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The coil should not get hot or even warm in normal use but in the case of a fault I am not sure what sort of current these coils would take to overheat and catch fire. Ostatní - Pragotron bazar. Vybírejte z 31 inzerátů. Prodejte snadno a rychle na Bazoši. Přes půl milionů uživatelů za den. Najděte co potřebujete ve Vaší kategorii 001.mp3 to 012.mp3 are the hour chimes including the 4th qtr Westminster chime, 013.mp3 is the 1st Qtr chime, 014.mp3 is the 2nd Qtr chime and 015.mp3 is the 3rd Qtr chime.If you are using a low power PSU from a reliable source then it will prob shut down itself well before any high currents are output to the clock.

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Although they work perfectly well and keep reasonable time these quartz modified clocks lose their original look and feel as they now tick once a second and no longer have the animated step forward of the hands and soft "clunk" sound once every minute. The time-lapse animation below speeded up 180 times shows the retard count decreasing to 0 as an hour of current time passes.

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                    Pragotron Slave Clock Posted on May 21, 2016 by nivagswerdna Whenever I am really busy it seems I get distracted, maybe a failing, I guess, but it always makes life interesting Old Pragotron Fabrikuhr bürouhr Wall Clock Indoor Bauhaus Style Wood 80er 201612. £61.14. From Germany. £15.72 postage. or Best Offer. G891*) Vintage Pragotron 1836 1971 Clock Watch tie lapel stick pin badge. £4.99. £1.30 postage. Vintage Industrial 70s Factory Wall Clock PRAGOTRON Nationwide Eagle I3. £12.08

driving higher voltage movements and or sounding chimes at very high volumes then current draw will go up. As can be seen from the table below normally with the display off, the clock not stepping and not chiming the clock will draw 59mA. This is optional and is only required is you want to feed many DCF77 clocks from 1 DCF77 signal and is mounted on the main vero board.This clock circuit uses an Atmega 328 microprocessor to drive Pragotron type clock movements from a 5 volt supply. The Arduino Code is based on my Master Clock code and has been completely re-written for Udo Klein's V3 library by Peter Hillyer. Peter has added code for a 2.2" TFT SPI display and sound via a JQ6500 sound module controlled over the serial port.This module has a built-in 5v power supply, when the driving voltage is 7v-35v, this supply is suitable for power supply DO NOT input voltage to +5v supply interface, however leading out 5v for external use is available. When ENA enable IN1 IN2 control OUT1 OUT2 When ENB enable IN3 IN4 control OUT3 OUT4If you want to use a prebuilt Arduino you will probably have to do a small modification to the board.

and the command  to play a specific file (0x012) has two arguments (folder number and file number) so it looks like thisTo get to the old movement to remove it place the clock on it's face on a soft cloth to protect it from damage.Play/Stop 1 way non locking press On Press to play current sample on sound module Press again to stop playing C 401 Clock from Pragotron, 1980s for €330.00 (5/7/2020). Shop with global insured delivery at Pamono. - Original industrial wall clock Pragotron type C 401 produced in the 1980s - Clock is equipped with a rather minimalist clock dial secured with glass - Frame is made from grey metal plate - The clock has a new machine powered by one AA batter PRAGOTRON Factory Clock / Railway Station Clock / School Clock / Hospital Clock / Police Station Clock - an old original wall clock from the 60s and 70s Czechoslovak . BEAUTIFUL - IMPRESSIVE - VINTAGE. LARGE VERSION ! 19 inch average / 50 cm

