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Abusive Parents: The bruises on his back happened at home.Confirmed in episode 23, and you get to see just how bad it gets firsthand. Adorkable: A different brand than Armin's, but he gets pretty easily flustered, especially at the beginning of the game, which makes him all the more endearing.; Art Evolution: Nathaniel has had the most sprite changes out of any character, over several years. Pia ist eine neue Schülerin in Sweet Amoris Schulleben, die sich mit unserem Lieblingsjungen anfreundet. In der französischen Version heißt sie Priya. In Sweet Amoris Campusleben gehört sie zu den date-baren Charakteren. Mit Entschlossenheit meistert sie ihr Jurastudium an der Anteros Academy. Sie möchte sich auf den Bereich Menschenrechte spezialisieren. Sie ist froh, dich wiederzusehen. My Sweet Elite Blog! Hey guys! I noticed I was spamming all of you guys way too much with my SE replies. In order to not clog up your dashboards, I made myself a semi personal SE blog! Feel free to follow me at @se-serena! All replies you'll be getting from there are from me : Sweet Amoris was a very large school for a very small student body. While trying to find the principal's office, I had wrongly navigated myself to the gym, a classroom full of storage boxes, the school's basement, and a science lab. There were only a few lonesome souls wandering the halls at this hour, and every time I considered asking one for help, they had disappeared 18.06.2018 - Erkunde thalla16s Pinnwand Sweet Amoris auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Sweet amoris, My sweet amoris und Shall we date

Entering the school will bring you to new areas to meet up with the boys, classmates, as well as enemies. Make sure you're on as good of terms with people as possible, you never know, maybe one day you might find that special someone. Lynn Ryder has a pretty much perfect life. She has Nathaniel, after all of the mess at Sweet Amoris High School. But right after Prom Lynn get's sucked back to her first day at Sweet Amoris. Will she get Nathaniel? Will she get Castiel? Ken? Lysander? I don't own Sweet Amoris High, And m Die Sweet Amoris Schule feiert wie jedes Jahr ihre allbekannte Halloweenparty. Komm schon Sasa, du musst einfach auch hin. Ach Kim, ich habe aber keine Lust auf Halloween. Du wirst mitkommen, hob wir suchen dir ein tolles Kostüm. Wir treffen uns jetzt mit Iris.. Lösung-Episode 5 Lauschen → Sprich so oft mit Castiel, bis er dir den Schlüssel gibt. Direkt nachsehen → Der Schlüssel tauc..

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  1. According to the talk, why Deborah dumped Castiel was simple: She had to choose between a high school love, or a career as a famous singer. Of course, as we can already tell, she chose her music career. She even dares declare herself as a "victim of circumstances." Showing she has no empathy towards anyone, even telling the main character if she could she would use Castiel again and dispose of him again and play the same scenario again and again, showing her lack of empathy and amount of selfishness believing only one person can be under the spotlight. According to Rosalya, who found Deborah's ex-guitarist's blog, he speaks badly of Deborah who got it censored. According to him, Deborah cheated on her ex-guitarist and drummer at the same time, which is the reason why she needed Castiel. Your Candy and Alexy state she has a good voice but doesn't have anything "special" about her.
  2. << Turn Up the Volume (Part Two) A Perfect Mask >> A Jump Back in Time is the 15th episode of My Candy Love. It was originally released on April 22nd, 2013. It was written and developed by Beemoov
  3. Sugar Love My Candy Love University Life Castiel Love Is Sweet No One Loves Me Flirting First Love Winx Club VK is the largest European social network with more than 100 million active users. Our goal is to keep old friends, ex-classmates, neighbors and colleagues in touch

Objectives: Get $ 25, a photo ID and the enrollment form to finalize my registration. (Buy the photo ID in the dollar shop. Ken may have. Episode 7 & 8 Episode 7 1. Es beginnt damit das Leigh mit euch reden will. Danach auch Rosalie 2. Ihr geht zum Lehrerzimmer, dort. Sweet Amoris FanFiktion- Kapitel 25 Eingestellt von Sasa um 18:45 In der Mittagspause sitzen wir draußen, die wohl letzten einigermaßen warmen Sonnenstrahlen genießen

