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Details Duration: 1.700 sec Dimensions: 498x233 Created: 12/18/2017, 4:19:20 AM. Related GIFs. #taehyung; #bts; #Kim-Taehyun Gama Jan 02 2020 6:34 am Don't know why, but Seo Ye Ji isn't fit to play as a princess (in my opinion) herfi Jan 31 2017 1:29 am When will people know ji dwi is the real king? How the way? All of episodes, that is the only thing Interesting and I wanna know at this drama eva Feb 09 2017 7:08 am I love this drama and its actrors and actresses but I feel sad when read the comment section. For once, I am glad this drama is pre-produced otherwise I feel the writer may change the strory according to fangirls desire (happed to many dramas before). I don't understand why you (fangirls) so impatient?let's the writer tell their story. I love all characters in hwarang even the villains and I don't get the hate for the main leads (Seojoon and Ara) both for their fiction characters and the real person. I don't want to assume but can't help to think that mostly viewers of this drama are young or it is their first kdrama. I've been watching kdrama for more than 10 years, I think this drama not as bad as people said or dragging. In this drama (or real life) the characters make mistake and learn and also there are misunderstanding, conflict, clash of desire or ego, pain, happiness, fear, etc. It is not always shunsine and rainbow. Maybe because I watch it without any expectation to begin with nor I die hard fan for its actors or actresses. I do get why people love JiDwi (he is typical Mr Perfect or kdrama male lead and I love him too) or Hyungsik as an actor but I hate it if your love for one actor make you narrow minded and bash other actors or the writer if story not going your way. Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (Korean: 화랑; Hanja: 花郞; lit. Hwarang) is a South Korean television series starring Park Seo-joon, Go A-ra, and Park Hyung-sik. It evolves around an elite group of young men called Hwarang who discover their passions, love and friendship in the turmoil of the Silla Kingdom (57 BC-AD 935). The series aired every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 on KBS2.

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  1. lola Aug 15 2016 1:36 pm OMG can't wait to see v oppa in a drama !!!!!!! fighting oppa ♥♥♥
  2. Joan Jan 19 2017 8:22 pm I like this drama hopefully the rating will exceed .... like love inthe moonlight and dots... the cast is great especially my hyunsik park
  3. ho, jihan, tae, seojun, hyung sik etc) but i really wish I could have changed the last 10 eps
  4. anon Sep 19 2016 3:47 pm Why do I feel like korean historical dramas (fiction or nonfiction) these days have a modern feel or mood to it? I miss the older ones because they seem more realistic.
  5. bulbul Feb 23 2017 8:37 am the cast are very interesting. i enjoy watch the actors and love them. But i had such a confused feeling and not satisfied of the ending of the drama. ji dwi character is not stronger enough for that ending. if its happy ending story, the character for each cast should be more stronger than it. its not about the acting, its about the story line. but thank you so far i enjoy watch the handsome actors.
  6. g episodes i hope that the relationship between ah ro and sun woo will change into love between sister and brother .and also ah ro will accept jwi di's love. Fingers crossed.
  7. shanu Jan 11 2017 9:35 am I love hwarang.finally I like aro marry the king and moo myung to be her brother. Can you do it for your fans. Please....... I love aro and king soooooo much.please..... aro must marry the king....... please.......??????????......

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harold myo aung Mar 22 2017 12:07 pm Im watching it now, it is boring , bad story ,the lead actors are terrible in acting i saw park seo joon in " she was pretty "still terrible in his acting , no wonder it has low ratings, if i would rate it 6/10 A.R.M.Y Feb 26 2016 10:39 am Taehyung-ah hwaiting!!!! Saranghae taehyung oppa ❤ ARMY's are supporting and loving you!!! Good luck on your first drama AJ Jun 29 2018 10:14 am Enjoyable series with a fine cast. My qualification is that I didn’t think Go Ah Ra was right for the part. Though she does have a few good scenes, mostly she is bland—the actress is neither skillful nor charismatic enough to create a character that would inspire the passion of two such beautiful, powerful men. In fact, their bromance throughout the series is charming and far more interesting.

monstar Nov 02 2015 1:58 am WOW. Go Ara and Park Seo Joon and Hyun Sik. BUT WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE A PERIOD DRAMA???? WHYYYYYYY? Ran Dec 24 2016 3:38 am I can't get over how exceedingly good-looking the king (Park Hyung-shik) is. I'm enjoying the drama very much so far!

katie Oct 03 2016 11:29 am Wahhh! I cannot wait for kim tae hyung! He used to act while doing the laundry back then Cher0112 Jul 22 2017 8:23 pm i love this drama... The plot, the cast, good one for the writers... Seen this a lot of times.. This is where i i became fans of the hwarang casts... Park Seo Joon, Park Min Hyuk, Min Jo, Do Ji Han, Kim TaeHyung....their dance... I'm rooting for Do Jihan and Lee Da In, cute pair...