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  1. ELEKTROČAS s.r.o. Podkovářská 800/6 190 00 PRAHA 9  : +420 266 311 085  info@elektrocas.cz Vedení společnosti: Pavel Štefan  : +420 284 818 996  : +420 607 643 838  stefan@elektrocas.cz Obchodní oddělení: Malančuk Vladimír  : +420 284 810 429  : +420 603 749 527  : +420 266 311 172
  2. The configuration of modules in my particular circuit requires approximately 300mA to run at max power. This is with a 24v movement connected and chimes at a volume loud enough for a single room without disturbing other rooms in the house.  If you are
  3. I have many clocks synchronised to the DCF77 "atomic" clock in Germany. via a DCF77 aerial and receiver circuit. Each clock requires it's own DCF77 signal so rather than having a separate DCF77 aerial and receiver circuit for each clock I have just one and feed the 3.3v output into my DCF77 Repeater/Multiplier circuit.
  4. Brown Industrial Office Wall Clock from Pragotron, 1970sDark Grey Industrial Wall Clock From Pragotron, 1960sBy PragotronLocated in Mratin, CZThese Pragotron wall clock was made in former Czechoslovakia during the 1960s. It Features a dark grey metal frame, iron dial and clear glass cover. The piece has been converted into...CategoryMid-20th Century Czech Industrial Pragotron ClocksMaterialsIron
  5. Inzerát Pragotron - Elektročas - píchačky - karty v okrese Kolín, cena 25Kč, od retromanie-shop na Sbazar.cz. Popis: Závody ŠKODA automobilka cena za kus pošta 60 ,- platba přede

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Quartz accuracy and Quartz frequency. The quartz crystal is only used when the DCF77 signal is lost and while the clock is in sync the quartz crystal in continuously "tuned" to the highly accurate DF77 signal. This row will show the actual "tuned" frequency of the quartz crystal along with the accuracy in Htz with 1Htz being the best. But Did You Check eBay? Check Out Top Brands On eBay. Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This Is The New eBay. Find Great Deals Now

Here is one slave movement I bought some days ago. It is made in Czechoslovakia by Pragotron, probably 40-50 years ago. It is well made, without plastic parts. I'll use it on my system on 12V, and it is for 24V, so I had to reconnect wires. Coils were connected in series, now they are in parallel connection. As you can see, movement is very simple Pragotron P 27. Vintage Pragotron industrial interior wall clock made of bakelite. The face is concave and made of aluminium & the glass cover is convex. Designed and made in Czechoslovakia in 1960s. Converted to Read more. Specifications: Dimensions: L 6 x W 31 x H 31 cm Weight: 1,5 kg Item N o: 20013 . Price: 230 € Payment & Delivery.

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  1. ute.
  2. ute drive movements removed and replaced by quartz movements. This is because they were designed to be driven off a Master Clock from a 12v to 60v supply and pulsed once per
  3. Industrieuhr / Wanduhr / Fabrikuhr von PRAGOTRON, Modell, C 301, Baureihe: 1984 -1995. Guter Originalzustand. Altersbedingte Gebrauchsspuren. Das Uhrwerk wurde durch ein batteriebetriebenes ersetzt

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  1. 0x52 Get the name of the current file on the SD Card.  Response ASCII characters.  Note that this will return a name even if the file is not playing, even if a file from the on board memory is playing, even if the SD Card has been removed !  Its also not really the file name, it lacks the file extenstion separator for a start (.), and is probably 8[nodot]3 max length.
  2. Battery backup is provided by 3 x 1.5v Alkaline batteries and will keep the clock running without chimes during power cuts.
  3. Driving the Pragotron PS100 24v movement from a 5v Arduino microprocessor. I have started a few experiments and using a step up voltage converter and an Arduino H bridge DC stepper motor module I am able to drive the movement from 5volts

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Removing the old quartz movement To get to the old movement to remove it place the clock on it's face on a soft cloth to protect it from damage, see picture below. Remove four bolts highlighted by yellow arrows and take out the four L shaped brackets and single hanging bracket on the top. Carefully remove the dial with the quartz movement attached from the clock case. This row will show the actual "tuned" frequency of the quartz crystal along with the accuracy in Htz with 1Htz being the best.

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PRAGOTRON Factory Clock . Czechoslovakian . 1960's / 1970's. 34cm x 34cm, Price: £139 GBP SOLD. This Factory Clock was manufactured by Pragotron in Prague, the capital city of the repressed yet enigmatic Soviet Satellite, Czechoslovakia in the 60's or 70's This is used for all hour chimming except for the last chime where the long sample lasting 9 seconds is played. The long sample plays the full chime ringing out and fading away to nothing as a real clock would.This circuit enables the original movement to be used, powered from an Arduino Microprocessor from 5 volts and has a modular design to keep the design simple and build time short.