The Episode takes place during 35 sometime after finding the box of Iris' photos in the Garden. For the episode, regardless of your route, you will be on Lysander's path. It will not effect the main story. sweet-amoris-gossip-page reblogged this from sakurina-mcl. kookie-vuitton liked thi He works hard for each and every student here at Sweet Amoris. Iris. Angel pauses and lets out a small sigh. Iris is energetic, but in a good way. She's an adorable klutz and nothing less of a sister to me. Just like Vi and Mel. She likes sports and she's awesome when it comes to tutoring stupid ol' me. She's one of the most loyal people I've.

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Sweet Amoris was almost notorious for being a town where kids seem to be dropped off to be forgotten. The town was very welcoming and fit for those who were minors and independent. Lysander, and Iris. Fae looked at them each and nodded in greeting. Rosalya was the one to her right, Lysander behind Rosalya, Iris in front of her, and Castiel. Sweet Amoris is the toughest of them all, and she's not sure if she's gonna make it out alive. Castiel/OC/Ken Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Humor - Candy, Castiel, Ken - Chapters: 35 - Words: 103,305 - Reviews: 118 - Favs: 69 - Follows: 70 - Updated: 10/30/2016 - Published: 2/17/2013 - id: 902194 Your time at Sweet Amoris has come to an end, but not My Candy Love! The adventure will continue very soon at university and for the occasion, discover the Hooray Boutique! From May 2 to May 31, all the past event outfits will be on sale at reduced prices just for you! Discover the boutique on the site 22.05.2016 - Bei den Episodenbildern gilt meistens, dass man das Bild mit dem Jungen bekommt, bei dem man das höchste Love-O-Meter hat. Bei manchen Episoden ist das jedoch anders, aber das habe ich dann dazu geschrieben. Häufig muss man auch das richtige Outfit auswählen oder vorher die richtige Antwort geben. Um für jede Episode

She's a Joker, Just Look at her Hat Archa Degray is a student attending the High School known as Sweet Amoris. Archa is known to be very quiet once you meet her. Her nature is at first serious once you meet her, but if you get to know her she is REALLY a Jester kentin amour sucre < > Most recent. Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type. amour sucre sweet amoris my candy love amor doce corazón de melón słodki flirt mcl armin mcl castiel mcl nathaniel mcl kentin mcl lysander my candy love amour sucre mcl nathaniel mcl iris mcl melody mcl priya mcl rosalya mcl kentin mcl alexy mcl.

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  1. Winter has definitely hit Sweet Amoris. As if the impending doom of finals isn't bad enough, now we also have to deal with ten inches of snow and the intense pain of our nose hairs freezing. Don't look so upset, Rosalya chirps when I slide into the bakery, covered in snow and ice
  2. My Candy Love (Amour Sucré) is a French online Visual Novel created by BeeMoov games. The game revolves around a high school girl, whose looks and name are completely up to a registered user, who has just moved to a new town.The player meets a growing cast of characters, and can befriend and flirt with the boys at Sweet Amoris High
  3. Nein, ich kenn keine Iris, tut mir leid. Und wenn ich sie kenne? Ja, ich kenn sie ein bisschen. 27. Geht zum Klassenraum, vorher begegne ich noch Nath. Jade, er ist nicht hier auf der Schule, also kennst du ihn bestimmt nicht. Ist das ein Schülersprecher-Verhör? Jade, er kümmert sich für die AG ein bisschen um den Garten. 28
  4. Hey, Elsee, Karissae, Nattaley and Tashey here! We're four students at Sweet Amoris High! Being the little socialites that we are, we thought we'd start a blog to share our experiences at this new school - and more specifically document our dates with the hot boys! If you need any help with any of the guys, we're here to help
  5. , Iris, Amber, Peggy, Ken, Lysander, Leigh, Alexy, Dake, Dajan,Charlotte, Li, Melody, Rosalia, Laeti, Nina, Carla,Kim, Viola.

