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I stayed at a camping site in the hill, overlooking the city of Oslo. Okay, I know, it’s to cold in winter for camping but there are a few hotels around the hill side as well.At the moment, Craft beer is very trendy around Europe. And Copenhagen is certainly a hot spot for this. Try to visit a craft beer tour, even if you are not that into beer itself. It is really interesting.The Keizersgracht or Emperor’s Canal is the widest canal in Amsterdam. Over a hundred feet wide, the canal is lined by five hundred-year-old buildings which, although they may have been converted into luxury apartments, still maintain their original facades.i planned – 24 to 29 italy , 29 to 2 jan paris, and 2 to 7 iceland.: Sounds like a solid plan and itinerary! Make sure you pack warm clothing, especially for Iceland! For Italy, remember to pre-book the Colosseum in Rome and Vatican Museum! You can find our guide here: 3 days in Rome.

There is tons to do in Bremen. If you are interested in culture, Bremen is home of two UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Town Hall – known as the Rathaus – and the Roland Statue. We also have some great museums like the Überseemusueam.While we were in Brussels to see a friend, we considered the option to make a day trip to another town. We’ve already been in northern Belgium, so on the“Warmer” will be for sure Barcelona, Lisbon, Canary Islands, Malta, Cyprus. The mountains anywhere will be covered in snow though.Back to your question: If you want a lovely train ride, go with Barcelona. You can also take gorgeous train rides around the Alps in Switzerland and in France from Lyon to Avignon for instance.

At winter times you can still expect sunny but cold weather, super tasty food and south Spanish culture to fall in love with. Top 25 Medieval Cities in Europe: The Middle Ages may have been a time of change and turmoil in Europe, but it is also where we got much of our modern-day folklore. Everything from knights in shining armor, grand castles, royal courts, and even Braveheart have been used to create amazing fairy tales Road Trip: Europe A Classic Hidden Object Game invites you on the trip of a lifetime. Explore beautiful locations spanning the entirety of Europe as you hunt for hidden objects. Hidden Object enthusiasts will rejoice with over 1,700 objects to locate across multiple game modes. Take a proper European holiday as you explore the open road and. Opened to the public in 1965, only 10% of the underground city is accessible for visitors. Unique to Derinkuyu is the cruciform church located between the third and fourth level and the barrel-vaulted ceiling.

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Sibiu, RomaniaA fusion of Romanian, German and Hungarian cultures, the city of Sibiu—just across the Cibin River in Romania—is a beautiful portrayal of architecture that dates back to the Middle Ages. A cyclist-friendly city, Sibiu can easily be explored by bicycle as well as on foot. Spend a few hours meandering around the old town and revel in the beauty of the ancient architecture (said to be constructed by German settlers back in the late Middle Ages). Don’t miss the Citadel of Sibiu—one of the best fortified citadels in Europe, which remains very well preserved.Stockholm is surrounded and basically build on water. It is the same story as Venice, yet it’s not that touristy.No question about it, Amsterdam is very well-connected within Europe and the world. There are numerous of cheap flights here, so this would be my best recommendation.Lednice Park is part of the Lednice-Valtice World Heritage Area in the eastern Czech Republic. While these days the area is located in the Czech Republic, right next to the border with Austria, up until WWII it was the principal residence of the House of Liechtenstein. These days they rule and live in the microstate of Liechtenstein, a good 700km to the west. When the Nazi regime invaded the area in 1939, the family fled. After the war was over, the then Communist government of Czechoslovakia weren’t interested in restoring the lands and castle to their previous aristocratic owners, meaning it ended up belonging to the state and open to the general public.It is already known that Austria is a very beautiful country. It worth visiting for its history, rich culture and beautiful nature. In addition to the well-known places in Austria, such as Vienna, Hallstatt, Innsbruck, and Salzburg, there are others that are well worth discovering.

Why Go? Most Greek monuments are either ruins or at some stage of falling into disrepair. Maintained to a pristine, impeccable level, Oia is a Greek rarity. Go there and you’ll see Greece at its impeccable best.Of course, a lack of tourists is only part of Minsk’s appeal. Thanks to a weird fascination with the Soviet Union and dystopian books & movies, I’ve never visited a city where I’ve found a more interesting architectural palette than Minsk. You’ll often hear writers describe Minsk as a “Soviet time capsule,” and as you uncover the Socialist architecture spread throughout the city—from the Orwellian buildings of Independence Square to the realist military monuments of Victory Square—it’s easy to see the comparison.