Anne Jan 13 2017 3:40 am guyss!! what is the name of the ost at the end of ep 5 ???? someone plsss !!! Vy Mar 03 2016 12:52 pm They should invite Lee Yo Won since this is Shilla Era and she portrayed the Queen in "Queen Seon Deok" with phenomenal acting and it'll be refreshing. bless Dec 30 2016 10:05 am they deserved the highest rating....the drama was so perfect story..and perfect cast...they are all the best..best drama of the year...I love the loveteam of go ara and park soo joon...makes me fall inlove....plsss next episode plssssssss... But aside from the plot and some character and acting flaws, the overall drama was not something one would not be able to tolerate at all as to give a rating anything lower than five, but had so many errors that I found bothersome, that I'd refuse to give it anything above 8. So I'd give it a solid 6.5/10. Graze Li Jan 04 2017 12:42 am I have also been anticipating and waiting for this drama. I've heard of this some time in November last year right after She Was Pretty ended. Back then, I was kinda interested of this drama because of Park Seo Joon and Kim Yushin, a hwarang in the drama the Great Queen Seondeok. When I started watching this, I didn't really have so much expectations. But as the story progresses, it gets better, it's more engaging and it makes me expect so much from it. It makes me curious and think about what's gonna happen next or what's the mystery behind the main lead's (Seojoon) character. I hope this drama gets even more better. Hwarang, Aja! Fighting!


V's wifee Jul 22 2016 9:28 pm I'll really wait for this! Can't wait to see how V will act! Go go, Kim Taehyung! Saranghaeyo! Yazaira L Valenzuela-vasquez Jan 29 2017 8:02 pm By far one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. The story line is simply amazing.. Love Hwarang and all of the cast. This show definitely keeps you on your toes. But, i'm really fall for it then. This is an awesome drama. Worth to watch. Episode 2 is so touching. Can't wait for the next episode.

marthie Feb 04 2017 2:13 am Why people bothering about sun woo's Fake confession about kingship. I know that jidwi loves aro so much. But he need more gutss. dididi Jan 25 2017 8:17 am I just wanna say, I like this drama since the first time.. I will watch this drama till the end of episode..

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Avriel G Espenido Mar 08 2016 7:05 am omg my loving tae tae will start to act I cant wait to see it Kimseokjinbts Dec 27 2016 7:22 am The line up are so handsome and very makes every lady watch every scene will yelling like someone crazy.. love the ost song to.. jin and v.. hwaiting for the rating!! Given that all dramas need some romance, there should be. But his Ah-ro and Sun woo romance is taking too much airtime. First there is no chemistry between them, and second other than the prince being hurt this doesn't seem to lend to the story line. There is no story so far. I figured that sun-woo is also the prince in line. The real price might take the thrown in the end, but sun-woo is one of the contenders for the throne. There is going to be some blood shed and a lot of politics. But all that is story, this romance is so feeble and nothing much to the story. Tanya Stoeva from Bulgaria Apr 04 2016 12:57 am Taehyung oppa, Fighting!!!!! I'm soooo happy for you, you will be great in the drama! And the others actors, Fighting!!

Chiyo Mar 05 2017 10:45 am @Goddess LeeSungKyung I agree!! I think Ah Ro was SO annoying. She was crying all the time, or talking to herself. I really don't understand why did Sunwoo fall in love with her. Banryu, the King, and even the Princess were much better characters than the main leads. It was funny sometimes, and it had good actors in it, but it's really nothing special. Go and watch Queen Seon Deok, Empress Ki, Six flying dragons or The Tree with deep roots if you wanna see a real good sageuk. Queen of You Dec 07 2018 7:39 am This is the best Korean Drama for me. Its been 2 years but I still can't get enough of it. I watch it often online. And everytime I finished watching all the episodes over again, I feel sad hahaha so after a week I watch it again! Hwarang. Plot. Drama series depicts the story of Hwarang (literally Flowering Knights) - an elite group of male youth in during the Kingdom of Silla. Main Info. Drama: Hwarang / Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. Revised romanization: Hwarang. Hangul: 화랑(花郞) Director: Yoon Sung-Sik. Writer: Park Eun-Yeong. Network: KBS2. Episodes: 2 ARMY_Cheyenne Apr 25 2016 2:44 pm Lee Kwangsoo hwaiting. Im a huge fan of running man you are my #1 favorite member if i ever got to be on there i'd be honored to betray the others with you and help you take out Kim Jongkook. Hwaiting. Saranghaeyo!

ann Feb 22 2017 2:39 am i love hwarang series #amfan #seojun#goara#hyungsik nowwwwlovethem hwaranng best memory for me thank all to good job

