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Appetizers • Fish Recipes • Nigerian Snacks / Nigerian Fish Pie Recipe. By afrolems December 8, 2013 20 comments 20 comments on Nigerian Fish Pie Recipe and 2(girl). I dnt knw if its hard for them to chew or swallow wen it comes to food. I'll ask dem w@ dey wnt, n ll get it 4 dem. V tried asking dem b4 preparing anythg, v. Nigerian Meat Pie prepared with the classic recipe that gets everyone asking for more. Nigerian Meat Pie is a delicious snack, filled with vegetables (usually potatoes&carrots) and minced meat.This is one of the sought after snack in any festive gathering Thanks for this great lesson Nky,Please I would love to know;can meat pie be kept for more than a day without going bad?If yes,how.Asher Jocosl. When all the meat pies are folded, rub the whisked egg on the surface of the meat pies. The egg helps to give the meat pie a golden sheen, but this is optional.

Please ma my first attempt in making meatpie recently using the frying method but it the dough inside taste raw after frying pls what could be the causeb. Grease the oven tray that you’ll be using; do this by rubbing a little margarine inside the tray.  This helps to prevent the meat pies from burning. You can also make use of baking sheets.Yes, you can, but the Milk will not necessarily make it sweeter it will just make it richer in flavor.I tried d meat pie, I got d vegetable filling perfectly but d dough was kinda hard, i don't know what went wrong, please help, any idea? Nigerian Meat pie Recipe Meat pie is one of the things I look forward to eating when I go home, be it at tantalizers, Mr Bigs, Sweet Sensations or TFC the. Jobe Myra pastry. Jollof Reis Nigeria Food Cameroon Food Ghanaian Food West African Food West African Recipe Le Diner Caribbean Recipes Rice Dishes

Morning,thanks for the response, if I am making 8 cups of flour how many sticks of margine do I need and water?Bake it in the first or middle shelf so that the bottom doesnt get burnt before the top is fully baked.It’s not much of a surprise that the West African meat pie has a lot in common with the British pasty because of that where it originates from. Though over the years we (Nigerians) have found a way of making our own Pies to our taste.please ma, how can i make use of butter? because on the narations/directions is only margarine that was mentioned

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The Nigerian meat pies are delicious pastries filled with minced meat, potato and carrots. The pastry is slightly flaky and very rich in flavor, the filling is moist and very flavorful. These meat pies are popular in west Africa and Nigeria. If you haven't tasted the Nigerian meat pie you must try this recipe ASAP, they are the ultimate comfort food So i need 280g of butter/margarine? Doesn’t seem like that’s what you put,tried it and i had to throw the whole dough away cause it was just fat.

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  1. Fish pie is one of Nigeria's staple pastry. It's counterpart meat pie and chicken pie seems to making more waves than fish pie. I find Fish pie more simple to prepare and from my experience, mackerel fish is the best for this fish pie. INGREDIENTS. 1 big size mackerel fish. 1 medium size onion. 2 Scotch bonnet pepper. 1tsp salt. 1 seasoning.
  2. Thanks for you post. Please I want to find out if it is in the ordinary fridge or in the freezer. Again how can you preseve dough that you did not finish using. Thanks n God bless you for the good work you r doing.
  3. via iamforevernigerian.tumblr.com Two weeks ago, I was an African gathering and meat pie was one of the dishes served. I helped out even though I had never made it before, mostly with rolling and filling the dough with cooked ground beef, onions, and potatoes. Some people like to add carrots and/or green peas as well. Comparatively, it's most similar to an empanada. It's one of the more.

Nigerian Meat Pies This spicy, curry-flavored meat pie, a staple of Lagosian food culture, came about when a traditional Cornish pasty met the Nigerian spice palate. Get the recipe for Nigerian. Flour worktop and roll out dough until it is about 2mm thick. Cut circles in the dough and place 1 or 2 teaspoons of meat in the centre of the circle. Fold dough over making it into a semicircle. Moisten edges of dough circle and pinch sides together with a fork. Lightly brush tops of pies with the rest of the beaten egg

For the pastry. 4 1 ⁄ 2 cups (1 lb. 4 3/4 oz.) all-purpose flour, plus more ; 1 tsp. kosher salt 2 sticks chilled unsalted butter, cut into cubes 1 large egg, lightly beaten, for brushing For. Brown meat with onions and garlic in large deep nonstick skillet on medium heat; drain. Return meat mixture to skillet. Add chili sauce, dry seasonings and bay leaf; mix well Thank you Chef Lola! Because of food bloggers like yourself I can enjoy Nigerian treats like this where I am 🙂Makes about 15 meat pies if you're using a small cutter, but less if making use of a wider cutter to cut the rolled dough. 9. Beef mince - old school meat pies are made with beef mince but chunky style are more highly regarded for flavour and eating experience! Can't get the same browning with mince, hence why sauce flavour is not quite as good. To make super tasty beef mince meat pies - completely skip salt, use beef cube and dark soy instead (doesn't taste Asiany, adds flavour and colour to sauce otherwise it's.