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In so many incredible European cities, there is an abundance of great events happening that offer such unique and unforgettable experiences. March is also an ideal time to visit Europe because there are far fewer tourists, the weather is often very pleasant, and you can discover some really affordable flight and hotel prices The largest city in the Baltics, Riga was one of my travel surprises recently. Despite the many stag/hen parties, it felt like a downsized and quieter version of Prague to me. The Old Town (Vecriga) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasting medieval and art-noveau buildings, vibrant bars, and colorful alleys.Speaking of architecture, don't miss the House of The Blackheads, built as a frat. Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia (the country) is one of my favorite underrated destinations in Europe, even though it is getting more and more popular every year! There are so many things to do in Tbilisi, including quirky and unusual places to see, and not just the usual combo of museums/monuments/churches – for example, did you know that in Tbilisi you can taste wine made from the ‘original recipe’ dating over 7000 years? You can also enjoy hot sulphur baths even at night, and party in some really cool techno clubs, including one in a Soviet swimming pool!Why Go? The Charles Bridge is stunningly Gothic. The thirty odd statues of saints you’ll come across when you walk over the bridge are a serious must see. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else it Europe. It is completely unique.

Although it was freezing outside, I visited the SPA. It has an indoor and outdoor area. You can be outside with a lot of things to do. And you can jump inside into the warm when it’s getting to cold.It will depend on where you arrive. You will be arriving in London, Paris? I would plan it from there. For sure I would add a Christmas market destination, one in Portugal or Spain and then Florence. Brussels? The christmas market would be the only exception to travel there…not a huge fan otherwise, sorry Brussels! 20 Best Cities to Visit in Eastern Europe. Travel Guides. Europe. Eastern Europe has some of the most beautiful cities in Europe and in the world. Whether old historic centres, dynamic and hectic modern cities or flashy resorts, Eastern Europe has something to fascinate everyone. Founded in the 10th century, this is the perfect destination.

There’s this castle in Romania which is called the Hunyad Castle. Its Gothic style, its beautiful details rate it next to other hidden gems in Europe. If ever wanting to visit Romania, besides Dracula’s Castle and Peles Castle you must also visit the Hunyad Castle and its surroundings. It has a great history and it is said that even Vlad the Impaler was held here as a prisoner by John Hunyadi.When people think of the islands of Scotland The Isle of Skye is usually the first and usually the only island they know. I, though, love the Isle of Arran. Situated further south, within easy reach, if you are arriving in Glasgow with a direct rail link to Adrossan so you can board the ferry, Arran is nicknamed “Scotland in miniature”. Andalusia is one of the most beautiful regions of Spain. Seville, Malaga, Cordoba, Cadiz are perfect for a gastronomic, cultural or relaxing city break or an afternoon on the beautiful beaches of Nerja or for a visit to the Spanish Wild West, the Tabernas desert in Almeria (ranked among the best film locations in Europe).But Andalusia is also full of beauties and hidden treasures for those. There are places well known for their unique charm, quirky architecture and chic vibes like London, Amsterdam, and Paris. But there are tons of hidden gems in Europe that just wait to be explored. Discover a fine selection of the best secret places in Europe that are incredibly attractive and worth a visit

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Thanks so much for your words above! Super helpful! My husband and I are studying in Finland from mid August through to mid January. We have time after our study to travel but it has been hard to understand where to go/where not to go in Europe during Winter! Will definitely be checking these out.The waters you’ll find are some of the warmest and saltiest in Europe. That makes it a wonderful place to swim and relax during the hot summer months. The food is delicious as well, with a focus on fresh seafood. Albanian food is also influenced by Greece, its neighbor to the south, which you’ll see by its delicious Greek salads, gyros, stuffed grape leaves, and more.The Blue Lagoon on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula is the world’s most picturesque spa. The cloudy azure waters of the man-made lagoon are heated by an underground volcanic lava field and loaded with therapeutic minerals which are reputed to aid the healing of skin problems.