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There are four inputs and four outputs on the module. The input voltage of 5v is set by the voltage on HV connector and the output voltage of 3.3v is set by the voltage on the LV connector. Both Gnd connectors are connected to Gnd.Full Westminster Chimes including volume are controlled by the Arduino and played through a JQ6500 sound module and chimes can be set to  On, Off and timed.

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0x12 Play file by folder and name, 2 Arguments.  This applies to SD Card only where you have folders named 01 through 99, and files in those folders named 001.mp3 through 999.mp3.  Argument 1 = folder number, Argument 2 = file number.  Note that arguments are a single byte, so effectively I think you can only access up to file 255.mp3 in any folder.In the animation above the Minute hand shaft, attached cog and rotor drive cog have been removed for clarity. Pragotron black and white clocks, which are an integral part of the Czech public space, can be found at the stations, schools and other public buildings. It is an exterior model with a contrasting wide-angle dial so that the time can be read even from a distance. The Pragotron clock is characterized by its simple design, the classic numeric dial is abstracted to the distinctive five-minute.

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Pragotron The Pragotron clock company in the former Czechoslovakia produced clocks that were mainly used in Czechoslovakia, Poland, and other eastern bloc countries. Most clocks in the schools, offices, airports, factories, and train stations in eastern bloc countries were manufactured by Pragotron If the chime is set then every 15 minutes for a few seconds as the Westminster Chime quarters are sounded the current will rise to 64mA to 174mA (depending on set volume).

Elektronické mateční hodiny EMH 1. GENERÁTOR MINUTOVÝCH IMPULSŮ - HLAVNÍ HODINY-MASTER CLOCK PRAGOTRON-HAUPTUHR PRAGOTRON. Elektronické mateční hodiny EMH 1 slouží k řízení linky podružných hodin PRAGOTRON pomocí minutových impulsů.S jejich pomocí lze řídit známé hodiny z nádraží,ze škol,z nemocnic nebo je s nimi možné řídit i klasické píchačky,které. To correct the clock for summer time (advance by 1 hour) just press the advance button on the main control panel. The Pragotron clock will start to advance and the display will show "BST advance count" and will count down as the clock advances an hour.

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The Pragotron clock company in the former Czechoslovakia produced clocks that were mainly used in Czechoslovakia, Poland, and other eastern bloc countries. Most clocks in the schools, offices, airports, factories, and train stations in eastern bloc countries were manufactured by Pragotron. The clocks were originally designed to be Slave clocks. The top L shaped bracket has the hanging bracket slid down next to it before the fixing bolt is tightened up.

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Typ podružných hodin Pragotron IPJ 0612, síť 220 V, IMP 24 V, 0,35 W. Možnost přestavby na přímé připojení Pragotron Raritní industriální hodiny Pragotron s arabskými číslicemi A level converter is used between the Arduino and some of the TFT display pins as they require 3.3v. See schematic for details.

Download Flip board Typeface Maker Video Templates by footag. Subscribe to Envato Elements for unlimited Video Templates downloads for a single monthly fee. Subscribe and Download now Arduino DCF77 Master Wall Clock: Arduino Master Wall Clock.Time displayed on large 1 (26mm) 7 segment displays with secondary 4x20 LCD information display. The clock can be used stand alone or provides the following pulses to drive slave clocks 1 sec alternating, 30 sec, 1 min ,.. Summer/Winter time is also automatically adjusted by one of my Pragotron Master Clocks on the BSTin (D7 Nano) pin. A manual switch can be added instead if quick summer/winter time change is required

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Large Industrial Bakelite Factory Wall Clock from Pragotron, 1960sBeige Industrial Bakelite Wall Clock From Pragotron, 1970sBy PragotronLocated in Mratin, CZThis wall clock was produced by Pragotron in former Czechoslovakia during the 1970s. The piece features a beige bakelite frame, aluminium dial and clear glass cover. The piece has be...CategoryLate 20th Century Czech Industrial Pragotron ClocksMaterialsGlass, Bakelite Reply 2 years ago

