, die das mal werden wollen. Im Interview mit n-tv.de spricht Mitorganisator Sascha Schubert über den Standort Berlin, Erwartungen an die Politik und über aktuelle Start-up-Trends
  3. Product search engine www.findch.com Online Shopping has become a scattered user experience. Customers must use multiple online sources to cater their different needs. Findch is about to change this by providing one place for everything users need and look for. Findch is a new product ...
  4. Sourcing Specialist Ost Berlin, DE, 13629 +1 more May 13, 2020 Human Resources Berlin, DE, 13629 +1 mor
  5. g events ...
  6. ute discounts! Book a room in only 10 seconds. Always the perfect hotel in your pocket! Your benefits with BookitNow!: - Last-Minute Prices - ...
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Movie search engine JustWatch - the movie streaming search engine JustWatch is a free movie search engine which connects movie fans with their favorite content worldwide. Search in just one place to find all the providers that are streaming the program you want to watch. You don't ... The whole world of investing, simple, secure, automated in one free account CASHBOARD is a web-platform which allows retail investors to invest in a personal tailored and scientifically diversified portfolio in three simple steps. We offer the first integration of modern asset classes (like equity-based crowdfunding, social lending and ... Eliminates the need for e-mail or post. Papel eliminates the need for e-mail or post. Papel organises personal and official communications, invoice payments, service notifications and events. Papel is a decentralised service using an open source protocol that prioritises privacy Papel handles Invoice ... Create free legal documents and consult lawyers via secure video. Legify makes legal services affordable and accessible. Consumers and SMEs create free legal documents and consult lawyers at the best rates through secure video and our collaborative text editor.

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Disruptive Hardware to take Bitcoin hashing technology and market leadership in Oct 2014 We make Bitcoin supercomputers, each with 3.3 Petahash (PH) capacity, operating at lowest comparable cost. And we can deploy as many machines as we want - there are no limits in production, deployment or space, power, or cooling. This solves the biggest problem ... Fyber (formerly SponsorPay) is a leading advertising technology company that empowers app developers to execute smart ad monetization strategies across all connected devices through a unified mobile supply side platform. Serving approximately 150 million unique ... Bitcoin for merchants and payment providers SatoshiPay is a Bitcoin payment processor allowing online merchants to accept and instantly convert payments to fiat currency, such as Euro. In addition to serving merchants directly the company also offers white-label integration into payment service provider ... Airborne Wind Energy Production Airborne Wind-energy, a High Altitude Wind Energy System, is the most promising source of renewable and cost-effective energy. X-Wind Plants (spoken: Cross-Wind Plants) are using the power like kite-surfers do. Unlike conventional fossil fuel systems, this product ... resmio brings the whole restaurant customer journey online, with one easy-to-use software. resmio brings the whole restaurant customer journey online, with one easy-to-use software. resmio.com provides a FREE online reservation tool to directly acquire guests via the own website and empower restaurants on everything that comes next in the customer journey ...

Pre packed cooking bags through pick up stations Home eat Home has the mission to simplify each and everyone's way to daily dinner. For our service we combine an online app to choose and pay for our dinner boxes, with offline pick-up stations close to your workplace where you can pick up your package on the way ...Formerly the liveliest part of West Berlin, Kreuzberg’s melting pot of culture — where some of the city’s wildest U-Bahn stations bring you close to the trendiest coffee shops and edgiest pizza joints — makes it a great place to mix with other startup teams. And perhaps the best place to kick off a Friday night in Berlin! tweet < EDGEE < blog What if there was a way to express yourself with the ease of a tweet, but allow for the flexibility and creativity of a blog? edgee came up with an entirely new format we call, that fills the void between Twitter and Wordpress. Inside an edgee, users mix and connect ... Die Daimler AG ist seit über 100 Jahren fest mit dem Standort Berlin verbunden. Über 9.000 Mitarbeiter 1 der Daimler AG und ihrer Tochtergesell-schaften sind an mehr als 20 Standorten in Berlin und Brandenburg beschäftigt.; Mercedes-Benz Berlin. Seit inzwischen mehr als 100 Jahren ist Daimler mit einer Niederlassung in Berlin vertreten. 1.500 Mitarbeiter der Mercedes-Benz Vertriebsdirektion.