When your Candy tells Amber of Deborah's return, she becomes jealous, most likely due to the fact that Deborah might take Castiel back. She has a plan to get her vengeance, but doesn't let your Candy join in, laughing at how your Candy came 'crawling to her for help'. She is then found later with Li and Charlotte on the 1st floor with a bucket of water and dumps it on Deborah, completely soaking her. However, Amber gets away with it and your Candy is held responsible. Sweett Amoris segunda-feira, 2 de julho de 2012. Episódios (Amor Doce) Encontre Iris para recuperar as anotações da aula do professor Faraize. Vá para a escola até encontrar Iris. No caminho, talvez Lysandre irá te indicar que ela se encontra no final do corredor An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Work

8 mars 2020 - Découvrez le tableau Eldarya/amour sucré(my candy love/corazon de melon) de yokosayonji976 sur Pinterest. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème My candy love, Amour sucré et Amour It seems that Nathaniel is the only one who knows that she is not who she seems. She is actually the reason why Castiel hates Nathaniel. And it seems that's when the fight happens between him and Castiel: Castiel arrives precisely at the time when Deborah is hitting on Nathaniel, but he thinks it was the opposite. Hey Leute als aller erstes möchte ich euch eine tolle Seite empfehlen. In der ihr die DateBilder von 1-14 Episode bekommt. Beziehungshilfen gibt es dort auch und eine Gerüchteküche in der ihr alles Aktuelle oder zukünftige über Sweet Amoris erfahrt El siguiente personaje que os presentaré será Iris , es nuestra primera amiga en Sweet Amoris.En los primeros episodios si nos encontrábamos con ella nuestra moral sube, y creo que a la mayoría le debe de caer bien (hay personas que la odian , porque dice que Debrah es buena y quiere quitarnos a Armin.) , es muy amiga de Castiel (es más ,una especie extinguida).Tiene su propio estilo para. He's not a student at Sweet Amoris High. He only comes to help out in the Gardening Club. Likes: Walks in the woods. Dislikes: Iris. Your Morale-boosting friend who offers key tips and advice. Game Locations: Classroom A the My Candy Love My Dates page, or your profiles. Such an act is prohibited by the My Candy Love team

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iris +14 more #4. sb19 one shots by gela Sweet Amoris - RPG by StrawberryMoments. 14.3K 743 63. Jemand schreibt dich an, doch wer ist es? Die Nummer kennst du gar nicht! - Finde heraus wer hinter den Nachrichten steckt und erlebe deine eigene kleine Geschichte mit.. Lunchtime At Sweet Amoris. Candy and Alexy walks into the cafeteria together with your stomach growling. You see Dajan already in there chowing down a plate of pizza. Dakota caught sight of you from across the room. Iris and Violette wave at you from their table and motion you to join them At the beginning of episode 15, Iris mentions how she thinks your Candy and Deborah have a lot in common and thinks the two of you will become great friends. Iris can only see the good in Deborah and after having a history with her, she eventually sides with her. Iris seems to look highly upon Deborah, but this is not mutual. Deborah feels Iris is "simple" and, like the rest of the school, an idiot.

SWEET AMORIS SPIN OFF 1 #004 - Lysander mag es zärtlich - LYSANDER SPIN OFF (4/4) [German/Deutsch] Vityria. Die Party bei Iris und das Flaschendrehen, bei dem ein Kuss hätte ausgetauscht. Check out Xahry's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired In Episode 15, it is revealed that Deborah had tried to seduce Nathaniel after he overhears her talking to her current manager about dropping Castiel. She then tries to flirt with Nathaniel, but is stopped when Castiel appears and punches Nathaniel in the face as he believed that he had tried to make a move on her. She then got Nathaniel and Castiel into a big fight. She is the main reason that Castiel and Nathaniel do not get along.