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  1. s2 Feb 06 2017 12:54 am Make Park Hyung-Sik character powerful. He may be second lead. But he is king show him powerful.
  2. Anonymous Mar 06 2016 2:27 am Daebak!!!!! Our alien bwi is here?! I wish his partner is Chorong or Irene :) Please make it real :). BTW, congratulations to you my Alien V were here to support you ALWAYS!!!
  3. sarah Sep 09 2016 7:22 pm @nicol in moon lovers the problem is that IU is an idol and the lead femal although i'm loving her acting but she's the main reason why the drama is flopping in the ratings because of the zeze scandle and the lead male and female for hwarange are not idols and as an army I Have faith in V that he'll do well cuz he wanted to act and practiced by himself and the members long time ago
  4. Krizzia Joanne B. Pongcol Mar 17 2016 1:51 am I can't wait aaannnnnd.. I'm super excited! Park Seo Joon Oppa. <3 Fighting!!!
  5. Mar 05 2016 1:54 am wow..taehyung oppa starting to act..so impressed..i cant wait to watch this drama..hwaiting uri bangtan.. malaysia army

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  1. kukuruyuk Feb 21 2017 7:33 am The best annoying drama, Sunwoo want to be king not because he wanted to protect the people but only wanted to protect a ro, but as though he wanted to be king because of the suffering people we can see in the episode yesterday when people were killed with the sword he even does not move forward and why the time aro wanted to kill him a new forward and claimed to be king this drama is very does not make sense
  2. Watch History series Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth - Ep 6 with subtitles, starring Park Seo-Joon, Park Hyung-Sik, Minho, Do Ji-han, Kim Tae-hyung and Go Ara, Seo Ye-ji, Kim Ji-soo on VIU
  3. Since the first episode they always said that sunwoo identity must be keep on secret & sunwoo who is someone that they dont want to know who is he actually.
  4. winterose Feb 17 2017 8:24 am @Hapsari What Seojun said about his hair is in joking manner and he humbly imply that he not handsome in those hair styles which I strongly disagree and this have nothing to do with whether he like or dislike his role here(I wonder why this even related??)
  5. Lady phD Mar 14 2018 4:50 am A great drama , the st0ryline was interesting, the casts was amazing (accept the queen, her pronounciation was interupting), h0wever the ending was a bit rush but still satisfying. I acknowledge hwarang as 1 of the best historical drama i ever watch along with love in the moonlight, hong gildong, iljimae, sungkyunkwan scandal.
  6. The rest actors and actresses act well and fit for this drama. They who make me still watch till now.
  7. alexander mark Feb 22 2017 6:23 am omg this drama is a flop since its ending only 32 people have posted their goodbye comments here and 50% are dissapoined while the other 50% are the true believer.plus it dint trend on twitter top 15 as it ended..sad..bye

Trisha Feb 25 2016 9:04 am Fighting Kim Taehyung.... Saranghe fighting. I hope v wont be paired up with a girl... Huhu Sheeya cia Apr 21 2019 2:23 am I love this dramas very much mostly park hyungsik the best male lead.. I watch 10 times sound cool and unique and colour ful clothes and with beautiful queen. Thank you this hwarang warriors... Friendship, patience, and more love... I'm enjoying watching.. Thanks to the director and the writers and the view Asian site Hermine Feb 22 2017 12:08 am First of all I didn't expect a kingdom of the wind performance; However, all of the actors were amusing and addictive. The truth is that I want more. 20 episodes are not enough to develop a better understanding of the characters. I blame that on the producers, writers and the station. Queen of Seondeok had 62 episodes for goddess sake and in my opinion, 20 episodes too many....... KBS2 should have taken those last 20 episodes and added them to Hwarang. Anyway, great job to all of you guys. This is coming from an American viewer. Fighting!!!! Pearly Oct 12 2017 5:31 am I love Seo joon's acting❤❤..Fell in luv wid hyungsik❤...Dunno wats wrong wid ratings?... I enjoyed dis drama?... Loved all the hwarangs and their bromance... Cute faces❤❤

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nyeon Nov 05 2016 12:33 am I've been waiting for this drama ever since it was announced. I love watching dramas about this time period, and Taehyung acting... I'm so excited. <3 Tina jackie Feb 08 2017 4:45 am I like Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. It is a really well filmed drama. The actors and actresses are so amazing. They had really done a perfect job in this drama. This drama is the best of the Korean historical dramas and it will be the best among all the upcoming Korean historical dramas in future. If you guys prefer drama with title 'sam maek jong the great king' just go and do something, make petition for example. Maybe KBS will hear you and make drama according to your demand (Seriously, I am sure they will if you scream loud enough). jin Feb 08 2017 1:48 am i relly love this drama #i love seojun go ara hyungsik am wait ep17 figthing