Und die Zahl der Finanzierungsrunden stieg von 417 auf 486. Nachdem Berlin sich im Jahr 2015 dank einiger sehr großer Investitionen noch Europas Start-up-Hauptstadt nennen konnte, lagen 2016 London (2,2 Milliarden Euro), Paris (1,3 Milliarden Euro) und Stockholm (1,2 Milliarden Euro, dank Spotify) vor der Bundeshauptstadt. In den europäischen Top Ten konnte sich zudem München mit einem Investitionsvolumen von 345 Millionen Euro als zweite deutsche Stadt plazieren; damit belegte die bayerische Landeshauptstadt den siebten Platz. Linkedin for Music Business imusify´s purpose is to place music into TV Shows, Commercials and Video Games. Think Linkedin for pitching & licensing music. imusify is the combination of a full functional social network and an online music database. It provides automated services to make ...

Content and Advertising network for Latin America MT Performance operates a network of online magazines across Latin America with a focus on the female and fashion sector, i.e. www.calcados.com (Portuguese for Shoes.com). Readers can not only find the latest tips and trends but also purchase the products they ... global poaching platform - get a better job poachee.com is a global online service especially designed for passive job seekers ("poachees"). poachee.com motivates passive job seekers to take advantage of new and better jobs - we help recruiters to poach the creme de la creme of the job market. In this process ... Mobile Loyalty & Recommendations LoyalPunch puts loyalty punchcards, customer cards and a recommendation system for shops into one app. It makes bridging the gap between the offline and mobile world a breeze for local shops. Firmenkundenberater (m/w/d) - Standort Berlin. Unternehmensfinanzierung zu revolutionieren, bauen wir mit Billie ein innovatives und technologisch führendes Fintech Start-up. Billie bietet kleinen und mittelständischen Unternehmen unkomplizierte und schnelle Betriebsmittelfinanzierung. Wir finanzieren offene Rechnungen (sog Mobile exam-preparation & recruiting platform We are a young startup in the mobile learning sector and our goal is to bring learning into the 21st century by offering university students targeted learning materials in a mobile app. Course materials can be reviewed via multiple choice questions, the exam ...

Analysis of the climatology and variability of the stratosphere and mesosphere in measurements and model data. Provision of daily stratospheric winter diagnostics and meteorological support for measurement campaigns. Investigation of radiative, chemical and dynamical processes, and their inter -actions using a state-of-the-art global Chemistry. e-commerce platform At Buckmarkt we research and sell the desires of the people. We build a web/mobile e-commerce platform. Now for example if you are a retailer you have to make many choices regarding what to buy and how to sell; we help with our trends analysis. Count your victories. Victories by LittleQuest is a game-like app that helps you organise your life. Extremely easy to use, it makes everyday tasks like paying your bills or getting new glasses a little bit more exciting. It's not a game but an account of your victories in life. Request ... Selfpublishing for Authors Publish your novel, your cookbook or your dissertation as a book or eBook in just a few clicks. -OR- Print your own book – an unforgettable memento for family and friends. Our state-of-the-art print Meaningful home decor and art RoadsWellTraveled is an online brand synonymous with meaningful décor and art with an emphasis on artisan traditions at approachable price points. With RoadsWellTraveled‘s high quality pieces handmade by master craftsmen, it caters to conscious consumers in the ...

Junge Gründer is a online magazin for young entrepreneurs. At Junge Gründer you can find News and Interviews with young founders and receive tips for your own company. Social Network for Football Addicts Discuss on mandarify about football and find friends worldwide to match against on footy grounds nearby! Create your team and represent it on the centralized social network platform. Give your Amateur-Team the feeling of being a pro - with Live Ticker, Live Standings, ... Life Unplugged ( OFFTIME is a young post-tech start-up based in Berlin. CUSTOMIZE YOUR CONNECTIVITY TO FOCUS AND FIND A BETTER WORK-LIFE-TECH BALANCE – BACKED BY SCIENCE. We make sure only the important calls, messages, and beeps get through - plus: the access to apps is limited. ...