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Once the case is apart you find the movement is split in two.Picture 3 shows the hour drive cog and shaft with adjustment cog along with the drive coil, rotor, stator and connector terminals. As each minute passes the Retard count will decrease by 1 until it reaches 0 when the Pragotron Clock will restart and the TFT display reverts to normal . The clock will be exactly 1 hour retarded.I searched for an equal solution to control my Pragotron clocks. Just realised it by using an Arduino Nano, H-Bridge, RTC, StepDownModule, 7-Seg and Kepad. As I don't have to save space, I took everyting into a rack.Sounds are sampled from handbells. Each individual note for each quarter is mixed on Audacity on seperate tracks and saved as a sound file for loading into the sound board.

Details of the clock chiming the quarters and hour can be seen by viewing the enclosed video (picture 8). Round 1960's 'Pragotron' Office Wall Clock. Mint condition. The Clock is refitted with a new battery-operated JUNGHANS movement. Ø 30 T 5cm. Inquire to Jools or Vince. V roku 1994 po rozdelení ČSFR založili bývalí pracovníci š.p. Pragotron Praha prevádzka Bratislava združenie Elektročas - Elektroservis, aby zabezpečili servis pre zariadenia inštalované v SR a zároveň zúročili svoje dlhoročné praktické skúsenosti v oblasti elektročasomernej techniky Industrieuhr / Wanduhr / Fabrikuhr von PRAGOTRON, Modell: PV 30, Baureihe: 1980-84 Jahre. Material: Bakelit, Glas. Farbe: Gehäuse: Schwarz-Braun (typischer. Max current of upto 300mA is drawn on the hour for 0.5 seconds as the clock advances 1 minute and chimes out the hours.

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Na snímku výše vidíme nejčastějšího (vyráběny byly od poloviny sedmdesátých let do počátku let devadesátých) interiérového zástupce, hranaté hodiny typu PRAGOTRON C 30. Pod nimi jsou hodiny tzv. stylové, určené do reprezentativních prostor (třeba do kanceláře soudruha ředitele a podobně), typ PRAGOTRON PPH 413n I start by placing the larger components like IC sockets and header strips on the board first. I tack these in place with a bit of solder on the top and bottom connectors. Once I am happy these are correct I cut any tracks between IC sockets then solder them in place along with the headers. If you are driving higher voltage movements and or sounding chimes at very high volumes then current draw will go up. An original Czech Factory clock manufactured by Pragotron in the 1950's. The clock has a curved circular brown Bakelite body casing and slightly convex glass face. The Pragotron clock has been restored with a quartz motor and original hands have been retained. Size Diameter 50 cm Depth 11cm W

TheJQ6500 MP3 is a hardware decoder and can use MP3 and WMV files. The software supports TF card driver, spi flash update on the computer, and FAT16, FAT32 file system. Through simple serial commands, it can execute sound files. Sound files and volume can also be played using hardware switches. L298N as main chip Low heat,outstanding anti-interference performance. High working power to 46v,large current can reach 3A MAX and continue current is 2A, power to 25w. Can drive one 2-phase stepper motor, one 4-phase stepper motor or two DC motors. Built-in 78M05,get power from drive power,however, when drive power over 12V, please use the external 5v power as power supply. Large capacity filter capacitance,afterflow protection diode, more stable and reliable. Specification: Double H bridge drive Chip: L298N (ST NEW) Logical voltage: 5V Drive voltage: 5V-35V Logical current: 0mA-36mA Drive current: 2A(MAX single bridge) Max power: 25W Size:43 x 43 x 26mm(LxWxH) Note: This module has a built-in 5v power supply, when the driving voltage is 7v-35v, this supply is suitable for power supply DO NOT input voltage to +5v supply interface, however leading out 5v for external use is available. When ENA enable IN1 IN2 control OUT1 OUT2 When ENB enable IN3 IN4 control OUT3 OUT4