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  1. bhe Mar 10 2018 3:09 am am i the only one who thinks go ara's acting is a little lacking here? most of the scenes i get dissappointed on how she handles her facial expressions.. so lacking in emotion...please don't get mad at me.. just stating my opinion.. although i like this drama
  2. nini Feb 25 2017 9:17 am Okay so lets get one thing straight; this is an awesome drama. when this drama started, i read reviews and decided not to watch it even though my love Park Seo Joon was in it. I waited for all the episodes to be aired and started watching it. To be honest, it is not better than Scarlet Heart Ryeo, but its a great drama, and I totally recommend it.
  3. I love the actors and actresses, they're good looking and good in acting. I like all 6 hwarang, ah ro, also soo yeon Until ep.9, ah ro is lucky girl (dog bird & king love her), i ship her with her fake brother, but i dont want the king feel broken. I just want they're happy.. hahaha.. But now i'm more concern about ban ryu and soo yeon... they're cute couple... can't wait watch their scenes in next episode! Ban Ryu & Soo Yeon...
  4. kpopkitty Jun 10 2016 10:46 pm Omg. Lmao, I hope V does kiss someone, just to see you jealous fangirls get all salty. xDDD
  5. guiltypleasure Feb 21 2017 7:29 pm Like or dislike , it's common and it's the right of each person say it. But, telling this is the best drama ever and the writer is a genius one ??? it's too bluffing !!! And a lie !!! Ah, maybe you just a new comer who only watch this drama, ok, it's understandable. But, I'm telling you, there are other countless korean drama thats written better with more brainy writer and producer.
  6. Goddess LeeSungKyung Feb 23 2017 4:05 pm This drama had its highs and lows like a frequency wave throughout the time. Most episodes are unbearable to watch...nothing special, too boring. You can SKIP this one.
  7. Esquillo, Norma Dec 28 2016 9:06 pm I like historical dramas because it adds to my knowledge and learn ancient and modern history. The characters in this drama are awesome and cute. As the saying says "Feed your brain not your appetite".Pls. more episode to come.

KingJinheung Feb 14 2017 3:40 am For people who are sad or complaining about how Sun Woo is becoming king... lol no. King Jinheung is the king. JiDwi is the king. He is and he has always been ever since the beginning. It was shown in the first episode JiDwi wearing king's clothes so he is the king. It is the matter of how and when Sun Woo will forgive and accept his friend as the king because he holds so much grudge against JiDwi. But i believe at the end Sun Woo will support the king because they are friends no matter what. They are already friends through living in Hwarang and I believe Sun Woo doesn't want to lose another of his friend so he won't go after the throne. tyn Feb 15 2017 11:02 am taehyung make my tears drop . congratulation to all who involved , im proud of you guys , especially hyungsik . 사랑해요♡

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kemonomimi Jan 03 2017 6:03 am Oh wait! I'm sorry for the wrong information but I just read that there is another person named Wi Hwarang, father of Lee Hwarang, which is actually played by Sung Dong Il. Princess Sookmyung's spouse was actually his son not him lol pegasus Mar 10 2016 7:39 pm taehyung-ah, hwaiting! ^^ don't be nervous and work hard and you will do well! K_Lee Mar 27 2017 1:30 am I've previously seen Go Ara's acting in couple of dramas and she wasn't that bad, but in this drama she was acting like a rookie. Thanks to Choi Min-ho and Do Ji-Han (Frenemies)they made show interesting. kaovang Jan 17 2017 10:05 pm YASSS!!! FINALLY!!! Seo Joon And Aro are so cute together! Love them ! Hope the Writer keeps them together !!! <3 Kim v Jul 02 2016 9:41 pm I can't wait to watch this drama.. I want to watch my lovely one idol (Kim taehyung )act..

Anese Feb 22 2017 9:38 am The story was soooo boring, its a shame and a waste because they have a list of good cast. I really hate the main actress, her acting and face expression were so poor, I hate the queen too, every scene of her was sickening until the last episode. I kind of like her at the last episose. I thought this drama focus on brotherhood but 95% of the time, it focus on romance much to my disappointment. So lame! BanryuXsooyeon Feb 25 2017 12:21 pm Not bad but not good either. I just can't get the chemistry between the leads pair. I skip everytime their scene appear ? but i really love the love story line between banryu and sooyeon >< they're bae♡ I'm curious did they married? And where's sooho? Where's the other hwarang? The ending was dissapointed. Carola Jan 11 2017 3:52 pm Love this series ! 8 parts so far and never boring. I hope it will continue like this. Can't wait for the next installment ! Mimi Feb 20 2017 11:48 pm I love hwarang... I'm so excited to watch episode 19 and 20... Love Ah ro and Sun woo... joew Jan 03 2017 2:13 pm does anyone feel like Do Ji-Han is kind of underrated??? Like everyone talks about the main actors, but Ji-Han is such an amazing actor and really handsome, may i add:)))) love his character, and im really looking forward to his and Soo-Yeon's relationship haha Hwarang is such an amazing show overall, would recommend it to anyone honestly

Saba Feb 22 2017 5:54 am There are 2 types of girls, Sun Woo lovers and Ji Dwi lovers. For me Sun Woo is really really cool person and Ji Dwi is charming af. Eun Adove Feb 24 2016 8:31 am Omo. I can't wait to see Taehyung's acting skills. I know this is your dream. Good luck nampyeon! Delia Jan 10 2017 12:00 pm I love this drama !!! It's my 1st historical Korean Drama for me..I've watch 9 episodes.. it's more interesting! I can't wait for next episode!