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Effortless cloud movie library that helps movie lovers manage and organize movies Pngbx /piNGboks/ helps movie lovers organize and access their movie library in seamless way. Unlike most apps, Pngbx do not require endless maintenance of movie database. Instead Pngbx provides set of native apps for each platform where users consume media and ... Instagram for pre-owned fashion with real-time shopping events. VINTAGEHUB is a celebrity endorsed mobile fashion marketplace which enables users to shop, share, and sell pre-owned fashion through real-time "virtual" Style Parties. Every user can organise her own Style Party (themed shopping events), inviting followers and ... Scribd for Journalism. Spectrm is the first journalism platform by authors for readers. We enable authors - mostly journalists and bloggers - to publish and monetize their work through an intelligent matchmaking with their readership. For our readers, we are the first one’s to create ... Berlin's a cinch to get around too, and any visit should include trips to world famous sites such as Museum Island, the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall and last but by no means least, Checkpoint Charlie, where our delightful new Wilde aparthotel is located Did you know that since 2015, USD 13 billion has been invested into the startups in South-East Asia? Singapore’s startup scene is looking more promising than ever, with 12 recent exits and a significant number of startups with large valuations. While Singapore is the perfect landing pad, Indonesia offers an enormous customer base as the 4th biggest country in the world with continuously expanding middle class and mobile penetration.

Digital applications for hospital case managers A private-cloud web-platform for Case Managers and Doctors to digitally compile and manage applications and reports on diagnostic findings. Faster discharge More time for counseling Reduce costs Itunes for beats RapBeats.net is a music licensing platform and a digital marketplace specialized in urban production music. Artists from all around the world can license beats and instrumentals from our production catalogue for 25 $. For more infos visit http://www.RapBeats.netThe western half of Berlin, long ignored by the young and creative in the headlong post-Wall rush to the east, is making a comeback, becoming increasingly popular with startuppers. This includes a recent rise in the number of co-working spaces, such as Roof Up and hub:raum. Once home to David Bowie, the Kiez is famous for its open-air markets, wide boulevards and green space, with numerous public festivals and parades taking place all year round. Opinion sharing without Weave is a quick and easy way to share your opinion worldwide and judge others. It's an Iphone App and available for free. Mobile application for fun challenges and dares Create unforgettable moments with friends in a ‘One vs. One Klash’ or prove yourself in a ‘Me against the World Klash’. Get the support of your friends and share the excitement. Prove your success instantly with pictures from wherever you are and win the “KLASH”. Check ...

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Limited Editions of Premium Wine Wine Genius acquires over-capacities and special editions of internationally renowned wineries and re-labels them to protect the vineyard's prices and reputation. In the next step, our premium wines are marketed through a single label, offered at significantly ... ebay classifieds for one room apartments as very easy to use app. Oneroomapp is the very easy and social Smartphone App to rent and let one room apartments, one rooms for subletting or in a flat share WG. Everything in one app: letting, In-AppPayment and searching. No online! Future prediction based on dreams Customer enters experiences (including e.g. dreams) and finds (machine learning based) recommendations regarding similar dreams and elements of dreams. Based on dynamics of groups of dreamers, we predict trends. Bitcoin SaaS platform for monetizing games without caring of a backend Yope.io helps to build and monetize your game without caring of a backend. Using our bitcoin cloud platform, developers and merchants can focus on making a profit with their game and business, forgetting complex currency infrastructure.Juliane Bublitz beschäftigt sich als Zukunftsforscherin mit Megatrends und der Rezeptur wünschbarer Zukünfte. Mit HOLYCRAB! gibt sie den Anstoß für einen Perspektivwechsel auf den Zusammenhang zwischen Globalisierung und Neo-Ökologie durch den Genuss aller möglichen essbaren Plagen.

high-performance media agency LEVERATE MEDIA is a young and successful media agency which specializes in high-performing online & offline campaigns. Our customers include many well-known companies among the German and international Top-Startups, as well as already established companies, for ... A mobile P2P payment solution. Cringle is a mobile person-to-person payment solution and allows users to easily manage transactions and transfer money within their circle of friends. With Cringle we close the gap between cash and online transactions by bringing P2P money transfer into the age ... Print & Digital Media TRAFFIC 2009 was launched at a time when there were many places print publications over online publications as outdated. This digital hype braving TRAFFIC responds to the need for a haptic sustainable product. A wish that is because to wear a visible item with ...

