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Take your gun to the next level. Achieve ultimate reliability and performance. This service is the foundation of our shotguns. This service guarantees reliability with 3 dram equivalent shells. RELIABILITY - DURABILITY - LONGEVITY Competition Tuning of VEPR-12 includes: Properly tuned and profiled ALG trigger (AKT-EL) Dissident Arms Competition recoil assembly Profiled bolt and bolt carrier. Benelli M2 Field Compact 12 Ga Shotgun, 26, 3, Black Synthetic. Benelli 11017. The M2 Field is the workhorse of the Benelli semi-auto line. Light, nimble, but ruggedly built, the Benelli M2 is built around the ultra-reliable Inertia Driven bolt mechanism. The Inertia Driven system allows the M2..

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M2 Comfortech Compact. M2 Comfortech Camo. M2 Comfortech 20. M2 Comfortech 20 Compact The Knoxx web site states the following: What shotguns will it fit? The SpecOps Stock is available for Remington® 12 and 20 gauge 870 Series pump shotguns along with the 7615, 7400, 7500, 7600, 740, 750 and 760 series rifles; all 12 and 20 gauge Mossberg® 500, 590, 835 variants, and Maverick 88 models; and all 12 and 20 Gauge Winchester® 1300-1200 and FNH® standard Police Series pump. Η ιταλική εταιρία Benelli παρουσίασε τη νέα καραμπίνα M2 SP. Είναι το πρώτο εργοστασιακό λειόκανο όπλο της εταιρείας Benelli έτοιμο για σκοποβολή IPSC! Το νέο όπλο διαθέτει έναν υπερμεγέθη μοχλό οπλίσεως και αναστολέα. Nytt i vapenbunkern för IPSC & Sportskyttar. Benelli M2 S

Taran Tactical Innovations Carrier for Benelli M2 Shotguns. Benelli M2 Extended Carrier. This is one of the must-have upgrades for the Benelli M2. It enables the shooter to load their shotgun easier by using load-2 or load-2 methods. Read more about Benelli M2 upgrades here: Benelli M2 Upgrades and Modification Shotgun Accessories. QUICK VIEW. APC 3x3 Shotshell Carrier. Special: $55.00. QUICK VIEW. DMW Benelli M1/M2 Tube Extension - 12 Round. $120.00. QUICK VIEW. DMW Benelli M4 1-Piece Replacement Tube. $70.00. We specialize in products for the USPSA / IPSC shooting community along with recreational shooters. We stock and distribute products. Η ιταλική εταιρία Benelli παρουσίασε τη νέα καραμπίνα M2 SP την Πέμπτη 2 Μαρτίου στην έκθεση IWA 2017 στη Νυρεμβέργη. Είναι το πρώτο εργοστασιακό λειόκανο όπλο της εταιρείας Benelli έτοιμο.. Benelli M2 Firearms Transparent plastic IPSC Scoring Overlay. Perfect for pocket or wallet Price €1.63 - €1.63 Tax excl

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  1. DMW Benelli Magazine Tube Extensions Great Thought and care went into these tubes to make them the strongest available. These Benelli Extension tubes are available in four lengths. 7-rd (8 OAL), 8-rd (11 OAL), 9-rd (13OAL), and 10-rd (15 1/2 OAL) extensions. They are designed to fit both M1 and M2 models. Each tube includes a black end.
  2. One of the most popular shotguns in 3-Gun is the Benelli M2. This four-shot 12 gauge is popular because it has relentless reliability due to the gun's inertia-operated action. The 21-inch-barreled Performance Shop model is set up with an oversized bolt release, an extended, tactical-style bolt handle and a HiViz fiber-optic sight. The carrier.
  3. Benelli's popular Performance Shop M2 3-Gun shotgun sports a large loading port for greater efficiency when quad loading, an XS express rear sight for slug accuracy, and a port caddy for a spare shell. Benelli's M2 has a stellar reputation as the shotgun of choice for serious 3-gun competitors. Available in 12-gauge only, accepts shells to 3.
  4. Benelli's M2 semiautomatic shotgun is legendary for rugged reliability you can count on in the most adverse of circumstances and conditions. The M2 Field shotgun is light, durable, fast-handling and the backbone of the Benelli semi-auto line. It cycles everything from target loads to the heaviest 3-inch magnums, and has earned a reputation.