Naomi moved to France from America when she was 15. She spent her first year of high school in a city fairly close to Sweet Amoris, so they would frequently visit on vacations. She had a relatively easy childhood, living in the suburbs of Iowa before moving to France. Even after living in France for a year or so, Naomi is still not very familiar with Europe and struggles with communicating. Flirting game! With My Candy Love, flirt with the guys you like and live a true love story. Discover new episodes regularly and meet the students at Sweet Amoris High School Im Klassenzimmer treffe ich Iris. Es muss ja nichts gemeines sein! Ich will genau so schlecht sein wie sie! Wieder im Klassenzimmer gibt und Iris einen Tipp wie wir Amber verärgern können. Info: Bei Sweet Amoris leuft es nach dem 'Zufallsprinzip' wo ihr die Jungs trefft. Also kann es gut sein das ich die Jungs.. Picking up where Episode 14 left off, your Candy is met by a mysterious girl who is wondering where Castiel is. Your Candy automatically has a bad feeling about this, and she has the option to send her in the right direction or to send her in the wrong direction. The girl thanks your Candy and leaves, while your Candy decides to find Castiel first. She saw him in the basement earlier, and so she heads off to find him while thinking about the mysterious girl and how she might know Castiel. On her way she runs into Nathaniel, who asks her what she thought of the concert. She then goes down to the basement, where Castiel is still hanging out. She tells him how a girl is looking for him and he doesn't know who it is, but it could be someone from the concert since he impressed many girls from his performance. Your Candy describes the girl's appearance to him, but he still doesn't recognize her. No matter, Castiel doesn't intend to hang around the school so if the girl finds him, then fine, but either way, he's going home. Your Candy can ask to go with him or to part ways there. If your Candy chose to stay him, the duo will walk through the hall together and chat a little. In the courtyard, they part ways and your Candy feels relieved the mystery girl didn't get the chance to talk with Castiel. She then heads home for the night.

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Hat Armin sich etwa Probleme eingehandelt, indem er Iris geholfen hat? Oder geht es vielleicht um etwas ganz anderes?.. Tu trouveras le tampon sois par l'intermédiaire d'iris, sois près de la souche, près d'un arbre. Retourne voir M. Faraize. Il est au départ de la deuxième étape. Ramasse tous les objets de la liste et retourne voir M. Faraize. Il faudra valider les objectifs suivants. Trouve quelque chose créé par l'homme In episode 17, Leigh becomes the decoy manager in Rosalya's plan to get revenge on Deborah. For this, he get's trained and is given a black suit with a white shirt and sunglasses to make sure he was ready. He goes to Deborah and offers her a fake proposition for her to become bigger than what she was, making her argue with her manager about his current plan and break their contract.

bei c: Das heißt nicht, dass ich auch DEINEN Geburtstag vergessen würde. (wir haben Geburtstag in einer Episode von Sweet Amoris? Oh ja bittteeee wie geil wär das denn *-*!!!) Carla ist immer noch im Klassenzimmer: Ich freu mich schon auf die Party. a. (Ich sollte heute Abend darauf achten, was ich sage.) Wieder im Flur ist Amber und ihr. ♥ 「Well, it seemed like there was a lot going on in his head for a while, and he chose the wrong time to pour it all out…」 ♥ 「She usually never goes out, she's a real house cat. I spent an hour looking for her. I was so scared something might happen to her.」 29/jul/2017 - Iris (2)~Amour sucre by caroeliza on DeviantArt. 29/jul/2017 - Iris (2)~Amour sucre by caroeliza on DeviantArt. Dbaj o swoje zdrowie i bezpieczeństwo. Pamiętaj o myciu rąk oraz izolowaniu się od innych osób. Możesz też zapoznać się z przygotowanymi przez nas materiałami o tym, jak dostosować się do obecnej sytuacji The new girl at Sweet Amoris High, Hazel, already has herself in the mixture of drama and romance. This school is definitely unlike any other school that she has gone to before. (Characters, plot, and dialogue belong to ChinoMiko and MCL Creators

Iris ist Sucrettes Klassenkameradin und gleichzeitig eine enge Freundin von ihr. Iris ist ein immer freundliches und fröhliches junges Mädchen. Sie sieht stets das gute in Personen und ist stets Optimistisch anzutreffen. Es ist fast unmöglich, Iris nicht zu mögen The girls of Sweet Amoris High. Like the guys they have a meter that tells you how much they like you (even Amber). But none of them are dateable so they are called friendship o'meters instead. Amber The mean girl of the school. From the very first meeting she makes it clear she does not like your. Iris is a cute girl and I like her, so no, it really doesn't bother me So Prya is pansexual. Now canon (woohoo) Weird Amoris — For me the gender doesn't matter. Iris is a cute... 1.5M ratings I miss that sweet guy even if i don't play the game anymore and I wanted to create an edit of Lysander for Mclul since so long.. Read Totally Spies #3 from the story Sweet Amoris: Die Chats auf Whatsapp by Berrycaramelly with 610 reads. wattys2018, anime, nathaniel. Alexy: Was machen..