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Erste cloud-basierte IT-Komplettlösung für Startups und KMU. CONCEPTBOARD. Online Whiteboard für effizientere Zusammenarbeit in Echtzeit. BERLIN. STUTTGART. KIRCHHEIM. MIAMI. LONDON. Standort Halle an der Saale. Mansfelder Str. 56 06108 Halle (Saale) Standort Berlin. Franklinstraße 9-11 10587 Berlin. Standort Stuttgart. Enabling bloggers to generate ad revenue We built several localised blog communities in Europe such as blog.de, blog.co.uk or blog.fr. When demand for blog monetisation rose, we built a one-stop shop for both bloggers and advertisers to connect and buy/sell advertising with leading ad formats, such as ...

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Our offices in Berlin and Madrid are home to a diverse team of 200+ people who come from more than 40 nations around the world! Junior Executive Assistant, this is your challenge Following Taxfix's market success, Taxfix is scaling fast and with this, so is the work for our Executive Team okcupid for roomates room.me is the best way to find a decent shared flat or the best roomie anywhere in the world. One-Stop solution for Work betahaus provides a platform, services and a professional network to entrepreneurial minded creators. We offer workspace, community and education to solo entrepreneurs, high growth startups or employees of multinationals. Effortless microlearning UnlockYourBrain is the most convenient and effective way to learn anything. Busy schedules make learning hard - UnlockYourBrain makes it easy by integrating bite-sized learning into your everyday life. Product: Our first product is an Android app that places a ... Startup Camp an den Alpen - Registriere dich jetzt für das Startup Event Startup Live an den Alpen.Du bekommst Feedback für deine Geschäftsidee, pitchst vor den Erfolgsunternehmern der Region, Investoren und Medienvertretern und Startup- Enthusiasten. - Wednesday, November 14, 201

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Platform for Events and Meetings Change the way you meet We are Spacebase: a global booking platform for event venues and meeting spaces. We give renters access to unique locations for their next event and enable space providers to advertise their space to a ready-to-book user base. We have ... The easiest restaurant tipping App Enter the bill amount and rate the service, we tell you how much to tip in a restaurant. In 70+ countries (more coming soon). Features: -Tip strategy (Stingy, Normal, Generous) -Super fast currency converter -Split the bill -Database for 70+ countries with local ... Refer-a-friend as a service. aklamio is Europe's leading provider for refer-a-friend solutions. Add aklamio to your website and your users earn money every time their sharing activity on Facebook, Twitter,Whatsapp & Co. generates a valid sale or a new customer. See your sales go up 15 percent ...

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Headwalk organized news & content from anywhere The Idea • Headwalk organized all information in the Internet. • History is often counterfeited. Headwalk is a social news magazine allowing you to imprint the most relevant happenings of both the present & future. Headwalk is more than a social news magazine. ... Connecting business and investment leaders with decision-critical intelligence Institutional investors, consultants and corporate decision makers use us to connect with industry professionals whose expertise helps making most important decisions more successfully. We provide direct access to industry executives, policy makers, opinion leaders ... One Click To Knowledge And Inspiration We're building "Context Booster", a software service to make research and content discovery smarter, faster and much more inspiring - by providing "context" - about any kind of topic. The first incarnation of Context Booster works together with Evernote and is ... supplying testers on-demand testerpool helps you find testers on-demand for your in-house tests. Finding usability-, beta-, website- or app-testers for your tests tomorrow is finally easy, affordable and planable. Testers can find tests on testerpool to earn rewards. Companies offer rewards ...