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  1. Hi dear,The small peak milk evaporated milk can is about 170 grams, while the medium sized sweet corn(yellow maize) is about 34o grams
  2. No wahala Chris, corned beef is also a good filling for Nigerian meat pie and thanks for your feedback 🙂
  3. e, it taste great. My hubby and kids are enjoying it and want me to be baking every weekend. Thanks so much. Am so happy I learnt something new for lunch
  4. How to Make Chicken Pie [Video] How to Make Nigerian Meat Pie This Chicken Pie recipe was born out of my craving for Chicken Republic's Chicken Pie. So what do you do when you are craving for a particular food and you are far away from the outlet that makes and sells that food? You go into your kitchen and make some! And that's exactly what I did
  5. For another version of this recipe visit the Nigerian Meat Pie as a Dessert page. Click >> Different Shapes of Nigerian Meat Pie for how to get the heart, circular, star and other shapes of our delicious Nigerian Meat Pie. Nigerian Meat Pie Ingredients. The number of meat pies you will get depends on the diameter of the meat pie cutter you use
  6. Nigerian Meat Pie Dough: • 500 grams Plain Flour • 250 grams Margarine • 1 teaspoon Baking Powder (leveled) • 3/4 teaspoon(a big pinch) of Salt • about 75 ml Cool Water (or as needed to get a stiff dough)

Nigerian Meat Pie Recipe-Ingredients: For the pie dough-2.2 lb. all-purpose flour; 2 tsp. baking powder; 1.1 lb. margarine; 1 tsp. salt; 1/2 cup cold water; For the pie filling-2 medium-sized Irish potatoes; 2 medium-sized carrots; 500g (1.1 lbs) of minced meat (beef, goat, and lamb are favorites, although you could use chicken, for a less. I'm proud of you too sweetie, keep it up.You can send me your pics by email.Send it to Nigerianfoodtv@gmail.comI'll love to see them 🙂I am quite gud with making meat pie , however I still hv problems with underneath the meat pie. That is the part placed on the tray, it always comes out quite soft like it isn't done, while the top bit is ready and no matter hw long I leave the meat pie in, they always comes out the same.Do I need to turn this bottom bit up during baking? I use the normal baking tray , is there a particular tray that I need to use? Scotch Eggs are one of my favourite Nigerian snacks ever. My absolute best are Nigerian Chicken Pies, followed quite closely by Nigerian Meat Pies.I do realise Scotch eggs did not originate from Nigeria but they are so popular in Nigeria, one may as well class it as a Nigerian delicacy

Tanx! Mine came out great… Tough I used fresh meat…parboiled it with salt and pounded it…dey re diced!! TanxHow do I send d pix Place ground beef, Italian sausage, garlic and onion in skillet till meat is browned. Drain any excess grease. Add enough sauce to pan to make the meat moist, but NOT soupy or saucy Bake for 25 minutes in the preheated oven, or until the crust has browned. Serve by itself, or with a beef gravy.Yes please, you can use it but expect a very crumbly crust which will literally melt into your mouth. Best of success!

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  1. Chicken pie is one of our favourite dinner or festive dishes. Of course, as with all traditional dishes the world over, there are many slight variations, although the spices should be the same as given here. This recipe is about as close to the genuine old-fashioned one as possible, and although seasonings can be varied, subtle nutmeg and clove are non-negotiable
  2. Between, have you tried the Jamaican beef patties? They are so good. It has a lot in common with the Nigerian Meatpie, however, it has its own uniqueness.
  3. UPDATE: for most party meat pies, I add a bit of sugar, because most clients want the dough a bit sweet, but not too sweet. So if you are like that too, you can add about 1 tablespoonful of sugar to your dough, as  I explained below
  4. Nigerian Meat Pie recipe The Feedfeed - Food and drink Nigerian Meat pie is one of Nigeria's popular street snack and it's easy to make. Learn to make perfert Mr biggs meat pie recipe at home Nigerian meat pie - My Active Kitchen - Food: Veggie tables Nigerian meat pie - My Active Kitchen See mor

The Best Indian Meat Pies Recipes on Yummly | Baked Keema Samosas (indian-style Meat Pies), Meat Pies, Nigerian Meat Pie  Preparing ingredients for the Nigerian Meat pie : **Grind or mince the meat, if you haven’t done that yet.