Benelli M2: $1500; Browning A5: $1500; Rifles for 3-Gun in Canada. AR15 Setup for Tac Ops division. AR15 setup for Limited. AR-15. Done. It's restricted, but so is your pistol. If you want a rifle that is going to serve as a hunting/bush rifle as well as a competition rifle, you're going to need to pay a lot more. The AR-15 is clearly the. Such information can be found in the official rules, just Google search the term: IPSC Shotgun Rules. Basic Upgrades of Standard and Standard-Manual Shotguns for Practical Shooting LSX Benelli M2 Carbon Magazine Extension Tube. Magazine Extension. The first thing you need to get is the magazine extension Looking for TONI SYSTEM LAM2T Oversized Charging Handle - Benelli M1/M2/M3, 27mm Tactical - Toni System products? We have all TONI SYSTEM LAM2T Oversized Charging Handle - Benelli M1/M2/M3, 27mm Tactical - Toni System in stock with best prices and Worldwide delivery I'm honestly not sure what to expect this gun to cycle though, some say their benelli cycles everything, even skeet loads. Another gun I just started looking at was the Benelli M2 Practical, it's 1950 euros vs. 2070 for no M4 so no big difference in price here as there is in america. It also comes with ghost ring sights

Benelli Performance Shop M2 3 Gun Edition 24 Barrel Comfortech Stock. Benelli 11022. Inertia Driven (R) System Over-sized bolt release Extended tactical-style bolt handle Modified carrier and enlarged loading port for speed loading HIVIZ Competition Sight An Inertia-Driven (R) System shotgun is.. Toni System Shotgun Magazine Extension Tube quantity Benelli M1-M2, Benelli M3, Benelli M4, Benelli NOVA/SUPERNOVA, Beretta 1301/ TX4 Storm/ XTREMA, Franchi 612-912 / Prestige, Franchi Affinity, Winchester SX3/SX4/X2, Winchester SXP. Lengths En genomgång av Benellis IPSC-modell m2 Speed Performance. The 5 Calibers to Claim the Most Powerful Handgun in the World Title [Re-Upload] - Duration: 12:35. Go Big Bore Or Go Home 1,022,316 view The Arredondo Speedloader Funnel Assist is a fast and secure accessory for Tec Loader setup. Remove seconds from your reloads and insure positive seating of your Tec Loader Tubes. ( Note that the Benelli M2 Speed Funnel will also fit the Benelli M4. M2 Funnel Assist Pictured ) Note ELITE Series DAm2 The DAm2 ELITE is a true competition grade shotgun built using the Benelli m2. Nothing is held back in this all inclusive offering. This is an exclusive product from DA, and joint venture with Briley Manufacturing. PREMIUM Features Included New Benelli m2 Action Tuning Panel Cut Carrier Articulated Shell Latch!! EZ Lever Bolt Release (choose color) Carbon Magazine Extension.

The sport of Practical shotgun has been around since the 1980s (nobody can agree on exactly when) but it saw a considerable growth when competitors... Benelli M2, Reviews, Standard Division Guns. Taran Tactical Innovations Benelli M2. Practical-Shotgun.com. Iain Corrigan from Rossendale Rapid Fire finds out all about the premium quality. Light, nimble, but ruggedly built, the M2 is built around the ultra-reliable Inertia Driven bolt mechanism. The Inertia Driven system allows the M2 to digest nearly any 12 gauge cartridge, from 2-3/4 target loads to the heaviest 3 magnums. Benelli engineers have also adapted the ComforTech recoil system for the M2


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  1. Re: Review for Benelli Vinci (it jammed on me) by njonesy_07 » Wed Jan 20, 2010 10:40 pm Alot of 'those' $1000 guns are 3 1/2 guns, so in order for them to cycle the whole range of 12ga. rounds they need longer break in time, although alot of them will do just fine right out of the box
  2. Benelli M1-M2 (5) Benelli M3 (5) Benelli M4 (5) Benelli NOVA/SUPERNOVA (5) Beretta (3) Beretta 1301/ TX4 Storm/ XTREMA (4) Franchi 612-912 / Prestige (4) Franchi Affinity (4) Winchester SX3/SX4/X2 (3) Winchester SXP (4
  3. Congratulations go to Team Benelli 3-Gun Shooter, KurtMiller, who took top honors winning the world championship in Senior Standard Semi-auto Division at the International Practical Shooting.
  4. Load 2-4 Basic drill practise. Great Britain Modified Team, IPSC Shotgun World Shoot III - stage 19, 20,23 & 24 - Duration: 4:45. David j Ashcroft, Competitive Shooter & Film Maker 2,173 view
  5. Buy now: BENELLI Pump Action Shotgun Mod. SuperNova IPSC 12/89 LL 66cm (9+1) for €1,239.00 at Triebel Onlineshop (EU