Shaping the web of tomorrow by providing the future in graphics web technology and tools. DELIGHT is a Next-Gen­er­a­tion Web 3D En­gine that en­ables amaz­ing HTML5 3D Games and Ap­pli­ca­tions di­rectly in your Browser on any de­vice. Built from the ground up with cut­ting-edge web tech­nolo­gies like WebGL, Web­Sock­ets, We­bRTC and We­bAu­dio xy­matic's ... Your last-minute ticket App Find Your Event With 50HOURS you’ll always know when and where the coolest events are going on in your city. Choose your event from genres such as music, sports, shows or culture – clear and simple. Invite Your Friends In fact, even the most amazing events will ... Omni Channel - Fashion Shopping Site Creating an Omni- Chanel Shpping approach - bringing on- and off-line shopping together. games for everyone! Software Development, Consulting and Development Services. Neriad makes games and mobile apps, and provides consulting and affordable development services to indies, and other companies focused in art, design, strategy and monetization. We are not re-inventing ... Fitbit on steroids Device is handheld, possibly progressing to wearable that can be worn during physical activity. Blow in once before and after to measure precisely how much fat is burnt during workout.

Aggregates Carsharing CarJump integrates multiple car sharing providers into a single app. It allows users to know which provider currently has the closest vehicle around them. The objective is to allow the highest degree flexibility to urban mobility users. We have currently integrated ...With St. Oberholz and Soho House among the regular meeting points for startup founders and investors, however, top food and drink joints make Mitte the perfect place to wine, dine and impress. SaaS solution that uses econometric algorithms for an intelligent analysis of public data IPlytics offers its customers a Software as a Service solution that uses econometric algorithms for an intelligent linking and analysis of public data. IPlytics makes use of big data on patents, standards, products and scientific publications providing insights ... On the ground, below sea-level or up in the air: The right type of watch for every situation. Hand-wound watches. The history of hand-wound movements goes back several centuries and even today, elegant pocket- and wrist watches featuring this traditional type of movement are very popular. The clockwork of hand-wound watches is moved by a spring.

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Arrival is a technology company, we create Generation 2 Electric Vehicles. Devices on wheels — they outperform legacy technology to deliver an experience like no other, but are priced the same as fossil fuel equivalents. Arrival Van — A new generation of electric commercial vehicle. Tell us your logistical needs Disrupting Laundry Day - Revolutionizing Urban Convenience Enjoy more free time with ZipJet! ZipJet is an on-demand dry cleaning and laundry pick-up and delivery service, which has your clothes cleaned, pressed and returned within 24 hours. We make laundry day a thing of the past for those living busy lives by professionally ... Filip Kaliszan, Founder & CEO of Verkada talks about how Next47 is helping him achieve his vision of making all commercial buildings run on Verkada systems. See all Success Stories » The Right Capital. Your startup is solving difficult and fundamental challenges. You need an investor who can move quickly and who is in it for the long-haul. You.

Empowering Kids Through Games | >100K downloads | http://j.mp/itoywheel Toywheel makes games and tools that empower future generations to develop creativity, curiosity and courage. Our first mobile app, Toy Car RC (free version) / Toy Drive (paid version), uses the latest augmented reality technology to enable kids aged 6+ to follow ... MMO for Google Earth Twinity is a free Virtual World and Avatar 3D Chat where you can meet new people and flirt in real cities. Shift Sheduling including payroll Shyftplan is an online shift-planning service which SMEs can use to organize and communicate with their employees. The organization and communication services are free. Additional a company administrator can quickly and easily create the payroll for all employees. ...

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Domain lists of all countries I'm going to lunch new product, selling full cctld lists for customers, who need it, for example list of all .fr domains or .br domain, it may will help in they online business Advanced baby monitoring devices Bico is an advanced baby monitoring system which tracks babies’ movements and sounds. Through the use of colored indicators and vibration, parents can see and feel the condition of their baby even without their presence. BICO PARENT is a bracelet with vibration ...