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The fuse wire (slate white) is connected in series to one of the brown coil wires near the terminal block. Split flap display module made by Pragotron. Recorded with Barcus Berry contact mic and pair of Schoeps CMC6U+MK21 into Siemens V276 mic pres and Lavry Blue converters. The contact mic gave some nice weight to the sound. It was quite a catch, because it's very hard to find working module to record Industrial Pragotron Wall Clock, former Czechoslovakia 1970s. € 135. Leather Table Clock by NUFA. € 1350. Signed brutalist standing clock, 1970s. € 950. Paico Sunburst metal wall clock, 1960s. € 185. Vintage clock, 1970s. € 60. Vintage Russian Majak clock. € 220 / piece

What is Pragotron Bar up to? Find news, complete overview for May 2020 on GoOut The 24 volt 1 minute pulse is then removed also removing the stator magnetic field. The rotor stays where is was and it has now turned 1 full revolution ready for the whole process to repeat from the start: above. below left 49cm Pragotron PJ42 mounted on a wall with the backlight controller mounted underneath                     below & right 44cm Pragotron C401 mounted in the other end of the same roomWith a finger holding the hour shaft in place from the outside gently press the two parts together and with a bit of wiggling they should click into place. Seconds lost or gained. This will show the number of times the clock has been out of sync with the DCF77 clock and auto corrected for more and less than 1 second.

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Udo's DCF77 library code is very very complex but in very basic terms it locks onto the DCF77 frequency using a phased-locked loop and once locked it will actually predict what the DCF77 code should contain and then look for snippets of this code in a very noisy signal. As things like the date do not change that often his code can look for this data in the signal to help it stay locked on!Carefully remove the dial with the quartz movement attached from the clock case. The dial is very thin and is easily bent if handled incorrectly. First remove the minute hand by undoing the brass grub screw under the minute hand holding it to the minute shaft. See red arrow.

Pragotron terminal with portable terminal reader Its an outdated technology that never got replaced due to the lack of resources and it is used every where throughout the city of Funeralopolis. You need a portable reader to operate the terminal as it does not have any kind of display or navigation controls built in 6 vintage design items produced by Pragotron are currently offered for sale by 2 vintage design dealers.. Requires Udo Klein's V3 library https://blog.blinkenlight.net/2015/08/01/dcf77-library-release-3-0-0/With the stator coil non energised  the stators have no magnetic field and the rotor will be stationary in it's last energised position.

When the 1 minute pulse of 24volts is applied with an opposite polarity to the previous pulse the stators become magnetised with their North and South matching the rotor poles. The rotor is then forced around clockwise and stops with it's North and South poles opposite the North and South poles of the stator. Czech 1960's Bakelite Office / Factory Clocks By Pragotron $197.05 Early 1900s Hand Painted Glass Pub Signs $171.62 Early 1900s Hand Painted Glass Pub Signs $171.62 Early 1900s Hand Painted Glass Pub Signs $171.62 Early 1900s Hand Painted Glass Pub Signs $146.20 1960s Eastern Bloc Caged Pendants $222.48 Vintage 1970s East German Veb Leuchtenbau Large Theatre Spotlight $1,207.73 Herbert Terry. Picture 1 shows the old resonator and resistor position and then the connections of the new capacitors and quartz crystal on the Arduino UNO board.

Pragotron split-flap displays at train stations‎ (2 C) Media in category Pragotron split-flap displays The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total. Háje, bývalá tabule odjezdů autobusů (01).jpg 3,264 × 2,448; 682 KB <p>Factory or railway clock produced by Pragotron in the 1960s. Kept in its original good condition, fully functional. Has a battery operated quartz controlled drive.</p>

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The stator is then energised with it's poles reversed matching the polarity of the stationary rotor.I have connected ENB to my Arduino as I am using output 2. Whenever ENB is set to 5v from the Arduino whatever 5v voltage polarity set on IN3 & IN4 pins Denně více než 30 000 prodaných položek a každou vteřinu nové nabídky. U nás nakoupíte nebo prodáte, co potřebujete! Postaráme se o bezpečné a pohodlné obchodování

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