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Тази година на IWA от Benelli представиха модела M2 SP (Speed Performance). Оръжието е разработено заедно с Kim Leppanen и е предназначено най- вече за IPSC Shotgun стандартна дивизия и 3-Gun състезания Our custom Benelli M2 shotgun has the most titles in the 3-Gun Circuit. Every enhancement is perfectly tuned to give you the edge over the competition. Thousands of hours of experience and knowledge are forged into each Benelli we customize. Perfection Rifle. Crafted from quality manufacturers in the industry such as VLTOR, BCM, and PRI. Every. In Standard Division, Rob Romero fought hard against top Italian IPSC shooter Roberto Vezolli to take a well-deserved 2nd place, while James Casanova successfully ran his Benelli M2 to a close 3rd.

Ive been shooting USPSA pistol matches for a number of years now, but I think I would like to try 3-gun IPSC. I have a POF P415 CQB .223 rifle and 5 30-round PMAGS that I think will work out quite well for a rifle. I also have a Benelli M2 with an 18.5 barrel and a Nordic Components +5 extension. I used a TTI Glock 34 pistol, 24″ TTI Benelli M2 Shotgun and a 16″ TTI TR-1 Ultimate rifle. All my pistol ammo was reloaded 9mm with 124gr Berry's Bullets while my rifle was ASYM Ammo 55gr Range Training ammunition hello. Im new to this forum. I just bought an M2 practical shotgun but I would like to transfer the comfortech stock to my old M1S90. will it fit? I just discovered that my barrels for the M1 dont fit the M2 Would appreciate any advice. Thanks Rau I went to check accuracy in my new Benelli M2 26 with slugs, and found that they were all shooting consistently left. I was using an IPSC cardboard target and aiming for a dot I drew right in the middle of it. With Remington Sluggers: 25 Yards - 6 high, and on the left A/C line 50 Yards - height.

I've decided I would like to try 3-gun IPSC. I already have the Benelli M2 with an 18.5 barrel and a Nordic Components +5 extension tube (8 in the tube + 1 in the chamber). No doubt about it - this is a nice shotgun! I've got $1200 invested in this gun, but I have not been able to find speed-loaders for it Benelli launched the IPSC focused M2 SP at IWA and it's a beast. Comes out the box with a 10 shot tube , extended controls, extended chokes and a flip up rear sight. Port is cut from the factory but most guys are going to cut it more. Designed with input from Standard Manual World Champion Kim Leppanen (who incedently is one of the nicest people I've ever met)this thing is going to be a he'll.

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13/05/2018 - Explora o álbum IPSC SHOTGUN do(a) helderf no Pinterest. Consulta mais ideias sobre Armas, Armas de fogo e Espingardas Benelli M2 Entry As the name implies, the Benelli M2 Entry was designed for tactical teams that need the power and speed of a reliable, 12-gauge, semi-auto shotgun. 2 of 10 Benelli M2 Entry The shotgun comes with low-profile rifle sights, and the author painted the front sight yellow IPSC Officials; What Is IROA? IROA List; IROA Application; Ken Norman Award; IROA Academy; IPSC Matches; Calendar; Register Match Online; WinMSS Program; Match Ratings; Course of Fire Objectives; Reference Notes; Results; Submit Match Results; Submit Post Match Report; President's Medals; IPSC Champions; Regional Status; World Records. A Benelli M2 Field with a 21 barrel. I've added a done a little work on it: Nordic Components +9 tube Briley extended choke - Benelli doesn't make the choke I use most of the time. Extended easily recognised. Hi Viz TriViz fiber front sight - Benelli sight is too small for quick aquisition. Stippled the foreguard and grip - More aggressive grip

Benelli M2 SP. Art.-Nr. BeschreibungBeschreibung: Gemeinsam mit dem amtierenden Weltmeister Kim Leppänen entwickelten die Benelli Ingenieure die M2 SP, speziell für das taktische und praktische Flintenschiessen . Den nya varianten av Benelli m2 är framtagen i samarbete med IPSC världsmästaren Kim Läppenen RAFFAELLO ETHOS 20. M2 Speed Performance. 2015 has just begun but Benelli's calendar is already full of exciting events dedicated to Benelli fans and discerning gun shops. The Las Vegas exhibition is the first and most.. Benelli M2 Firearms Eric Grauffel is the only IPSC shooter in the world who won 7 world titles in a row in multiple division. See more. Rifle . €275.00. JP-15 Cal.223 To Order this products, please... €2,529.17 €2,804.17 - €2,529.17 Tax excl