Creative Eatery Concept INSOSTA, Berlin new dining concept destination, is set to open in September 2013 as one of the central elements to the much anticipated LCH Hospitality Group, with Luca Cesarini, recognized as Top 20 Best Italian Restaurant Chefs in America in 2011. INSOSTA is ... Berlin Immigration Office, Friedrich-Krause-Ufer. Authorities / Offices from A to Z. Residents' Services Offices. Immigration Office. Public Health Offices. Youth Welfare Offices. Vehicle Registration Offices. Public Order Offices. Social Services Offices. Registry Offices. Other locations. Current information on this location your marketplace for the best in vintage, fashion & design. stylemarks is a mobile app that connect users with upcoming labels and designers to discover and buy unique design products. Anytime. Anywhere. Our vision is to discover and explore new possibilities of peer to peer commerce through mobile technology. We want to ...

Ultracapacitors 50-80% cheaper and 2-4x smaller and lighter. Ultracapacitors with * 4x higher power density * 2x higher energy density than any competitor. This means we lower the costs 50-80% by using less materials, while at the same time offering our customers 2-4x smaller and lighter devices. This will solve crucial ... Mobile Payments + intelligent Marketing mpax is an app with which you can pay at your local merchants. Every time you pay, you make progress towards unlocking rewards. Our intelligent marketing schemes offer four value propositions to local merchants: 1) attract new customers 2) retain existing customers 3) ... Und die Zahl der Finanzierungsrunden stieg von 417 auf 486. Nachdem Berlin sich im Jahr 2015 dank einiger sehr großer Investitionen noch Europas Start-up-Hauptstadt nennen konnte, lagen 2016. The Premium Retail Experience. The Premium Retail Experience. We're redefining mobile shopping from the ground up – delivering a beautiful, elegant and efficient experience for buying incredible clothes.

B2B Marketplace for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products Contorion.de is a B2B online marketplace for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products. Our broad category range for MRO parts includes Safety and Security, Material Handling, Metalworking and Fasteners, Abrasives, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Cleaning and ... Location Oriented Content Publishing and Discovery Localstream is a location-based content discovery company that helps connect content to location. The Localstream platform enhances the value of content by creating new channels for location-driven content discovery. Using Open Data, Local Search and Machine ... Simplifying restaurant reservations In Europe, over a million of restaurant reservations are made each day. Yet, most reservations are still done by the guest calling the restaurant manually and managed with pen & paper by the restaurants. Tebla will change this by bringing the advantage of online ... European market leader in creative contests for logo and naming To start their business, start-ups need their communication trinity: naming, logo, web design. How to find the right creative for every specific need? 12designer offers an answer for that: an European 17,000+ creative community. Client just writes a creative ...

unique textile pieces HauseNü creates a sustainable production form for unique clothing pieces and accessories under social, economically and eco-friendly aspects.  The production process is transparent to the customer. With each product we support to change the world to a better place.  Fly and Forget Caspian develops a technological platform targeted at the Commercial & Civil UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) market. Its products will provide greater safety & autonomy for unmanned operations (e.g. Industrial inspection) together with a highly intuitive user experience.

Digital Employee for Hotels We develop a platform that finally helps hotels to get in touch with their guests while they are in their rooms. We do that by replacing common hotel hardware like guest directories, telephones and feedback forms with tablet PCs. At the same time we increase ... Virtual Reality beyond games The age of Virtual Reality is here. But is it just games and visualization? In the early VR sci-fi, it was everywhere, used to communicate and for all kinds of work. In recent movies like Minority Report, Iron Man, or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., it's the only UI. ProVR ... Startup Jobs in Berlin. Aktuelle Jobs und Stellenangebote in allen Startup-Branchen findet ihr in der Jobbörse von StartUP Berlin Mimi, the next generation of hearing solutions. Mimi means, to make people part of.   We challenge the way we think about hearing enhancement and  believe it is time to offer an alternative to traditional assistive listening technology.   Mimi is the easiest entry solution to make people hear better. Giving ...

Online food ordering marketplaces One of the world’s largest online food ordering marketplace. foodpanda was launched in 2012 and is headquartered in Berlin.The company operates in more than 40 countries in South America, Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa, currently employs more than ... The Size Advisor company. UPcload seeks to revolutionize the way people shop online. Using cutting-edge technology, UPcload’s free application measures a person’s body dimensions using a standard webcam. By comparing product dimensions with the dimensions and styling choices of the user, ... Performance-driven online and offline media solutions Based in the heart of Germany’s start-up city Berlin, Leverate serves dozens of high-potential fast growing companies from all over Europe and supports them by scaling their businesses. Our media services include all kind of transaction options including Classic ...