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Some amazing options here! I really want to visit Amsterdam this summer! I will be in the UK – would you recommend flying or getting the train? I don’t know which option is better for us on a budget?!Keep in mind, December it will be cold in that area, so be prepared and bring proper winter clothing. EUROPE. Hidden gems in Europe: 30 secret towns and cities to visit. Fancy a short break but done Paris and Barcelona to death? Try these beautiful, lesser-known towns and cities instead My recommendation? Fly into a cheaper destination like Prague, Frankfurt/ Hahn and such. From there you can take the train around Germany, including Munich, Schloss Neuschwanstein.

Websites to use for planning your Europe trip: There is many useful websites and apps to use. I wrote up a summary of the best websites to use to travel Europe.if you fancy a beautiful train ride, I recommend you to go to Barcelona. Take a train along the coast to Tarragona or Sitges. If you want to visit another city, then take the train ride along the coast from Barcelona to Valencia – BEAUTIFUL! This way you can visit both cities; I love them both personally. That being said, March is not the best months to visit Spain, simply because weather is around 10-15 degrees. Not exactly beach weather. It is dry, so there should not be a lot of rain, but obviously I prefer Spain in summer 🙂

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10 of the best alternative city breaks in Europe City breaks If you're after a fresh spin on the city break look beyond the usual big names for more cool culture and great sights Three hours south of Prague, in the corner of the Czech Republic, near the nexus of the Austrian and German borders, the small city of Cesky Krumlov is not on the stag weekend circuit, but with its great nightlife, it could be. Eggenberg, the locally-brewed beer, is both brilliant and cheap, and fine fuel for a night out, which should definitely starting with a full hour of free (!) beer, wine and vodka at Hospoda 99. I hope they’ll inspire you to break out of your comfort zone, create incredible memories and grab life with both hands too.

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But my favourite area in Syros has to be the fortress-like Ano Syros, the original settlement in the island. Getting lost in its alleyways feels like going back in time to a world where yiayias sit outside their front doors watching the world go by. A world that forces you to slow down, take in your surroundings and live the moment.Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world, but there is a region there that receives much less attention from travellers than it would deserve. We’re talking about Teruel Province, situated in the Northeast of the country. The lack of tourists is quite surprising if we consider the concentration of beautiful villages and interesting landscapes we can find there.The impressive Neuschwanstein Castle perches on a hill and overlooks the Hohenschwangau valley in SW Bavaria. It is one of the best castles in Germany. Built as a king’s folly in the mid to late nineteenth century its internal plumbing and heating systems were a major leap forward in the technology of the times.Stockholm: FREEZING!!! Can be gorgeous with the christmas markets and your mom will lost likely LOVE the ABBA Museum! That is pure fun! A friend once said “If you don’t come out the ABBA Museum with a smile, you don’t have a heart!”Why Go? If you’re going to spoil yourself with a spa treatment then do it in the best. The Blue Lagoon is definitely that. It can work out quite pricey for a quick dip so if you’re traveling on a budget, check out these cheaper alternatives to the Blue Lagoon instead.

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  1. Pintxos are small portions, normally served on a stick or skewer. And, there is a science to enjoying pintxos in San Sebastian. A San Sebastian pintxos tour is one of the best ways to learn about this unique dining city. Even if traveling independently, it’s a lot of fun to try a few pintxos at a bar and then hop to the next bar. The goal is to visit several of them in one night. This is a different way of eating and is a must-visit destination in Europe.
  2. There are no major department stores here, just mom and pop shops and corner markets. Cars are not allowed in the city center, so it’s best to walk or rent an ATV to get around. The island boasts one of the biggest cave systems in Greece, as well as a famous campground and even a nude beach. It’s the perfect place to get away and let it all hang out-literally!
  3. I would also plan a stop for a day in Ghent! I LOVE this city, totally unsurprising and a European gem still! I would even say you should stay in Ghent and go to Bruges only for a day trip. Ghent has much less tourists and an active nightlife. Might be fun with your son. Oh, and there is this bar in Ghent where you drink out of a giant glass and you have to leave a shoe as a deposit (too many people stole the amazing glass!). The bar’s name is Dulle Griet.