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This is a delicious looking pie. i have subscribed, please send me notes on making a good meat-pie, puff puff, samosa.thank you.Hi NkyI'm an ardent follower and have used several of your recipes over the past 3-4 years.Its great what you do but it'll be also nice if you could indicate how many servings the recipes make. For instance how many pieces of meat pie from above recipe. Course it can't be an exact science but will be a good indication. Thanks and keep up the good work Hello Ms Lola, thank you for the recipes. I only have access to margarine here please wot quantities of margarine should I use. Thank you.Good day, Favour. I’m glad you like the recipe. Please come back with your feedback. Merry Christmas ❤️

Add the chili powder, cumin and 3/4 teaspoon salt and cook until the meat is no longer pink, 5 to 7 minutes. Add the tomato paste and 1/4 cup water and stir until combined. Mix in the cooked. Thanks for this wonderful recipe, I actually got it right following your recipe. Pls, can I add sugar to make it more tasty ? Then, I could taste the baking powder in the meat pie, why is it so ? Melt margarine in a saucepan over medium heat. Add potato and onion, and cook until the onion is tender, but not brown. Sprinkle the flour over the mixture, and stir to blend. Season with oregano, black pepper and garlic powder. Pour in the beef broth, and add the peas, carrot and beef. Bring to a boil. Transfer the mixture to a 2 quart.

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What I’ve learned so far with my Nigerian meat pie ingredients:

water, butter, salt, thyme, nutmeg, black pepper, carrots, sugar and 13 more. Tourtiere (Meat Pie) AllRecipes. ground pork, carrot, onion, deep dish pie crust, water, lean ground beef and 11 more. Pasties--A Meat Pie for Pi Day Farm Fresh Feasts. diced onion, carrots, steak seasoning, cheddar cheese, beef bouillon cube and 6 more Chicken Pie Recipe, Learn how to make Chicken Pie (absolutely delicious recipe of Chicken Pie ingredients and cooking method) Creamy chicken filling stuffed in dough and baked in a pie dish.. This Chicken Pie recipe is Excellent and find more Great recipes, tried & tested recipes from NDTV Food Hello again, I just finished making meat pie and mini sausage rolls with ur recipes and they were absolutely delicious! I'm so proud of myself as this is my first time making them lol. How do I send pics or post them here? I would like to show them off lolWhen I bake my meat pie it turns out good but when it get cold its so strong what will be the problem. I don’t put mine in the fridge could that be the problem?

In a skillet, cook beef and onion until meat is no longer pink; drain. Add the soups, potatoes, carrots, salt and pepper; mix well. Divide between two ungreased 9-in. pie plates. On a floured surface, roll pastry to fit the top of each pie; place over filling. Seal and flute edges; cut slits in top. Bake at 350° for 45-50 minutes or until. DIRECTIONS. Brown beef and pork. Add onions and Peppers and saute till onions are slightly browned. Add garlic and saute. Add all other ingredients except dough, and simmer till thickened African style empanadas - slightly sweet , flaky and crusty with a succulent filling. Course: Appetizer. Cuisine: African. Calories: 365 kcal. Author: AfricanBites. 4 cups flour (plus more for dusting) 2 Tablespoon sugar. ½ Tablespoon salt. 8 oz (228 gram) or 1 cup butter. 2 tablespoon canola oil. ½ pound ground meat. ½ medium onion chopped Nigerian Meat Pie is definitely one of the most popular Nigerian snacks, its delicious (if prepared well), rich and flavourful with a flaky pie crust. I mean it is that take to go snack, just have something to drink with it and that could literally hold your tummy

African Fish Roll (Fish pie) — a popular West African street food - specifically in Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana that is made with some sort of shortcut pastry filled with sardines and spices. These fried fish pies are crunchy, slightly sweet, spicy and oh so good!! Over the years I have tried several times to [ U can add egg if u want but not more than 2 eggs. The last time i did it I add 2 egg and after wraping it I use egg to robe on the top as a finishing touch up . Look so attractive and shiny. 1. You can use pre-made, refrigerated pie crust dough. A box with 2 sheets make 4 meat pies. After you cut out the first meat-pie shape, you have to wad the dough into a ball and re-roll out to finish. If you are making a lot of meat-pies, you can combine the scraps to make additional crusts. 2. Make sure your veggie mixture cools These individual pies are quick to prepare, packed with spicy sausage and butternut squash, then topped with a ready-rolled puff pastry lid. 1 hour and 5 mins. One-pot paneer curry pie. What's more comforting than a curry in pie form? This one-pot paneer pie is filled with a makhani-style filling and topped with a crisp puff pastry lid.. 4 cups of flour produced these 16 meat pies that when I started they asked why I put a pot of oil on the fire and I kindly explained that after my delicious Nigerian meat pie recipe got posted, some good people sent DMs asking if Nigerian meat pie can be fried and I said yes but that if not properly done, the filling too can get fried along and then it's like you eating just chaff