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sweet amoris | Tumblr. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people. The squad to protect Iris! >:3I loved watching these three in action in chapter 35 (♡ε♡ ) Be careful Castiel, Armin is becoming my new fav boy after the last chapters. Iris Edit. Leo's first female friend when coming to Sweet Amoris. After Kentin left for military school, Iris was the one who spent time with Leo during break and lunch at school. Leo loves the girl's friendly and welcoming personality whereas Iris loves her sweet and caring one. Leo is also the one tutoring Iris in math. Melody Edi These are the adventures of Chloe Mitchell after transferring to Sweet Amoris High School. Which boy will she choose? The charming good boy Nathaniel? The bad boy Castiel? The fashionable Lysander? Only time will tell! Notes: Here's my new story idea! Basically, I made an account on the French version of My Candy Love - it's called Amour. A.Iris nach den Pflanzensamen fragen >>> Du musst Iris dreimal treffen: das erste Mal fragst du sie nach den Samen, das zweite Mal hat sie vergessen, sie mitzubringen und das dritte Mal bekommst du die Schchtel mit Samen und kannst sie Jade bringen. Die nächste Aufgabe ist freiwillig. Jade bittet dich Artemisiasamen zu kaufen, kannst kannst.

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  1. Sucrettee 37 2 Sweeties A day at the mall VoicelessSiren 1 0 Wtf VoicelessSiren 1 0 Ken Bear VoicelessSiren 6 4 sweet crush USAGI-VINCENT 3 2 Sweet Crush - Draw the Person Above You Game Hiroi--Kusaji 15 0 Ksenia.
  2. Ken is friends with several other students at Sweet Amoris, as well. He seems to have no problem speaking with Nathaniel and he was in the gardening club with Jade before he enrolled in military school. Most notably is his friendship with Iris. From the start of the game, Iris takes Your Candy and Ken under her wing and shows them around the.
  3. Dein Sweet Amoris Lover und deine Lovestory! Er scheint vielleicht etwas grimmig aber er ist ganz okay Bevor wir anfangen gebe ich dir einige Infos über dich Du heißt Amy, hast helle kurze weiß/blaue Haare, Dunkelblaue Augen, Iris ich sag dir alles später okay, lass uns erst einmal essen gehen!.
  4. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people
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  6. Sur ce blog, vous trouverez la bonne réponse aux dialogues avec les mecs du lycée Sweet Amoris ainsi que de l'aide dans vos objectifs. Sur ce bonne visite

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  1. Lauschen--> Sprich so oft mit Castiel, bis er dir den Schlüssel gibt. Direkt nachsehen-->Der Schlüssel taucht in der Garten-AG auf. Weggehen-->Sprich so oft mit Lysander, bis er dir den Schlüssel gibt
  2. We head to the movie theater arm in arm. I haven't been here for a full week yet, but Sweet Amoris is pretty small and Aunt Lonnie did a good job of showing me where everything is. Ken, on the other hand, has spent most of his time at home with George, helping unpack and settle in and whatnot
  3. B: Nein, das verzeihe ich dir nicht, das war echt mies von dir. (+3) ( Erst werden einem -9 abgezogen,aber es steigt danach um 7 und wenn man bei der 2.Frage mit Ja..Okay antwortet steigt es nochmal um 5
  4. Sweet Amoris High School is the school that Candy transfers to at the beginning of My Candy Love. Entering the school will bring you to new areas to meet up with the boys, classmates, as well as enemies. Make sure you're on as good of terms with people as possible, you never know, maybe one day you might find that special someone
  5. , Alexy, Lysander and Iris. You can let your own character join them^^ Have fun