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  1. Enjoy warm weather, long beaches and amazing Spanish culture. considering Spain in winter? Then read our guide to one week in Spain here.
  2. The areas I love the most in Corsica are the cliffs: the pink Calanques dePiana plunging 200m into the sea (a UNESCO Heritage site) and the white limestone cliffs in the South, with the Citadel of Bonifacio standing just on the edge of them. Nature is magnificent!
  3. Here is a short video of Star Wards with Plaza de Espana. Once you walk along here, you will recognize it, no doubt.
  4. g of a European getaway? Check out these 10 secret places in Europe that are still affordable, just do it before their tourism booms hit
  5. no specific reason, really. The Austrian Alps are amazing as well. I have just been more to the Swiss and French Alps. Maybe that’s why I mention them more. 🙂 I also LOVE Andorra for Skiing!
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The best spot to do so is the French and Swiss Alps. In Europe we say, “Skiing the big four: France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy”.Mons, BelgiumCrowned the European Capital of Culture for 2015, Mons is home to three UNESCO World Heritage masterpieces—the Belfry, the Neolithic Mines in Spiennes and the Dou Dou. Despite having lesser fame than Brussels, Bruges and Ghent, this city has a mix of stunning civil, religious and military buildings. Van Gogh also spent a good part of his life residing in the city of Mons, and his former house is open for visitors to explore.Amsterdam is one of my absolute favorite destinations in the world. It goes the same category as Barcelona, Venice and other worldwide spots.

The city of Pilsen, in the western part of the country, is home to Pilsen Historical Underground, a 12.5 mile long labyrinth of passageways, cellars and wells built below the city streets in the 14th century. These cellars once served as storage space for food and barrels of beer and, some say, as an escape route in case of an attack. Legend has it that there is treasure buried within the cellar walls, although looting is discouraged.Beijing’s underground city, Dixia Cheng, was built in the 1970s to serve as a shelter during invasions, bombings and nuclear attacks. The lengthy network of tunnels, often referred to as the Underground Great Wall, included almost 100 hidden entrances and, reportedly, were built with complete services such as schools, hospitals, and sleeping halls in case citizens needed to seek refuge for a longer period of time. Fortunately there never was an occasion for this massive underground shelter to fulfil its intended purpose, and in 2000 the place was opened to the public. A tour only includes a small circular stretch of the complex, but is still attracting travelers from around the world. Dixia Cheng has been under renovations since 2008 and therefore closed for visitors, but make sure you put it on your bucket list to check out when it reopens at an indefinite date in the future.One of Rovaniemi’s claims to fame is that is is the official home of Christmas and there’s plenty of seasonal joy to experience year-round! A highlight has to be visiting Santa Park Arctic World, which is a Christmas theme park where you can meet the real Santa Claus, attend and graduate from Elf school, take a spin on the magic train, visit the Ice Princess in her ice cave at minus ten degrees Celsius and post a letter from Santa’s official post office.

You can also go for skiing in the Pyrenees. There you can choose between the French Pyrenees, the Spanish ones or Andorra.Why Go? Hidden behind the raging stream of water which is the Seljalandsfoss Waterfall is a cave. Accessible by foot, the cave gives you a unique viewpoint to observe the waterfall in all its force and to get some amazing photographs – rainbows included. You can’t do that anywhere else in Europe. Certainly among Europe's most famous holiday islands, Mallorca is not far from Ibiza in the Balearics, and it remains a good place to search for bargains even in high season. There are well over 1,000 hotels on the island in all categories, so there's certainly no shortage of posh and expensive resorts, but plenty of good mid-range places as well Why Go? Visit the Cliffs of Moher and you’ll be able to say you’ve stood on the edge of, if not the world, then at least Ireland. There’s always the option of adjourning to the pub after to sample a pint or two of Guinness. Any more persuasion needed?

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Some parts of Europe just get all the lovin'. But while Paris and London may see upward of 40 million tourists a year, there are a lot of other cool places across the continent that rival both. You can also take a ferry to the Canary Islands, BUT: it takes around 1 1/2 days just to get there. Unless you want to bring a vehicle and stay long-term, it is not really an option.