I somewho like park seo joon (sun woo) in this drama. I dont know why but i'm sure that he will be the king later. There is possibility he is Master Hwi Kyung son who supposed to be the king. Jade Jan 02 2017 4:55 pm I agree with all of you! This Drama is amazing, wonderful etc. The cast is also really really great! I don't understand the koreans. How can they rate Hwarang as "FLOP"????? It is a great Drama! This Situation reminds me of "Scarlet Heart". At that time I was so disapointed it got such low ratings and I'm so worried the same thing will happen to Hwarang! I hope I'm wrong! Love this drama and can't wait till tomorrow! <3 <3 <3 Francin Sep 18 2016 8:42 pm I really hope this will succeed and not be judged just because of some of the characters that others hate. Focus on the story not on the characters. Scarlet Heart's rating is dropping and I don't know why. It's a good drama but I gotta admit that the story seems like it's centered between the main lead girl and the second guy. I will just anticipate how they're going to turn the scenes around. Koreans say that IU's acting is not good. How judgemental of them. So to those who are saying that V will be a dissapointment, watch first before you talk. hwarang fan Jan 30 2017 5:31 am I love hwarang.But just wish soo yeon and banryu can be film in more.Their love is so sweet . lookin forward for next epsode

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Pinkrose Jan 14 2017 7:16 am Why this drama has low ratings  :,( . Of most of korean dramas, this is the only drama for me enjoying to watch xD can't wait for ep9. This drama meets with my taste because it has this japanese vibe otome thingy, funny and yeah beautiful guys too hahha. It doesn't have this heavy emotional because the funny scene is always there which doesn't make me bored and the castings suits with the characters. Can't stop thinking of ban ryu and the king ? I don't watch alot of korean drama but if I do, mostly watched half of the story and stop because to much of emotional and tense scene ? . The relationship between the characters is interesting and good. I know there won't be a chances for oraeboni with ah ro to be in relationship, but they have strong brother sister relationship because oraeboni looks more like her brother than for a lover. Possibility he will be with the princess ?, well main character needs their happy ending too haha. I don't mind if the story is twisted. The ost is great too and I'm still trying to remember all their names :/ Sorry for my long ass review haha. KBS's coming-of-age period drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior of Youth focuses on the love triangle among two young elite warriors and a girl from a royal family in the Silla dynasty. Go Ara (You're All Surrounded) stars as the physician of a group of noble warriors formed by Park Seo Joon (Kill Me, Heal Me), Park Hyung Sik (High Society), SHINee's Choi Min Ho (Because It's the First Time), Do Ji. Zaynab Feb 22 2017 11:33 am Honestly V (BTS) shouldnt have died he should have just gotten sick and im just pissed i dont like the way everything happened but at the same time i like it Mama2 Mar 05 2018 10:06 pm The beginning Kwang soo's acting was really good!! Never knew he can act like that Hwarang Not Fan Anymore Feb 06 2017 5:39 pm Hwarang is getting boring! the plot is twisted the main point of story is lost and it is just a whole jumbled mess. today episode was very very boeing and i finished it within 7 minutes. I found myself skipping a ton and not enjoying like i used to

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wailofabanshee Jan 04 2017 11:59 pm I think it's funny how most of international fans watch this drama to see their idols (Minho or Taehyung), but ended up actually enjoying the whole drama. I, too, begin to watch this drama to see Minho but ended up getting attached to the whole drama. The story and the cast are so good! I just don't get why they have less than 10% rating... One more thing, why are people saying Go Ara's chemistry with Park Hyungsik is better than with Park Seojun? I think their chemistry isn't showing yet because they're still clueless with their feelings with each other and Go Ara's character still wants to think of Sunwoo as his brother. I believe in upcoming episodes, their chemistry will grow and finally we will have that dilemma we want. L Jan 22 2017 5:45 pm Personally,I don't like King's character.So much people died because they saw his face.....Aro's brother as well.The King let her real brother die.... seojoonwife Sep 26 2016 2:44 am I'll watch the drama because seojoon oppa, his mine!!! Hotness Seojoon oppa!!!

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Selena Feb 08 2017 1:29 am Ik that this drama received bad comments, but i do find this drama interesting tho it's a bit slow, the actors and actresses are great, they did their job well. And unlike most of the viewers who ship Aro-SMJ, i really really ship SMJ-the princess, they will become a real cool couple. Can't wait to watch ep 17 next week! racel larobis Jan 06 2017 1:10 am wish for faster releasing of the other episodes......... please......... It doesn't mean that Sun Woo is the lead, he will automatically become the king. Maybe he'll support Sam Maek Jong in the end as his king and as his friend, but I don't see him snatching the crown from him because if Sun Woo becomes the king, it only means one thing, Sam Maek Jong will die... and i don't think he will.