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Benelli Supernova Action Bars Modification. Benelli M1/M2/M4/M104, Mossberg 500C/930, Winchester 1300. New CDM Gear MOD-C Light Clamp is an enhanced version of the good old MOD-C Clamp which I used for a year and a half. It was with me during all the competitions and tests the Benelli Practical model is fun as heck to shootback in 98 my friend bought one it just felt and shot better than any of the other shotgunyou know those rem 1187s 0r wichester autos,the Benelli Practical is a very well thought out gunthat gun has such sweet factory oversize controls plus a host of other standard features that it makes the gun a joy to shootplus its mag extension.

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I bought by Benelli M2 about 9 months ago. It started giving me endless Issues about 3 weeks ago, where as the bolt locks back at the rear, with the lifter still in the downwards position, and a shell on top of the lifter. (Please note- Mag tube NOT empty yet, and still a few shells inside) The Next step for the bolt should be to move forward into battery He has been shooting and winning IPSC competitions across Europe since 2001. Mika's guns of choice include a JP CTR-02 .223 with a Spuhr-mounted Swarovski Z6i and secondary sight Aimpoint H2 and matching .22 LR practice rifle and a Benelli M2 Suitability: 3 Gun, Tactical Shotgun, IPSC Shotgun Features: Allow 4 weeks delivery Benelli M2 Choice of barrel length (26 recommended for 3 Gun) Port opened to accommodate load 2 and load 4 (quad loading) Lifter welded, lengthened and polished for easy loading and to prevent Benelli M2 thumb Trigger Job XS Rear Sight HiViz Front Sight Oversized Controls Nordic Components Charging Handle H/O. The Benelli Performance Shop M2 3-Gun Edition intertia-powered 12-gauge shotgun that has been designed specifically for tactical competitions in mind and is guaranteed to be comfortable, reliable, and easy to handle. Editor's Choice. Benelli Performance Shop M2 3-Gun Edition. Prices accurate at time of writing. 2300 at Cabela's Η ιταλική εταιρία Benelli παρουσίασε τη νέα καραμπίνα M2 SP. Είναι το πρώτο εργοστασιακό λειόκανο όπλο της εταιρείας Benelli έτοιμο για σκοποβολή IPSC! Τ

Benelli M2 Comfort φτιαγμένη για το άθλημα της πρακτικής σκοποβολής (IPSC) . Kάνη 61cm. Εχει όλα τα απαιτούμενα έξτρα για την συμμετοχή στις κατηγορίες standard και modified We are often asked for advice about the best choke for buckshot, the truth is that it has to be decided by testing and the results will vary between guns and chokes, here is the method we employed while developing the practical-shotgun.com team's 8 ball buffered buckshot. The gun in the tests is a Benelli M2 with a 28″ barrel and the chokes.

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  1. 57-301021 - Toni System / TONI SYSTEM BNM254 Shotgun Rib for Benelli M1-M2, rib version, barrel 540mm - Shotgun rib for Benelli M1/M2, with rib version, cali..
  2. (Benelli M2 24 Field) After frustratingly selling a turkshit weatherby shotgun I purchased as my first shotgun, because I couldnt hit shit with it due to bad fitment and it just disintegrating. I didnt even shoot shotguns for 3-4 years, and only stuck to rifles and pistols
  3. PREMIUM Series KS-12 Included Features: KOMP12 FEATURES New Kalashnikov USA KS-12 18.25 Barrel w/ External Threading DA Competition Tuning (SPEED & RELIABILITY) DA 12.5 MOD2 M-Lok Handguard DA AR Stock Conversion Magpul CTR Magpul AK+ Grip DA Extended Ambi Mag Release DA Extended IPSC Style Safety DA Polymer Magwell DA Ultra Low Optic Base ULOB DA Phoenix Compensator Zinc Phosphate.
  4. DISCONTINUED Bike Discontinued in Aug, 2018 Taran Tactical Innovations Benelli M2. March 7, 2017. 3,618 views. Iain Corrigan from Rossendale Rapid Fire finds out all about the premium quality Standard Division gun tuned by Tara Tactical Innovations from a Benelli M2 We forgive you for thinking that the bike in the pictures is a Ducati Diavel
  5. ipsc shooting ONE SHOT - ONE HIT. Register. Home; Blog. Guns and Equipment; Practical Shooting; Shooting Trainin
  6. An Inertia-Driven ® System shotgun is clean, reliable, and adjustment-free. Benelli cryogenically treats barrels and choke tubes to increase pattern density. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Extended Crio ® Chokes C, IC, M, IM, F and wrench. The stock drop and cast is user-adjustable. Changing shims using this included kit.
  7. The Benelli M2 Field is the workhorse of the semi-auto Benelli shotguns, with the speed of a thoroughbred. Light, nimble, but ruggedly built, the M2 12-gauge shotgun and 20-gauge shotgun are built around the ultra-reliable Inertia Driven® bolt..