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The only “con” of this room? The bathroom is downstairs. I did not care a bit. It’s worth it the view!As for accommodation, check out my big detailed guide on where to stay in London for first-time visitors. Are you an explorer at heart who likes to seek out the unknown, hidden spots when you travel? Then read on for our list of the best unknown places in the world!. The best way to discover secret places is through locals and exploring on your own. At eDreams, we have over 50 nationalities in the office so we've asked around and gathered the very best tips from around the world, from locals

Looking for some nightlife? Well, in Budapest you will find it. There are rural bars and numerous nightclubs.Limoges is located in the centre of France and a short flight from the UK. It’s not a destination I’d considered visiting before but a cheap flight tempted me to book a trip. Limoges isn’t a French city that you regularly hear people talk about so I wasn’t expecting much from my trip other than lovely French food and wine but I was pleasantly surprised.Another top city to visit in Europe during winter is: LONDON! With all their free museums, it is perfect for families and couples.

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  1. Not many people from outside of Italy visit Sardinia. In fact, most people outside of Europe hardly know where Sardinia is and often confuse it with Sicily. Yet, this island, at the heart of the Mediterranean of which it is the second largest city, has a lot to offer.
  2. 6. Brousse-le-Château is a French county located in the Aveyron region, South-West of France. Some people like to refer to this medieval wonder as the most beautiful village in France. With a rich and well preserved history, Brousse-le-Château is not just a place where one can feel safe in the comfort of nature, but also a location for exploring traditions and architecture of past centuries
  3. The winter is really tough in Moscow, it is huge part of the culture. Therefore, I think it’s worth it to come over here to experience it for yourself.
  4. Hi Katie! From UK to Amsterdam you can find really cheap flights. There are many budget airlines in Europe. Have a look at this guide to find cheap flights. 🙂
  5. Why Go? If you ever wanted to preach a sermon to the world, well, this is the place to do it. The Preikestolen isn’t nicknamed Pulpit Rock for nothing. Spread your arms and shout a few words, your voice will carry for miles.
  6. The island used to be an important trading centre, and this can be seen in the still grandiose capital Ermoupoli. The impressive Neoclassical mansions of the district of Vaporia give their past away.

Travel in Europe doesn't have to be expensive! We've partnered with adventure travel expert Jeremy Scott Foster from TravelFreak, as he talks about some of the cheapest places to travel in Europe this year.. There's no doubt that traveling around Europe can be expensive. Long-distance flights, pricey hotels, and fancy dinners can add up faster than you thought The Christmas Markets in Spain and Italy? Well, somehow I do not like them as much. Maybe the cold is missing? Not sure, not my favorite. Berlin is awesome, Cologne and Aachen is fantastic, Brussels and Ghent in Belgium!

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Brno is located in the South Moravia region, and it can be easily reached by flights or by train, it’s just a couple of hours from Prague or from Vienna, Austria. There are many interesting things to do in Brno and around, from cultural tours to learn about the city’s history and unique architecture, to day trips to vineyards and medieval cellars for wine tasting. The city is booming with nice restaurants, trendy and artistic cafes and shops. It’s the perfect travel destination for food lovers and if you like a good cocktail you will be impressed by the bar scene and the creative mixologists you can find in Brno. 22 European cities you'd never thought to visit (but really should) Previous slide Next slide 1 of 22 View All Skip Ad Here we profile 22 cities that you probably haven't considered visiting. Which brings me on to this list! After spending a few months in Europe this summer, I realised that there are still a lot of undiscovered destinations to explore. So I asked the people who know best – my fellow travel bloggers – to share their favourite hidden gems in Europe. These are all still relatively unknown, so that means you can visit Europe in any travel season without worrying about the crowds.