B2B-Exchange platform for scrap steel traders Scraptrade is a B2B Marketplace for scrap steel traders. Companies can trade their materials (e.g. 50 metric tons of copper) every fast and profit from a much bigger reach compared to their circle of acquaintances. SaaS for Online Consultation Flexperto is the easiest way to offer 1-1 online consultations and education services. The company provides companies with a web-based Software as a Service solution that goes far beyond traditional web conferencing tools and that shall become the standard software ... Personal publishing platform crofflr compiles ebooks from your favourite reading lists and delivers them to your reading device. It is a service for people that love long form reading.

The ultimate wish list application Your friends' birthday is coming up? - WishWish helps you to find the perfect gift! You are wishing something really cool and want a friend to buy it as a gift for you? - Share your wish list with your friends! You want to remember a fancy item you found in a ... ethical high fashion LILLIKA EDEN combines high fashion with sustainability and a fair, local production directly in Berlin. We decided that something beautiful should not arise from ugly conditions. The goal is to combine modern, trend-conscious design with high quality and sustainability. ... Our House of Brands Delivery Hero is a network of almost 30 brands, operating in over 40 countries across four continents. Currently we have over 22,000 employees globally, with around 1,500 people working in our Berlin headquarters - all on a mission to deliver an amazing experience Smart medication tracker Insulin Angel is a temperature and proximity tracking device that connects to your smartphone app and notifies you before your insulin (or other medication) reaches its temperature limit, and warns you if you forget your essential medication or medical kit. Insulin ...

Holycrab* in frisch gebackener Sauerteigbrioche mit hausgemachter Dillmayonaise, mariniertem Staudensellerie und in Limettensaft eingelegtem roten Zwiebelsalat. TechCrunch for the social sector The Changer is an online platform that presents jobs, funding opportunities, news, and events for the social sector. The Changer has identified a lack of transparency and the fragmentation of information within the social sector as central barriers to social ... World’s 1st digital destination for beach clubs World’s 1st digital destination for beach clubs. An On-Line Lifestyle Travel Experience Destination for Beach Club Culture. A Complete Lifestyle Experience Portal Built Around Beach Clubs.

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Mobile cognitive enhancement Memorado - your leading digital gym for the brain - offers users around the globe to train their brain through around 20 challenging games. We started 6 months ago and are growing rapidly around the world on mobile and web, having signed up 1 million members quicker ... Headhunting for Startups We headhunt high-potentials for Start-ups and Corporates. Mainly in the field of Finance, Sales, HR, Legal and Tech. kaputt.de is the online solution to broken electronic devices kaputt.de is for broken electronics what google maps/goeuro.com is for comparing different means of transport (bus vs. train vs flight) Customers visit kaputt.de with their broken product (cellphone, dishwasher, coffee machine). Our site guides them through the ...

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On-demand ride-sharing community with a proprietary social network hop.on gives you the freedom to hop.on a buddy's ride whenever you want to get from A to B quickly, safely and with a friend in the driver seat. Simply request a hop.on via our mobile app and a community-driver shows up to give you a ride. And because there's ... all in one App for curated services. Sixtyone Minutes is your personal Assistant. Your Butler via App since 2014 available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Text us to get whatever you want with no hassle! We answer every one of your requests. Send us a text, picture or voicemessage and we'll ... Shopping by Inspiration // Tablet Magazin-Marketplace Your Social Guide to Interior Design with a cross media content and social approach. Online with focus on articles and stylish apartments/ offices. iPad App with focus on articles and products (Shop the style). Own curated Magazine-Marketplace: Weekly curated magazine ... Etsy for personalised art Our mission is to make original art accessible to everyone. Our unique wizard and communication process makes buying art as simple as booking a flight. All you have to do is tell us what art you like; artists submit personalised proposals based on your request.We ...