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Nigerian Meat Pie: This meat pie recipe is not just for Nigerians. People from all over the world love this meat pie, not just for the taste but for the perfect shape 1-Prepare the filling by browning your meat and spices for about 20mins till its tender. WHile it's cooking, set aside to cool down. 2-Once beef is cooked, add the diced cooked potatoes and heat for 5 minutes. (not too much potatoes). The main purpose is to aborb excesss liquid from the meat mixture, so that you don't end up with soggy meat pies How to Make Nigerian Meat Pie [Video] The Nigerian Meat Pie is a popular snack because it is tasty, moist and does not produce crumbs when it is being eaten, if it is well-prepared, that is. The recipe detailed here will help you make the best meat pie recipe. For another version of this recipe visit the Nigerian Meat Pie as a Dessert page

7 - Place meat stuffing in center of pastry circles. 8 - Fold over and seal using a fork. 9 - Bake on a lightly greased cookie sheet at 350 degrees for 35 minutes or until lightly browned Nigerian Meat pie is a delicious pastry filled with meaty-vegetabley yummyness. It is to us what beef patties are to the Jamaicans and Empanadas to the Mexicans, Spaniards and Portuguese. Some years back when I was visiting the US, my aunt ordered some meat pies from a caterer. She was full of praises for these meat pies. In her words, 'Chichi ! I use a meat pie cutter and after baking I.e when the meat pie has cooled it tend to be too thick, I tried to make the dough lighter but it still does not work out

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Thanks a million.I want to ask I'd there a way to add preservative to meat pie though or the filling because i saw someone selling some sort of meatpie with long lasting ability I'm guessing it's because of the preservative Yes Esther, you can add egg and one is okay for this meat pie recipe. Compliments of the season dearie.

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m.  Place the Meat pies in the preheated oven and leave to bake for 35 minutes Or until the meat pies are lightly browned. You can check it from time to time, if you are not sure of the temperature of your oven. The star of any meat pie recipe is obviously the meat, and we're making this Cajun classic recipe with ground beef, as per tradition. I used Panorama 93/7 lean ground beef because it cooks up quick and adds incredible flavor to a trinity of traditional South Louisiana veggies without weighing them down by extra fat

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Corn beef is usually salty and you won't get the authentic Nigerian meat pie if you use it, but if that's what you have, you only need to boil the carrots and potatoes,add curry, thyme. When fully done put off the heat and add the corn beef.Let me know how it turns out. Ghana style meat pies are mainly loved because of its rich shortcrust pastry and filling. Actually, most times the rich pastry is more desirable than the filling. In Ghana, meat pies are usually sold as street food snacks. Every one has their favourite vendor. People do actually travel at length just to buy their favourite pie from a particular vendor. This shows how we love our meat pies and. Oven-Roasted Sweet Potatoes - So simple, yet so delicious, these oven-roasted sweet potatoes make for a perfect snack or compliment to just about any meal. Quick and Easy Tomato Salad. Jan 27, 2020 By Lola Osinkolu Leave a Comment. Tomato Salad - made with ripe, juicy tomatoes, and crispy onions dressed with olive oil, vinegar, salt, and. How do i make my meat pie rise, because mine don't increase so much in size and it is affecting the price at the retail outlet. Make a spicy meat pie. Bring some heat to your meat pie with the addition of a few ingredients and seasonings. Try mincing 1 jalapeño chili and 2 garlic cloves for your filling. Add 4 tsp of curry powder, 1/2 tsp turmeric and 1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper. Use these seasonings when cooking your ground beef to create a delicious spicy meat pie

Nigerian Meat Pie, All Nigerian Recipes, Nigerian Food, Pie Recipes, Snack Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Snacks, Empanadas, Kitchens Denise Fortner Wood COOKING 1:0 Hi Chioma, if you can get a way of using very cold water and very cold margarine then you can skip the fridge.

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Hi Nky! Compliments of d season! Ur food blog is awesome and remains my no 1. Pls, can I add eggs when making my meatpie dough? If yes, how many will be ok for this recipe?If left on the table at room temperature it will stay good for 24 hrs, but in the fridge it will keep well for 3 to 7 days, but has to be heated up in the oven or microwave before eating.