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Candy Feb 08 2017 1:18 am When i am watching drama.. I just enjoyed that.. If that sad i am crying, if that funny i am laugh, and if i dont like the drama just stop watching... So.. Why people always complaining... I really love HWARANG.. I love Sun Woo, Ji Dwi, Ah Ro, Su Ho, Ban Ryu, So Yeon, Han sung, Yeo Wol, Dan Se, Pa Oh, princess, Prince Baekjae, general Baekjae, Woo reuk, Wi Hwa, Pi Joo ki, Ah jigong, Evil Queen and even the comandant HWARANG Fighting!!!! Ara Go, Actress: Papa. Ara Go was born on February 11, 1990 in Gyeongsangnam-do, Chinhae, South Korea as Ara Ko. She is an actress, known for Papa (2012), eung-dab-hala 1994 (2013) and Aoki Ôkami: chi hate umi tsukiru made (2007) Levitas Jan 16 2017 4:56 pm Episode 9 wasn't the most entertaining but it wasn't the worst since it was pretty much an extension from episode 8. Episode 10 will be the same.

Venus Nov 26 2017 10:02 pm Im a big fan of ban ryu - soo yeon love team. I have no interest in watching Hwarang at first, till I skipped to episode 7 which showed the unusual encounter of the two (the butt grab scene). That scene really makes me laugh and romantically excite. They have captured many audiences here in the Philippines. Minho , Do Ji-Han , Lee Da-In make Hwarang interesting and fun to look at. Though they have few scenes, still they showed a good chemistry than the lead stars. It makes me excite every time ban ryu and soo yeon see each other, and that kissing moment really makes us alive. In addition to that, Do Ji-Han is so handsome and his smile is so fluttering. He is a very good actor and hope to see more shows of him and hope with Lee Da-In as lead stars. alizeh Jan 25 2017 4:33 pm When people say aro and sunwoo don't have chemistry, i asked myself again, i can't find the answer. I just think that they're good, i'm so happy that in ep 11-12 the scene between aro and ji dwi is little hoho. I think i'm the only one who ship ji dwi and the princess, ji dwi is a charming person, and the princess is so cool!! Madi Dec 23 2016 7:44 am I was really only going to watch the drama to see taehyung's acting, but now I'm really enjoying it. It's a really good drama and i feel the plot is clear because in some other dramas sometimes I have no idea what the purpose of somethings are and what is happening, but totally understand what's going on in hwarang. definatly a drama I'm going to stick with

Bon Jan 17 2017 6:50 pm Not watching ep 10, but I saw the glimpse at the end. Disgusting. It doesn't matter now A Ro knew that MM isn't her brother but still. If the story will ship these two to be together, I'm done. Ew. ROSE JANE MESARIO Nov 12 2016 7:34 am Oh God...i cant wait to see my bias KIM TAEHYUNG. Galingan mo...we love you kahit alien ka...hehe peace?? Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (Hangul) is a South Korean television series starring Park Seo-joon, Go Ara and Park Hyung-sik. Park Hyung Sik Hwarang Park Hyung Shik Asian Actors Korean Actors Korean Dramas The Heirs Lee Min Best Kdrama Park Seo Joo Loujane Lagata Oct 15 2017 7:23 pm Hwarang is very beautiful movie and I'm in love with the characters Park Seo-Joon ,Minho and Doo-Ji-Han. ???????❤❤❤?????I wish will meet them someday... ???? Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth tells the story of beautiful looking young men called Hwarang in Silla, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. Only a few of them are recorded in history and many people today do not really know about them. This drama shows how they begin and live during the 6th century.

Go Ah Ra Hwarang Actor Korean | Actor | Hwarang, Go ara

kittyweese Jan 14 2017 4:37 am Enjoying the drama so far. Love the bromance and the chemistry between Ah Ro and Ji Dwi. Dislike Moo Myung character. Writer and director too cruel to make Ah Ro and JD meet first, share the first kiss, and have such strong chemistry if they are going to force her to go with MM. No chemistry at all between those two. Hoping the story takes a twist and MM is the rightful King and JD younger brother. Love the budding romance between Ban Ryu and Seo Yoon, but may not be enough to keep me interested if the story keeps pushing Ah Ro and Mo Myung together...Don't want to watch a show that will break my heart... Drama series depicts the story of Hwarang (literally "Flowering Knights") - an elite group of male youth in during the Kingdom of Silla.