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Info: Bei Sweet Amoris leuft es nach dem 'Zufallsprinzip' wo ihr die Jungs trefft. Also kann es gut sein das ich die Jungs hin und wieder an anderen Stellen treffen werde als ihr c; Und nun viel Spaß ^-^ Rot--> LovOMeter Sinkt Iris's younger brother. Since he's 9 years old, he neither attends Sweet Amoris nor is dateable, but he does pop up occasionally to talk to your Candy. Adorably Precocious Child; Child Prodigy; Precocious Crush: According to the third artbook, he has a crush on the teenage player character Ken und Iris kommen auf mich zugestürzt. In einer Ecke sehe ich Castiel, der mich kopfschüttelnd anschaut, klar ich soll die Klappe halten, sein Image steht ja auf dem Spiel. Naja, am Freitag, als ich nach Hause gegangen bin, hat es mich mal wieder niedergerissen, aber diesmal ziemlich blöd

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amour sucre kentin < > Most recent. Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type. amour sucre sweet amoris my candy love amor doce corazón de melón słodki flirt mcl armin mcl castiel mcl nathaniel mcl kentin mcl lysander my candy love amour sucre mcl nathaniel mcl iris mcl melody mcl priya mcl rosalya mcl kentin mcl alexy mcl. Iris a crée un groupe. Iris a renommé le groupe en « Sweet amoris ». Iris: Hey les amies !J'ai créée un groupe snap pour que l'on puisse parler après les cou

Sweet Amoris High School. 858 likes. The place where fellow candies met each other. : -Sweet Amoris!maintenant je dois y aller!dis je en m'en allant. -Aller fais pas ta timide!dit il en me prenant le bras et en m'entrainant dans l'eau. -Je croix qu'elle t'a demander de la lâcher!dis Castiel en me prenant.Il était avec Thomas sweet amoris castiel rastet aus episode youtube. 1280 x 720 · jpeg amour sucre episode pour tous tous pour iris. 702 x 462 · png branca amor doce wiki fandom powered wikia. 480 x 360 · jpeg dolce flirt ep nathaniel completo youtube. 400 x 578 · jpeg amour sucre Iris A: Measurements: Height: 156cm, Weight: 49kg: Birthday: 4 June: Hair: Orange: Eyes: Blue: Personality: Friendly: Role: Classmate: Description. Iris is a sweet girl who is friendly towards heroine from the start and immediately accepts heroine and Kentin as her friends. She is in the music club. Iris is the first friend heroine's makes Der Blog rund um das Spiel Sweet Amoris. Episodenbilder, Lösungen, und Vorschau auf nächste Episoden

Candy. The player character. A girl who moves from an unnamed school to Sweet Amoris High at the beginning of the game. She is an Ordinary High-School Student who gets caught up in the lives of her classmates—especially the cute ones. And after a 40 episode roller-coaster ride called 'High School Life', your candy graduates and moves on to a University In der Schülervertretung treffe ich Peggy. Im Flur spricht mich dann Nathaniel an. Danach betritt man den Hof um die Schule zu verlassen. Bei hohem Lovometer trifft man Armin oder wenn das Lovometer bei Armin nicht so hoch ist, begegnet man Kentin vor dem Park Deborah has messy light brown hair (with several thin braids included) tied up in a little updo. She has big, blue eyes with pink highlights. She has a golden ear piercing on her right ear and butterfly tattoos across her right shoulder. She wears a black leather choker with hot pink pearls around her neck, along with a flashy blue, gold, and pink top, which includes white fabric with black polka dots. This white fabric is only sewn to the bottom of her shirt and at the top to tie around her neck. She wears black, fingerless gloves with hot pink designs. At the end of each glove is a hot pink bow. She also wears a belt (which is black, gold, and hot pink) over her ripped black jeans. She wears lace to cover the holes in her jeans, and she seems to be wearing black boots as well. amour sucre nathaniel < > Most recent. Most mcl my candy love amor doce amour sucre corazon de melon cdm armin armin mcl kentin kentin mcl halloween halloween 2017 jokes iris iris mcl nathaniel nathaniel mcl melody mcl mclul my candy love my candy love university life amour sucré amour sucre amor doce sweet amoris amour sucre nathaniel.