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NIGERIAN MEAT-LESS PIE The Vegan Nigerian broccoli florets, whole wheat flour, salt, carrot, salt, almond milk and 11 more Baked Keema Samosas (Indian-Style Meat Pies) Holy Cow Hello Thabks for the recipe, can I use a microwave oven for the baking since I don't have an oven? Tnxa. Heat up the oil on medium heat. Then add the chopped onions and garlic (garlic is optional), stir fry a bit; add the minced meat to the pot and stir well till the minced meat looses its pink color.Hi, thank you for sharing your receipe. Pls can you give the measurement of the items in grams. Thank you

Meat and Potato Pie Recipe In Nigerian Style December 30, 2018 Cook 4 Comments Healthy filling snack , Meat and Potato Recipe , Meat pie , Recipe , snacks , step-by-step method Meat and potato pie recipe is a list of ingredients with a set of instructions on how to prepare a pie This is usually done with a filling of meat and potato and other. **Wash and scrape the carrots, peel the Irish potatoes, rinse these vegetables(carrot&potatoes) and cut into very tiny cubes.

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  1. Nigerian meat pie is perfect for any time of the year. Get all the ingredients for meat pie and follow the recipe, you will make the best snack in the world and make your family and friends happy. Meat pie recipe. The guide on how to make meat pie below is like the basic cooking recipe
  2. A savory combo of ground beef and lamb is tucked inside puff pastry and baked to make Reveillon Tourtiere. This savory pork pie is filled with cooked ground pork, sliced mushrooms, celery, fresh bread Natchitoches Meat Pies. A tradition in the historic Louisiana town made famous in 'Steel Magnolias,' these deep-fried French Tourtiere
  3. I'm glad you tried it before and it came out good.The flour and water mixture is supposed to make the filling stick together, not watery.You can transfer it back into the pot and let it cook a little longer, leave to cool completely before use.
  4. Tip: This flour mixture helps to bind the filling together and retain the moisture of the meat pie filling when baking. You can use cheese as an alternative or leave it out if you want to.
  5. Hi dear, hope you baked it at the right temperature, because high temperature can harden the dough, You can also check out this frequently asked questions for more reasons http://www.nigerianfoodtv.com/2012/11/nigerian-meat-pie-frequently-asked.html.
  6. Jamaican meat pies are very distinctive from the other meat pies like this African meat pie or the well-loved empanadas. It is yellowish due to the addition of turmeric. Turmeric is a spice that is mostly used for flavoring and also acts as a coloring agent. It gives off a mild fragrance slightly suggestive of orange and ginger. It is used to.
  7. Classic Nigerian food, just the way grandmas made them. Help us preserve the authenticity of Nigerian meals, no westernization, no photoshops, no pimping a.k.a over-presentation. Search for your favorite Nigerian food recipe on this website: enter the name of the meal in the box below and click the search button

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Hi, thanks for this recipe however am having a few challenges. 1. My dough tends to break while am trying to roll it flat with the rolling pin. I've added water and more flour at different intervals and that didn't seems to help.2. After baking the crust seems to taste a lil bitter and am wondering if this might be bacause of the salt or (lack of enough of it). ?Please advice. Many thanks. Meat Pie is a pie with a filling of meat and often other savory ingredients. Nigerian meat pie is similar to the Jamaican beef patty, meat pie can be baked or fried and the filling can be almost anything from corned beef to onions and tomatoes. I enjoy eating my own meat pie hot with soft drink or chilled Juice. Ingredients for Stuffin Close Necessary Always Enabled c. After 10 minutes, add the diced potatoes,carrots ,green peas if using and salt to taste; leave to cook until the vegetables are done.

Creamy spaghetti with 'mheat', mushrooms, green beans and red cabbage. Chickpea and vegan sausage curry. Cucumber noodles with avocado pepper sauce. Dodo and bean chilli. Eba and okra stew. Groundnut (peanut) stew. Iyan and egusi soup. Jollof surprise. Meatball curry (veggie) Ogi /Akamu /Pap. Pasta awo eweko. Pineapple + groundnut stir-fry Nigerian meat pie is one of the Nigerian recipes that bind us together as a country. I've not met a Nigerian that doesn't love Nigerian meat pie. I have experimented with different Nigerian meat pie recipes before I settled for the one I'm now faithful to, because the result is ahhmaaazing! Without much ado, let me introduce you to the. For the filling, can I make use of cornflour instead of the all-purpose flour? Cause I read cornflour is also used to thickening food ingredients as such. Preheat oven to 210°C. Heat oil in a pan over medium heat. Cook potato, carrot, onions and thyme for 5 minutes or until softened. Add beef and brown, stirring, for 5 minutes