Hwarang (Hangul: 화랑; Hanja: 花郞) adalah serial televisi Korea Selatan yang dibintangi oleh Park Seo-joon, Go Ara dan Park Hyung-sik.Serial televisi ini ditayangkan setiap hari Senin dan Selasa pada pukul 22:00 di KBS2, mulai tanggal 19 Desember 2016 Z Jun 19 2016 8:31 am When i've heard Minho of (SHINee) was also casted on this drama Im really excited to see him on a historical drama, just really wish him goodluck and prove to them you deserve that role and you are a good actor Fighting Minho-ssi <3 Mandy Feb 23 2017 12:07 pm I just wanna to say that thoroughly enjoyed the drama, specially because there were so many cute guys to watch and I entered understand why the rating is so low Alyssa Bajado Apr 15 2016 9:42 am Omo! Kim Taehyung V im so proud of you!! Hwaiting! Btw Im a BTS Fan from philippines. Love yah Tae tae FayMing Jan 21 2017 7:13 pm I want aro to be with the king, but i do like seon woo too lol Oh...so hard! I can see why some people don't like this drama but honestly it's the way the story is told; it gets kind of choppy at times. The actors all did great here, love the costumes, and the set. I enjoy the drama non the less. I hope people can enjoy the drama as it is...a fictional drama lol

Park Hyung-sik as Sam Maek-jong. Sam Maekjong, the only heir to the throne, is used to getting attacked by an assassin. He lives his life in secrets to hide his identity. No matter how hard he tries, however, his stunning face draws public attention. One day he happens to meet Aro when he wanders around the streets as usual. She’s the first girl to capture his attention.Cartulize Charles Feb 21 2017 10:07 am Bon- He probably doesn't, he would have to have an interest in a different girl by at least episode 15 but he kept going with Ah Ro, he would have to find a girl, bond, fall in love and ask her to marry him in two episodes... kind of impossible. Grace Dec 18 2016 3:32 am Heol what is so wrong with Ara as a female lead???!?!?! If you dont like it dont watch it -_________-" Beautiful_unni Feb 19 2017 2:25 am Anyone aside from me who"s more interested in Ban Ryu-Soo-Yeon love story? <3

HBC Jan 07 2017 3:35 am wahhh.. Salute Hwarang!!!! the best drama ever for me... Hyungsik ahh why u so cute and handsome now.. ahh im falling in love with u.. v ah kawaii!!! Btw good acting guys V,Hyungsik,Jihan,Minho,Seojun and others also... A big love for hwarang!!!! Saranghae Hwarang!!! Fighting!! I really king sam maek jong and aro can be together as a couple in Hwarang.. Iwa Stella Marie Villawala Dec 19 2016 2:00 am i wont anticipate on this HWARANG too much..lol I still have #postScarletHeartTrauma By the way,good luck to my baby TaeTae,,I heard that he will die here in this drama..Whoever kill him..i will haunt him..lmao But in the overall, I still love this drama(though I'm not fond of sun woo and a-ro). I'm excited with next episode. Fighting! ^^

Korean Drama - Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth : Hwarang&quot;Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth&quot; Korean Drama Actors Then

Ayush Feb 09 2017 11:45 am I really love this drama soooo much, those actors are really amazing, for me this drama deserve more rating thann this. Jessa Mae Fallarcon Jan 09 2017 6:09 am Wiieee~ Really love this Drama!! I can't wait for the upcoming episodes.. Fighting guys!!! ??????? zenes Jan 06 2017 6:41 am . ..its really nice drama.go ara around with very cool and hansome hwarang,it has a nice background songs.,and i found it romantic.cant wait to watch episode 7 Leakena Feb 08 2017 12:37 am This drama is really good. I always wonder what's going on next. I just want to watch a full drama a day. Hahahaha El Jan 16 2017 11:20 am I genuinely loove this drama. It's entertaining and funny, also love the modernish things, love the songs and of course, all the characters (especially the Soo Ho-Ban Ryu pairing :'D). But no matter how much I love this drama, I agree with those of you, who says that the story should more focus on the Hwarangs (at least the 5/6 of them) and put aside the love triangle a bit. Love triangle is so average in kdramas, but Hwarang's story is a unique choice. After watching the promo of the 9th and 10th eps, should I be worried that it'll become more serious?? Please don't do that to me again, plíííz! It was enough once with Moon Lovers. I hope I just overreacted since I haven't seen the 9th ep yet. Can't wait for the next episodes! <3

PumpkinSarr Jan 31 2017 5:28 pm I have an idea. Sun Woo maybe is a Baekje king and JiDwi Silla, as we already know. Master Hwi Kyung said about changing the king so knowing that he is the Queen brother, maybe Sun woo is his real son and will be the King there. Anyway I'm glad that Princess is in love with SunWoo. They look better together than with Ah Ro. Niko Feb 01 2017 9:48 pm For those dreaming of Sunwoo becoming the king, I don't think the writer will be stupid enough to change the fact that one of the greatest king of Silla, king Jinheung is Sammaekjong. I just hope they don't make the king looks pathetic and weak anymore. I don't care if he doesn't get the girl. I wish he claims his throne soon. Saman Feb 07 2017 4:36 pm Im definitely agree with you @Bon Aro n sunwoo couple is terrible, they dont have chemistry, Idk what happen with park seojun, his acting at the KMHM and SWP is incredible, i like him so much in that drama, but he's so annoying, i dont like his hair style, it make him like a gate keeper, i dont like park Hyung Sik before, i dont watch his drama before, but he make me fall in love in hwarang, his acting was excellent here, he have strong charysma n lovely, i prefer banryu and so Yun hre than the main lead,

vihangi Jan 14 2017 2:12 am wow.. very interesting drama ..hwarang fighting... jidwi, sooho, hansung are best. I hope ratings will go up. saranghae hwarang.. sam meak joon,son woo,do jihan ,aro,soo ho,hansung,yeo wool ... vivi Apr 05 2016 3:17 am i am so excited about this drama coz the appearance of my ultimates biases minho & taehyung. so happy to see them will play in the same screen. hope they can get along well during filming this drama. i will continue to support them... Keyce Feb 02 2017 3:14 am I think Sun Woo is the real king here, the real King Jinheung. Jinheung is the name will be given to the next king of Silla.