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Découverte des clubs du lycée Bonjour ! Nous revoici pour l'épisode 2 de Amour Sucré. Prologue : Il est temps de s'investir dans. Wer Passt am Besten zu dir in Sweet Amoris? + meine Lovestory die beim Test dabei war.xD; Episode 9 Episode 9 Bei jeder Variante habt ihr auch die Möglichkeit ein Abschlussbild von Dake, dem Surferboy, zu bekommen. Falls ihr Dake aussucht, findet ihr die Lösung zum Dialog unter 4.Dake !!! 1.Castie

my candy love my art My Drawings MCL mcl iris irish corazón de melón amour sucré amour sucre sweet amoris Fanart digital art digital painting. May 02, 2020. Afternoon classroom - For this time, an ambitious piece, not so bad (^ ^ My Candy Love Episodes 1-8. mr. poopypants heheheehehehehe. 1. 8. Why was the reason Ken left Sweet Amoris? Because he was being bullied and his dad wanted him to join a military school. Because he decided to go to a new high school because of bullying. Because his parents decided to home school hi Parte 5 de Verdad o Desafío Mini cómic creado por Zie Lamento la demora, pero con los estudios me costaba un poco tener que traducir leste Mini Cómic Parte 1 Parte 2 Parte 3 Parte

Sweet Amoris: Episodenbilder Q Hallo Ich bin neu bei SweetAmoris und erst bei der ersten Episode. Erobere mit Sweet Amoris die Herzen der s esten Jungs und erlebe eine echte Liebesgeschichte. Bearbeiten Klassischer Editor Episodenbilder Sweet Amoris Episode Sweet Sweet Amoris: L sung Episode - Die Macht der Vergangenheit - Feys Amoris Sweet amoris download. For your search query Sweet Amoris MP3 we have found 1000000 songs matching your query but showing only top 10 results. Now we recommend you to Download first result SWEET AMORIS CAMPUSLEBEN 059 Nur Für Geladene Gäste Episode 11 4 6 German Deutsch MP3 which is uploaded by Vityria of size 31.67 MB , duration 24 minutes and 4 seconds and bitrate is 192 Kbps Download My. Pour cet épisode, il y aura 4 parties pour chaque garçon (Nathaniel, Castiel, Lysandre et Dake) accompagné des filles (Ambre, Iris, Rosalya). Je précise que vous passerez la journée avec l'un des garçons (en dehors de Dake qui sera là peu importe le garçon) et que c'est aléatoire We're four students at Sweet Amoris High! Being the little socialites that we are, we thought we'd start a blog to share our experiences at this new school - and more specifically document our dates with the hot boys! If you need any help with any of the guys, we're here to help! 1 note #my candy love #mcl #episode 14 #armin #iris

Let's Play Sweet Amoris Episode 33 Part 1 Nathaniel Eine Party bei Iris ♥ Lucy Elli. Loading... Unsubscribe from Lucy Elli? Let's Play Sweet Amoris Episode 32 Kentin Version :D - Duration: 2. Check out SweetAmorisGS's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired Ich treffe auf Iris, ein nettes Mädchen, dass mich herzlich an der neuen Schule begrüßt. Ich gehe zurück auf den Hauptflur und treffe auf Amber, Li und Charlotte. Ich ignoriere die Begegnung mit ihnen und gehe in den Klassenraum

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Rosalia (Sweet amoris) She is beautiful, I love her hair, and her style, so *-* Confessions of the MCL Fandom AmourSucre - CandyLove by ChiNoMiko on DeviantArt DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art Just like Iris, Melody was a friend of Deborah before your Candy arrived at Sweet Amoris. She's a fan of Deborah's band, as well, and ends up siding with her. She thinks Deborah is a good person and wouldn't hurt anyone, though she doesn't know her true personality. Deborah feels Iris is simple and, like the rest of the school, an idiot. Just like Iris, Melody was a friend of Deborah before your Candy arrived at Sweet Amoris. She's a fan of Deborah's band, as well, and ends up siding with her