I came across ur site snd this recipe 2wks b4 my daughter's birthday party. I wanted something yo entertain the few nigerian parents that'll stay behind. This meat pie was a winner and guess what it has now become part of my kids lunch pack. Every Monday Preheat oven to 400°. Line a 9-in. pie plate with bottom pastry; trim even with edge. Fill with meat mixture. Roll out remaining pastry to fit top of pie; place over filling. Trim, seal and flute edges. Cut slits in pastry. Cover edges loosely with foil. Bake 15 minutes. Remove foil. Reduce heat to 375°; bake 30-35 minutes or until crust is. West African Meat pie or the Nigerian Meat pie is light and slightly Flaky and it's stuffed with well seasoned Ground Beef (minced Beef), Potatoes and carrots. These Meat pies are a comfort to the soul and a delight to the palate. They can be eaten as breakfast, brunch, or as a snack

Nice job u re doing here. Am really glad I stumbled on ds. Pls, by mince meat, do u mean a grounded beef? Or the normal mincemeat sealed inside jars at supermarts? I really don't get it. Thanks Nigerian Meat Pie, Nigerian Food, Snack Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Snacks, Desserts, Nigerian Chin Chin Recipe, Cucumber Benefits Sherell Palmer Food to try Scrambled Egg Recipe Very Tast What a lovely presentation. I haven’t eating meat pie for like six years. But now I will definitely try making it myself. Thanks a lot.Nigerian Meat Pie Filling: • 300g of minced meat (ground beef) • 1 medium-sized onion or spring onions • Quarter teaspoon garlic powder or a little minced garlic clove(optional) • 3 medium-sized carrots • 2 medium-sized Irish potatoes • 1 cooking spoonful of Vegetable Oil • Seasoning of choice (but preferably bouillon cubes(Maggi / Knorr cubes), a teaspoon of thyme, a teaspoon of curry • 2 tablespoons of plain flour(to make a binder) • Cool water — 200ml(more or less) • Salt — to taste

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Pie Crust: Mix flour and shortening. Add salt and cold water. Add all the cold water at once and mix delicately. Form a ball and refrigerate for 2 hours. Once. Please log in again. The page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page.Pls if u melt d butter or magarine,won't it turn into oil and won't give wot u desire. Also can I put milk in d batter and pepper in d filling.Hi I’m Lola, I’m a wife, a mom and a classically trained home cook. I am a geologist by the books, an entrepreneur by career and a food blogger/vlogger…Read More Nigerian Snacks recipes include: Puff Puff, Nigerian Meat Pie, Chin Chin, Buns, Coconut Candy, Doughnuts, Fish Roll and many more. Nigerian snacks are either baked, deep-fried or roasted. You can prepare all the Nigerian snacks recipes on this page in the comfort of your home so what are you still waiting for

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Distribute the meat mixture into a 8 cm (approximately 3 inch) wide strip on a half of the dough lengthwise. Leave a 2 cm (approximately 1 inch) wide margin. Fold the dough over and press the edges firmly Thank you for this wonderful lecture ma’am. Please I will like to ask that, if I am making 60meat pies , how many KG of flour will I use ma? This Nigerian Meat Pie recipe is simply the Nigerian style meat pie but with Pork mince and bacon as the filling instead of the usual beef filling. 12 thoughts on Nigerian Meat Pie With Pork Mince and Bacon Bukola Bolarinwa. November 30, 2017 at 7:51 pm I tried it and they were super yummy

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Hi Kathryn, congrats on your upcoming marriage.You can leave out curry in almost all Nigerian recipes, but with Nigerian fried rice, curry is essential.Curry is actually a mixture of several spices, do you know which spice you are actually allergic to, here is a basic homemade curry recipe I'm so glad you enjoyed the recipe dear and do send me some pics to add you to the fan's wall of fame 🙂Love this recipe! i tried it last week and it turned out perfect, now i wanna make it today but i added too much flour&water mixture to the filing. The filing is watery and that is making it hard to close. What can i do to correct this? thanks

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I don't have an oven yet.Can i bake the meatpie with the baking without an oven method? if yes, how? thanksd. Add the margarine (you can melt the margarine, to make mixing easier) and mix thoroughly until the mixture looks more like bread crumbs or sifted garri. Assorted Meat Pepper Soup is a popular Nigerian soup recipe. It is prepared with a wide variety of meats but typically cow or goat parts. Assorted Meat Pepper soup is popularly served at bars, restaurants and parties and quite frankly, no party is ever complete with it on the menu Thank u for helping us, please, I need the recipes for bread and the type of doughnut that has white lining in between. Thanks. How to make Recipe for making rice flour fufu; my Nigerian pepper sauce; How to make pop corn in 5 minutes; How to make pizza without oven; Learn to make good zobo drink; How to bake meat pie without oven; import customised items from Aliexpress; How to make pap, ogi, akamu, corn starch from scratch; How to make your own coconut oil; Learn to.