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR), Standort Berlin Rutherfordstraße 2, 12489 Berlin View address on Google Map By Train. From Hauptbahnhof (Berlin's main train station) Take the S 9 until reaching the station Adlershof (approx. 35 min) Take the S-Bahn S 5, S 7, S 3 or S 75 until reaching station Ostkreuz > then take the S 8 or S85 until reaching the station Adlershof (approx. 30 min Diary and Messenger in one Thought of You is the perfect combination of a private diary and a messaging app! People can save their most important memories and thoughts by using texts, photos, music and YouTube videos and share it with family and friends. With this, users create their ... Qompium is a health tech startup, currently developing a smartphone application to detect irregular heart rhythms Insights through mobile entertainment TimeZapp lets smartphone users answer entertaining questions in a very simple and convenient way. Users learn more about themselves and others. ZappChoice allows companies to get answers from mobile users very quickly and efficiently.

Mobile screening and monitoring for every single patient, in any corner of the world Web and mobile platform to detect and deliver Vision Therapy for people who suffer from low and defficient vision. Enjoyable, affordable and easy to access. Anywhere, anytime. With Mr Patch you can not only exercise but also store your therapy records on the cloud, ... e-mobility concept from Germany project GREEN PACK (today Mini Move) Mini Move has to be re-named to GREEN PACK because motor company Mini Cooper has claimed that the name is too close to their name :( The idea is a concept of "e-mobility" - 1 set of "GREEN PACK battery" that fits in the ... Online plattform for pre-selected boutiques, galleries and dealers of fine furnishings We are building an online plattform for pre-selected boutiques, galleries and dealers of fine furnishings, art and jewellery. We offer advertisers and publishers the best products and services to boost their online business on a performance basis. Optimise your ROI. Join zanox! mobile user acquisition challenge Advertile Mobile is a Berlin-based start-up solving the mobile user acquisition challenge. We help app developers to reach the right consumers through our mobile discovery and rewards community. Our apps are available on both iOS and Android and have several million ...

The upscale InterContinental® Berlin hotel sits next to leafy Tiergarten Park, a pleasant walk from the iconic Brandenburg Gate. Choose an elegant room or spacious suite, swim in the inviting indoor pool and indulge in a treatment at SPA InterContinental. Entertain clients in style on a dedicated meeting floor or make an impression with a. Leading the Way in Transport Technology T Dispatch create cloud-based solutions for fleet management. The latest web technologies are used to offer dispatch system for taxi, private hire and passenger transport fleets worldwide. We have an Open API which allows us to integrate with any existing booking ... Simple art shopping ArtiFlix wants to bridge the gap between the art enthusiast and artist by allowing the artist to express himself, showing his work step by step through pictures or time lapse and eventually selling his work online at very low commission fees. It's as easy as setting ... Startup of the Day is a Berlin-based Tech Blog passioned about Startups and great ideas. Startup of the Day is a Berlin-based Tech Blog passioned about Startups. We don't care if your Startup belongs to the Web, Mobile, Energy, Hardware or any other sector, we just care about great ideas. Inspiration, Ideas and Innovation is what matters, that's ...

Deutschland Top-Standort für Immobilieninvestoren - WELTsygns: Nils Lehnert im Interview – The Frequent TravellerGlück auf! Digitale Aufbruchstimmung im RuhrgebietStart Hub in Moskau - Coworking International, die Serie

We provide Data Visualization solution Accelerating smart decisions through data experience design Unifying business intelligence (BI) and middleware, TimesTwentyFive has the ability to integrate and visualize massive amounts of unstructured data sets (Big Data) generated and processed by various sources ... Digital Health Company We’re bringing medicine online by building the first contact point to healthcare! Medlanes (Medlanes.com) is a digital health company located in Berlin, Germany that combines the convenience of the web- and mobile world with the quality and reliability of a doctor’s ... Human-powered translation automated for Social Media. Fliplingo connects everyone around the world by automating translations of social media posts. We translate and publish posts simultaneously in up to 30 languages with a high level of quality and speed. We aim for mid-size brands and businesses to be able to have ... the social network for payments Vision: elopay is the easiest way to send money to anyone instantly We're an independent social network for payments where users can make quick and secure payments to friends and family all over the world, and pay on-/offline merchants. Where are we currently? We ...

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