Description: This is a benelli m2 tactical 12 Ga shotgun for ipsc competitions. It has an extra Al's custom shop barrel with a ported choke. original barrel has a scope mount. It comes with 2 speed loaders each with 5 round capacity. It also comes with a 5 round side mount ammo holder IPSC/3-GUN Competition; Competition Shotgun; Benelli M1. Benelli M2. Benelli SBE. Stoeger. Weight: 2.5 lbs: Reviews There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review Benelli M1,M2, SBE, Stoeger Jumbo Safety Cancel reply. Your rating. Benelli M2 Tactical. The M2 Tactical shotgun is the lightweight shotgun of choice when the job demands reliability. The M2 Tactical is ideal for home defense, security needs, or multi-gun competition. It is the workhorse of the semi-auto Benelli shotguns, with the speed of a thoroughbred

Beretta 1301, Franchi, Winchester SX3, Benelli M1-M2, Benelli M3, Benelli M4, Benelli NOVA/SUPERNOVA, Winchester SXP. Related products. GM Disconnector 1911 & 201 Benelli M2: A Gun Test with the 12-Gauge Speed Demon While pump-action shotguns have ruled the law enforcement roost for decades, the Benelli M2 Tactical is sure to turn heads with an Inertia Driven system that takes semi-auto speed and reliability to a whole new level of CQB performance Le Benelli M2 SP assume clairement son orientation sportive. On l'utilisera dans des disciplines telles que l'IPSC ou le 3-gun, où le chronomètre est aussi important que la précision en cible. Il excellera grâce à son fonctionnement particulièrement fluide, son poids contenu et son centre de gravité particulièrement bien placé qui. Νέα καραμπίνα Benelli M2 SP για σκοποβολή IPSC!.VIDEO από iHunt Team 3 Αυγούστου, 2017 από iHunt Team 3 Αυγούστου, 201

The M2 Speed Performance IPSC model was recently launched to further strengthen the company's presence. In addition, the search for talented Benelli shooters from all over Europe, who are among the best in their home country as well as in international IPSC competitions, was started this year, with the birth of the Be Team The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) was established to promote, maintain, improve and advance the sport of IPSC shooting, to safeguard its principles and to regulate its conduct worldwide in order to cultivate the safe, recreational use of firearms by persons of good character. Weapons: Benelli super nova, Benelli M2. Shotgun 57 products. Home > Gun Parts > 3 Gun Parts/Accesories > Shotgun. Shotshell Holder (31) Shotgun 3Gun Accessories (26) Top Sellers. MatchSaverZ Taran Tactical Oversized Benelli M2/M1 Ultimate Safety. Taran Tactical Innovations. BNLI-SFT0. More Info. $29.99. In Stock. Blade-Tech Small TMMS Female Outer w/ Hardware. Blade-Tech. M4 is gas operated, M2 is recoil. You may run into problems with pistol grip M2 cycling light bird shot loads with recoil action. I witnessed this at High Plains (Kurt Miller's shotgun match) a couple years ago. Benny Hill was the RO. The shooter before me was having problems with his gun not cycling Receive the latest offers & news from Beretta Australia. Sign Up. © Beretta australia 2020. Website by 360sout

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  1. Benelli M2 IPSC, lefthand / Linkshandwaffe, 12/76: Factory new in original case. The Benelli M2 IPSC is a ready to race shotgun for left hand shooters, customised by the Benelli Performance Center. Überarbeitet auf maximale Effektivität und Funktionalität für Wettkampfschützen. - High magazine capacity 8 + 1 rds
  2. - Duration:.
  3. 57-301251 - Toni System / TONI SYSTEM LAM2 Oversized Charging Handle - Benelli M1/M2/M3, 34mm, Sport - TONI SYSTEM LAM2 Oversized Charging Handle for Benelli..