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Grab the recipe and learn how to make Nigerian Meat Pie today Subscribe to Nigerian food channel for irresistible Nigerian Food Recipes, Nigerian soup recipes, Nigerian snack recipes and lots more. Nigerian food recipes are increasingly gaining global recognition and I am proud to be able to use this platform to share tasty Nigerian food. After it is fully done, put off the oven, and Let it sit in the hot oven until as crispy as you want it. Next, prepare the filling.: Melt margarine in a skillet over medium heat. Saute onion until soft and translucent. Stir in ground beef. Season with 1 teaspoon curry powder, thyme, 1 teaspoon salt, and pepper. Cook until beef is browned, stirring constantly. Stir in beef broth and bread crumbs. Simmer until liquid is absorbed. Remove from heat

Method: Create the filling by mixing the minced (ground) lamb, spice and seasoning. Make the pastry by sifting the flour and salt into a warm bowl. Make a well in the centre of the flour. Melt the. The Nigerian Meat Pie dough 1. 1 kg of flour should be put in a bowl, add 2 teaspoons of powder and 2 salt pinches. You don't really need to bother with a considerable measure of salt for the dough Am pbaby.tks for dis,pls can a mini oven do dis meatpie n which of d tray shud i use,tks i await ur reply Set the meat pie filling aside. Now is the time to prepare the dough for the meat pie. The dough. Put the 1 kg of flour in a sizeable bowl; add 2 teaspoons of baking powder and 2 pinches of salt. You really do not need a lot of salt for the meat pie dough. The meat pie will get most of its taste from the filling. Mix these dry ingredients very. Nigerian Meat pie Recipe. Meat pie is one of the things I look forward to eating when I go home, be it at tantalizers, Mr Bigs, Sweet Sensations or TFC the flavor profile is very similar. Crumbly exterior with meaty filling. The Nigerian Meatpie is comparable to Latin American Empanadas. The Filling Ingredients. 1.5 cups ground beef (minced meat

Ingredients needed for making meat pie.Meat( 4 Irish tbsp of stock tbsp of control medium size egg.how to make meat pie. Nigerian recipe for meat pie, signed by Dobby Cooking A Turkey Y'all know i love baking and i pride myself as a very good pastry chef right. And since Christmas is around the corner, there'd be lots o Great! Thanks so much, Faith for the awesome feedback. I’m so glad the recipe worked out well to your taste and I’m glad the Feud with your supplier is finally over 🙂j. Now rub the whisked egg, on the edges of the dough you are working with. In place of the egg, you can make use of flour & water mix. This will prevent the meat pie from bursting open while in the oven.I always use gravy, to make it stick together. I have a home made gravy recipe, and I tried it with this, and it was awesome. My problem has always been that, my meatpie don't look smooth and shiny like these ones here, don't know what to do.

Hi dear, the minced meat used here is the same as ground raw beef. You can make it yourself by grinding boneless beef in a dry mill (after cutting to smaller sizes). You can also use a meat grinder or mincer…hope this helps 🙂i do not have an oven yet.Can i use the bake without an oven method for this meatpie? if yes, how. thanks

Nigerian Meat Pie Recipe - Sisi Jemima

  1. Awesome! Glad you love it, Punchy! And thank you so much for sharing your success with me!!!. You get me wanting to make some this week. 🙂
  2. love this recipe, i tried it last week and it turned out perfect. Am trying to make it today but i think i added too much flour&water mixture to the filing, now its watery and that is making it hard to close. what can i do to correct this?
  3. s to allow the meat season thoroughly. Stir continuously

Easy Nigerian Meat Pie Recipe Perfectly Flaky NaijaBake

  1. Ingredients. 2 oz. Asian tamarind paste 2 slices square white sandwich bread 1 ⁄ 2 cup milk ; 2 tbsp. canola oil 2 lb. ground lamb shoulder 2 tbsp. unsalted butte
  2. Yes Yeni I know for sure that you can replace Olive Oil with Margarine but I sincerely can’t say the quantity required for the replacement – I’m still working on that but just incase you try it, I will like to know how it turns out.
  3. The classic recipe only incorporated potatoes and carrots as the main vegetables, but it is now very common to see Nigerian meat pie prepared with a variety of veggies, which includes, but not limited to carrots, potatoes, green peas, sweet corn, runner beans, chillies and as far as your creativity runs.
  4. ced meat, carrot, and potato filling with a sweet flavor, the pastry is slightly crunchy and tastes delicious and you don't want to miss it when offered
  5. e and it came out so well&delicious. I'd send my pic to your email now. Nice job ma'am.
  6. I tried ur doughnut recipe and it came out fabulous. My husband loved it, i made some for my friends and they loved it too. Thanks Nky. I'm going to try d meat pie right away.