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Maybe even the “better Paris“? It is definitely less busy than the world famous Paris. Many locals come here to live since it is still a big city, but not too overwhelming. There's also another hidden gem in the Czech Republic that we named as one of our 7 secret cities in Europe - can you guess what it is? Where to stay: The story goes that Goethe, the great eighteenth-century German writer and statesman, once dined on the terrace of the Hotel Bily Kun, overlooking the river in Loket

Vézelay, FranceVézelay, located in Burgundy, France, is a stunning hilltop town and UNESCO world heritage site. It is most famous for the Romanesque Basilica of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine, Vézelay Abbey, a remarkable church dating back to the 11th century. In the summer, geraniums bring a burst of vibrant color to the city, and the golden glow of the sunset makes for a romantic stroll along the streets with views of beautiful architecture and the Cure Valley. Aside from its picturesque panoramas and stunning architecture, Vézelay is also known for its local white wines, quirky boutiques, fine art galleries and independent cafes.Although Croatia has become a popular destination in Europe, one spot that is often overlooked is Sibenik. This is surprising considering Sibenik is the only city in Croatia to boast 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – St. James’ Cathedral and St. Nicholas’ fortress. Also known as 'Cafe Buja', the 'Hole in the Wall' is one of Dubrovnik's worst-kept secrets. Found just 5 minutes walk from Placa, the city's main thoroughfare, as well as being one of the city's most popular bars, it's also well-known for the rocks beside it that are perfect for jumping off. So whether it's baby jumps.

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More than that, there is a lake nearby that is called Cincis Lake which is said to have been built over 5 villages. So besides beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and kind people, Romania has some of the best history stories that you can enjoy. One of them is held in the Hunyad Castle and all you need to do is visit it if you’re looking for off the beaten path destinations in Europe.Visitors typically crowd the most famous beaches and cities such as Alghero. Yet, at around 15 minutes drive from Alghero, there is the lovely Bosa. It’s a small city perched on the hills, with an old castle that offers splendid views over the coast and the city, showing the Temo river as it makes its way from the country, then through the village and the sea.Claudia / My Adventures Across The World

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A visit to the official Arctic Circle should also be on your must-do list – in reality it’s a line drawn on the ground, but a great spot to get those Insta perfect snaps of you jumping in and out of the Arctic Circle! For those with an adventurous palette, there are some interesting dishes to try including a hearty reindeer meatball stew or the stunning superfoods of the region – wild bilberries and cloudberries. Finnish law states it’s ‘every man’s right’ to take the berries, so feel free to help yourself while hiking.Oh yes, I did read about that festival. I am looking forward to it. Alicante is new for me. We shall definitely consider it. Thanks a ton! Really appreciate it.When people think of England they perhaps think of Buckingham Palace, red phone boxes, historical towns like Bath or Cambridge, or fish n chips at a traditional seaside town like Blackpool or Brighton. But for me, it’s the green, rolling countryside that’s the true England. Overlooked by so many travellers is the Peak District nestled in the heart of the country with it’s stunning landscapes, drystone walls and quaint villages.While it’s small in size, Setenil de las Bodegas does have some great offerings: visit the small tapas bars tucked underneath the gorge and have a taste of local delicacies such as chorizo, olive oil, honey, jam and Andalusian wine. And, if you’re a nature lover, walk down El Escarpe de Río Trejo, an area of natural diversity, or Ruta de los Bandoleros, which inspired many romantic legends.

When people think about travelling to the Czech Republic the first two things that come to mind are Prague and Beer. But this stunning country in Central Europe is much more than that, and on our last trip there we discovered Brno and fell in love with the city. Brno has a beautiful old town, amazing restaurants, first-class wines and fairytale castles.The touristy parts are mainly on Piazza San Marco and the main street taking you from Piazza San Marco to the train station.Here’s my handwritten guide to spend 7 days in Vienna Austria. Make sure you also check my guide on 32 best fun things to do in Vienna.Sicily has a mild climate in winter, yet it can get fresh. Here you can find the average climate in Sicily and all other destinations.

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The first interconnected sections were built in 1962 with the objective of easing traffic and providing a sheltered way of transportation, especially handy during the harsh winter season. Since the Montreal Metro started operating in 1966, more connections have been added and today RÉSO consists of 20 miles of tunnels with more than 120 exterior access points. Apart from going shopping, come around to check out the permanent artworks on display, public squares and cultural centers. If you want to discover all the hidden spots, book a guided tour and start walking.Florence: Beautiful! Great way to end your trip with lots of culture and an incredible taste in your mouth!