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GBR - IPSC; GBR - NRA; NIR - IPSC. RULES. IPSC Rules; NRA Rules. Contact. Previous Taran Tactical Innovations Benelli M2. Next Benelli launch new M2 SP at IWA in Nurmberg. Benelli M2, Beretta 1301, Modification Loading port modification. March 7, 2017. 11,820 views. 4 min read She enjoys multiple shooting disciplines and participates in USPSA, IPSC-style shotgun and 3-Gun competitions. Dakota was honored to represent the USA shooting her Benelli M2 at the IPSC Shotgun World Shoot in Châteauroux, France in June 2018. She is looking forward to a successful 3-Gun season with many matches already on the calendar for. The StageBerner is injection molded and holds two rare earth magnets. It attaches to the trigger guard with two sided tape or a screw. A version for the Benelli M2 goes on sale 7/4/17 for $59.95 go to www.StageBerner.com for more information Benelli Dynamic Shooters. 49,798 likes · 825 talking about this. Promoting the discipline of dynamic shooting by photo and video of Be Team and Benelli Shooters all around the world

Benelli M2 Field Rifled Slug Semi-Auto Shotgun 11089, 20 Gauge, 24 , 3 Chmbr, APG HD Stock, Adj Rifle Sight, w... $ 1,499 .00 MPN : 11089 UPC : 65035011089 Benelli ; J-Kenny Auto loading lifter Sign in to follow this . Followers 2. J-Kenny Auto loading lifter. Ran mine in an ipsc lv3 this weekend, saved my bacon a couple of times due to some poor shot placement We are very close. Note, I have an M4 which has small differences from the M2 trigger group IPSC Competition; Long Range; Used Guns; Women's Guns; Youth Guns; Movie & Game Guns. Movie Guns; Benelli M2 Field 20G 26 Semi Auto Left Hand. $1,449.00 $1,299.00. Very Low Stock. The M2 Field shotgun is light, ruggedly built, and fast handling..

m2 SP. Benelli Dynamic Shooters. 1.6K views · March 19. 1:01 2K views · January 7. Related Pages See All. Benelli 828 U Over&Under Shotgun. 2,514 Followers · Product/Service. Military 1st. 1,993,370 Followers · Outdoor Equipment Store Hunter & Fishing. 773,086 Followers · Magazine. Maria Gushchina - IPSC shooter. 3,573 Followers. I doubt you could get the Benelli M1/M2 inertia recoil system to function with a mag full of shells rubbing on the bottom of the bolt carrier. Too much friction. Also, you would need a stronger recoil spring to strip the shell from the magazine, which is in total conflict with the design of the Benelli system The Benelli M2 is universally recognized as one of the most reliable and effective shotguns available for use in all types of action and tactical shooting sports. Hayes Custom Guns team shooters use the M2 extensively, and through years of competition we have developed a comprehensive group of modifications which optimize the M2 for fast and.

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Contact Phone: +33 981 639 355 (Atelier / Réparation / Vente Arme ) +33 981 627 777 (Commande Internet / Livraison - Retour ) Email: customer@ericgrauffel.co Benelli M2 21 12/76 - Kurr . I received my TTI Benelli M2 last Monday. Took it to the range on Wednesday but didn't get to shoot it much due to heavy rain. My TTI Benelli M2 works flawlessly and looks great too. Slugs are spot on, and my quad load speed and accuracy habe improved too ; Brownells is your source for Benelli M2 Parts at Brownells This an exact replacement for the front sight on Benelli M1, M2, and Super Black Eagles. The fiperoptic section of the sight in my M2 had been broken off for and aft. The new piece replaced the old in fifteen seconds by screwing out the old, then screwing in the new En savoir plus sur Fusil IPSC semi-automatique BENELLI M2 Practical Comfortech cal.12/76. Longueur totale: 1200 mm Poids: 3.2 kg Dédié aux amateurs enthousiastes de tir sportif qui exigent les meilleurs résultats en matière de précision et de vitesse de tir, le M2 comporte un système de visée Ghost Ring, une carcasse comportant des trous filetés pour fixation d'un rail, et un tube.

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