Army Oct 07 2019 7:09 pm I love ?? Hwang it’s a really good k drama I have also seen other k dramas . Kdramas are the best for me. wings Feb 02 2017 4:26 am tbh it doesnt matter who are we ship tho. they both have the same equal amount of weakness and applicable doing something that beyond our imagination Nikki Feb 14 2017 9:09 am This is what i think...emm not sure though jidwi and seonu may actually be related (cousins maybe) so it was seonu's fate to get the throne(he is good at decision making) but still he may actually give up the throne i mean come on It is unfair that jidwi is losing everything..he deserves something!

nizerubi Jan 06 2018 12:21 am it was indeed a good,hearthwarming,funny and beautiful tv series I've seen. Honestly I watched it again now and it was my fourth time to watched Hwarang. I don't know but it makes me feel happy everytime I watch it.Probably because I so love all the cast in Hwarang particularly Park Hyung Sik and Park Seo Joon.Hoping that they will have new tv series together.????????? [Spoiler] That's why I'm really frustrated and disappointed by the end of the 14 episode. Jidwi was about to say that he is the king and... Tada ! Sunwo just get in front of everyone yelling that it's him ! So frustrated because Jidwi is so sweet and have ethics and deserved his moment to shine. But once again Sunwoo took his place. So frustrated... Everyone seems to think that Aro is boring but I personally find Sunwoo much more and he is strating to get really on my nerves. GD's red hair Jul 04 2016 5:12 pm OMG I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS CAST! I literally love everyone who was casted. I'm also a HUGE army and shawol, so im really excited for Minho and V. I loved Go Ara in You're all surrounded, Park Seo Joon in Kill Me Heal Me, and Joon Woo and Hyung Sik in The Heirs. This is so cool. Can't wait!

Lexxiii Feb 28 2016 2:43 am Omo! Congratulations Taehyungie! Wish you all the best! Huwah. 👏👏 fiftaeshades on Twitter Mar 03 2016 12:29 am i thought he will debut being an actor using his real name? #화랑 / #Hwarang: The beginning / #Hwarang: The poet warrior youth / #KBS2 #Ah Ri (#GoAhRa) #Sun Woo Rang (#ParkSeoJoon) Taehyung Hwarang Go Ara Martial Park Hyung Shik Park Seo Joon Bok Joo Hyung Sik Kdrama Actors Korean Actor Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. Premiered: Dec 19, 2016. Network: KBS. (57 B.C. - A.D. 935), the South Korean series follows an elite group of young men known as Hwarang who discover their passions, love and friendship. Trivia. The series would also be broadcast in Malaysia on 8TV, in the Philippines on ABS-CBN and in Romania on National.

Fem1017 May 14 2017 10:01 pm True is the saying of Dont judge the book by its cover ..At first, I didnt like it so I stop watching it coz I thought It was a no good casted with guys with looks ..But I continued watching it yesterday through phone and I must say the story is good and the two lead actors are great ..Park hyung sik is so good on his facial expressions and I could say that he is a good actor .. By Jae-Ha Kim Kocowa.com January 23, 2019. Before I watched Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, I was looking forward to seeing how the romance between Dog Bird (Park Seo-Joon) and Ah-Ro (Go Ara) played out.But after the finale, I realized that what stuck with me wasn't their tepid relationship, but that of the young men who formed a relationship — which at times was adversarial, but.

File No: Hwarang: POET-WARRIOR-Youth-Ep-18 – The Drama Files

annweather Oct 18 2016 10:55 pm looking forward for this drama. i hope this drama gonna be different with the others. because it feels like a woman attracted by few men in saeguk drama XD hahaha. i love park seo joon btw! goodluck! Then the plot: we see so little of the Hwarang we were promised, no one has a really good developed character, just Ban-Ryu gets some action. That is only because his dads play a big role in the whole series. They should have named the series pretty wallflowers and Ah-ro. We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations.Reddy Jan 31 2017 5:52 pm First I wasn't a fan of this drama at all. Historical dramas are my favorite but the mix of historical and present like this one didn't pleased me at all (the giseang house like a club, the shower rooms etc). But the sweet Jidwi won me over. I really like him a lot and I'm waiting every weeks for the episodes of this drama so much because I want everyone to know that he is the king.

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