Portugal's oldest city, Guimarães was a European Capital of Culture back in 2012 and has been designated the place where 'Portugal was born', its historical centre being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Foodies really should try the city's speciality, 'meat cake', which tastes a lot better than it sounds There is the famous “Christmas Eve Mass”, yet you need a ticket for that. As for Christmas decoration, I prefer central Europe around Germany, Belgium, Austria and Czech republic. Here you find my favorite Christmas Markets in Europe.Zell am See is the ideal place for practicing winter sports, hiking, nature walks, or boat rides on the lake. However, my favorite activity here is the 1600 meters mountain slide. It gives you great sensations while enjoying the stunning scenery around you. I had great fun here, and I warmly recommend the experience to everyone.Take a guided tour and explore this ingenious underground system; highlights include the ice cellar, the water tower and the exhibit on medieval bookbinding. The tour ends at the Brewery Museum, where you can sample the renowned local Pilsner Urquell beer. Home // Blog // 12 Hidden Brussels Gems Spotted by Locals. 12 Hidden Brussels Gems Spotted by Locals. Mar 11th, 2020 but Brussels is one of the greenest capitals in Europe. There is even a 'be green map' where you can locate Brussel's greenest places. One of its parks I enjoy the most is the Duden park

Out of the five towns which comprise the UNESCO site of Cinque Terre in Italy only Vernazza has a harbor. The multi-colored houses of the car-free fishing hamlet area a major attraction to photographers. Europe's largest forest lines the dunes from Biarritz to Bordeaux, tracked with bike lanes, walking paths, and facilities for almost every sort of outdoor activity you can name. Hidden, it's not. But there are places to find a nook away from the crowds. Head a few miles west of the Belle Époque fantasy that is Biarritz How to get around London? Well, check Omio.com. You will need to get the Oyster card to get around in the metro and buses.I agree 100%: 3 days in each city will be rushed! here is the thing: The cities are not as close as you might think. Sure, you can do 3 days in Sevilla, 3 days in Madrid, 3 days in Barcelona and then 3 days in Valencia. They are all nearby and connected well by train.

Learning the art of handmade pasta is truly an incredible experience to have. You will learn everything from how to make tortellini (Little portions of pasta stuffed with meat) and tortelloni (larger and stuffed with ricotta). As well as some of the other cuts of fresh pasta….you’d be surprised how much pasta they make from one dough!I recommend taking a walk up or take the small train to the Budapest Castle. There is an Art Gallery inside.I am sorry about the confusion. I do love Spain also in March, but if I could choose in a perfect world, I would go in June and September to Spain.These months are PERFECT for me personally. It is warm, less tourists, prices are cheaper, and it’s not super hot like in July or August.A great list to explore Europe. Through this article, I took a tour of the whole of Europe which is awesome. This January I am planning for London and through your 1 week in London article. I get enough information to explore.

Important: Get your ticket to Alhambra as soon as you can! It is almost impossible to get tickets for the same day. Since this is a must-visit, you should get your tickets to Alhambra here.Therefore, try to book the room “Double Room with Private Terrace”. I included here a photo for your reference 🙂

Hidden gems of Europe — 8 cities you must see while abroad While studying abroad, here are 8 hidden cities worth catching a train to check out Cold or Rain: December is not a rainy period of time. It is more cold! Yet, about the cold I would not worry too much. Locals survive and even enjoy it! It can be quite romantic as well! Just make sure you wear proper clothing and especially shoes! The shoes are very important!With time moving on, more and more tourists discover Porto. Make sure you come here before it gets too busy.

The slower pace of life, along with fantastic scenery and parks along the River Frysen, make Uppsala one of the most underrated cities in Northern Europe. At the end of April, students celebrate Walpurgis Night (Valborg in Swedish) by floating homemade boats down the river and drinking copious amounts of champagne 1. Europe Bucket List #1—South Coast of Icelandto Gasp at Waterfalls. If Iceland is on your bucket list, think beyond a visit to Reykjavik and the Golden Circle. Add a day or two to include the beautiful south coast near Vik in your itinerary. It's one of the most beautiful places in Europe You can find all my articles on Barcelona here. I recommend to read my 12 tips to prepare before travelling for Barcelona.

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