Hi dear , if you followed the recipe as it is, without substitutions and also measuring the ingredients right, you won't encounter any of these problems. Nigerian Meat Pie Recipe Nigerian meat pies which are very similar to Jamaican b eef patties are considered snacks in Nigeria. The pies are traditionally filled with meat, carrots and potatoes b ut more vegeta b les can b e added c. Put the 500g of flour into a big bowl , add 1 tablespoonful of sugar(if using); add 1 teaspoon of baking powder and a big pinch of salt. Mix well. Nigerian meat pie if well done should be juicy, the shortcrust pastry will be buttery, flaky and should also melt in the mouth. If you've ever had Mr Biggs meat pie then you would understand my gist. The Meat pie filling (beef mince filling) has to be perfect as well as the shortcrust pastry otherwise it would be dry and chewy Hi dear, I saw those yummy looking meat pies, you sure did a great job Hun,keep it up, I'll share it on facebook for all to see 🙂

You oven is too hot or you are baking on the lower part of the oven, try reducing the temperature next time Stella . The african Chicken pie - Stuffed with Minced Chicken (Ground Chicken), Potatoes and Carrots. The Nigerian Chicken pie pastry is the same as the pastry used for the Nigerian Meat pie, the only difference is the stuffing.Though I have posted a recipe for the Nigerian Meat pie, I decided to make another video recipe for the Nigerian Chicken Pie because I wanted to answer some of the questions. Hi. Thanks for your recipe. Mine's in the oven right now. I have 2 issues. 1. Its been there for about an hour but not yet brown but at 170 degrees C.2. I had problems with my dough. It was cracking when i was kneading it but i managed to put it together. Now the meat pie tops are cracked open in the oven 🙁 Authentic Nigerian Meat Pie recipe, with easy, step-by-step instructions and resources to obtain traditional, often hard to find ingredients. The Accra Report started Recipe Tuesdays to showcase the culinary delights of the African continent h. With a circular shaped cutter, cut out some circles; You can make use of any clean object you have, to get your desired size (I made use of a bowl *wink* ). 

The West African Meatpie is an exotic snack that is made up of a pastry case with beef, Diced Potatoes, and diced Carrots filling. This wheat version provides a little healthier variation to the Meat pies I grew up with? Try these whole wheat Meat pie recipe. These pies have a rich nutty flavor    The Nigerian meat pie is often confused with Enpanadas; even though these two snacks have similar shapes, they differ a lot in the process, preparation and fillings used.No problem dearie, you can leave out the flour in the filling if you don't like the taste 🙂 and thanks for coming by Hun. Here's How I Make My Hearty Nigerian Meat Pies! Tender and Juicy Minced Beef and Chicken, Melt-In-Your-Mouth Veg...Wrapped In A Golden Buttery Pastry :) I'm very thorough and detailed in this. I’m sorry for the late reply Gloria. The Butter should be used together with the margarine as written in the list of ingredients. 140g butter and 140g Margarine.

Nigerian Meat Pie is a delicious  snack, filled with vegetables (usually potatoes&carrots) and minced meat. This is one of the sought after snack in any festive gathering.please I will like to know, a full peak milk cup is how many grammes precisely? and also that green pea/yellow maize can full will be approximately what gramm? I am having issues with converting these grammes into the conventional measuring bowls.thanks.Thanks Onyi, chili pepper is the normal hot pepper we use in Nigeria.For the quantity you are making you only need a pinch or baking powder and salt. , and yes you are right about the butter.

44 best images about Nigerian foodHow to Make Ghana Meat Pie/Fish Pie | DooviSisi Jemimah - Conquering Culinary Fears, One Recipe At AHome - Kamdora

Hi, I'm Nky-Lily Lete and welcome to my little space. Here I share easy, tasty and mouth-watering recipes-Yes you can. It will keep well in the fridge for 3 days but you'll have to pre-heat it in the microwave or oven before eating. I used the meat pie recipe but instead of minced beef I used chicken I minced myself. Admittedly, I meant to follow the chicken pie recipe but by error I kind of used a hybrid of the two, lol. Anyway, the filling was the same as the meat pie but with chicken and onions added. Turned out very flavorful! Your dough recipe was much easier to work with than the one I had been using other times I have made meat pies. Flaky but at the same time not too dry. They turned out delicious! Thanks for sharing 🙂Thank you for the recipe. ..Which part of the oven should i bake the pie #first shelf or the bottom and can i use corned beef in filling the pie? On Keto, The Nigerian Diet and Keto Meal plans. Moi Moi Rollup - Video. Jollof Spaghett Cook while stirring, until liquid has completely evaporated. Add spices and season to taste. Let cool. Press dough into 2 pie plates. Fill each crust with half the meat pie mixture. Moisten edges and cover with other crust

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