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「Yeah, but that means that everyone can see who you're talking and flirting with... Is it a polygamous app or what?」 Sweet Amoris FanFiktion - Kapitel 6 vor 7 Jahren Powered by Blogger. Translate. Blogger Template by Blogcrowds. Sweet Amoris FanFiktion- Kapitel 4 Eingestellt von Sasa um 10:19 Na wie war dein erster Tag Kleine? Hallo Tantchen, ja doch war ganz in Ordnung. Du hättest mir aber sagen können, dass du eine Ehrenschülerin warst Avant de la trouver vous devrez d'abord croiser Nina, une fan inconditionnée de Lysandre, dans la cour. Si vous répondez correctement vous avez droit à un t-shirt Team Lysandre ^^ Après cette discussion vous trouverez Rosalya à votre prochain déplacement, elle trouve que c'est une très bonne idée et pourra vous faire vos coulisses mais elle aura besoin d'un tringle car sans ça elle.

Iris azonban meg sem szólalt, csak kellemetlenül feszengett Nath karjában. - De Castiel igen! Nathaniel farkasszemet nézett velem, aztán megint elkapott és a karjába rántott, arrébb húzott egy picit engem és Irist is, hogy a büfé felé tudjon mutatni a vállam felett. - Nem úgy látom, hogy nagyon idegesítené magát, egész jól. Jaden gibt uns die Aufgabe von Iris die Blumensamen zu holen. Im Flur treffe ich auf Nathaniel. A: Jaden, er ist nicht hier auf der Schule, also kennst du ihn bestimmt nicht. Info: Bei Sweet Amoris leuft es nach dem 'Zufallsprinzip' wo ihr die Jungs trefft. Also kann es gut sein das ich die Jungs.. Students say that Deborah is friends with everyone, but she actually is pretending and speaks ill of them behind their backs. Even stating Castiel was the "biggest idiot of all", and that everyone else were idiots too. (Basically, she is two-faced.) Una persona de este Instituto Sweet Amoris nos lo informo. Al parecer estaban ¡Besándose!. Después de su supuesta Ruptura con Castiel (Que como ya saben nunca fueron novios oficialmente) e irse por un tiempo de aquí,volvió y con¡Todo!

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Check out Sweet Amoris High (MCL RP). It's one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. This is the High School from My Candy Love.(Awesome game for girls made by Chinomiko was originally French, has awesome illustrations and pretty cool clothing along with the fact that you can't make fanfiction above the rating PG-13 and you can't cuss, if you do you have. Címkék: Castiel, Csábításból jeles, Epizód, Iris, Játék, Sweet Amoris Gimi. 2013. június 8., szombat. Első bejegyzés (1 - 2. epizód) Nemrég iratkoztam be a Sweet Amoris Gimibe. Nem mondom, Csábításból jeles! :) Többek között, taliztam Kennel. Állandóan körülöttem forog, ami egy kicsit már idegesít. Átjöttem.

My Candy Love/Sweet Crush MCL Episode 12 Walkthrough Lysander, Castiel, Nathaniel and Armin And then she talks to herself. Good to know, Candy isn't the only crazy at Sweet Amoris. In courtyard, I find... the love of my life! Agony and misery became me, in the years that passed by, um, in H1, I see Iris. I don't talk to her about Nathaniel In Sweet Amoris Campusleben ist sein treuer Gefährte leider verstorben. Iris. Iris ist eins der wenigen Mädchen welche ein gutes Verhältnis zu Castiel haben. Sie scheint gut mit ihm befreundet zu sein, da sie gemeinsam Zeit am Strand verbringen und er sie ohne Einwende mit in der Band spielen ließ Endlich bin ich wieder unten bei den Mädels, Iris und Kim umringen mich und wollen wissen, woher ich so gut singen kann. Nur Draguna steht ganz ruhig neben mir. Auf einmal kommen Lys und Cas und auch Dajan zu uns. Hallo Mädels, gute Show hast du da gemacht Sasa Iris is a calm and sweet girl who's always trying to help the player out whenever she can. When the player first starts at Sweet Amoris, Iris immediately takes them and Ken under her wing without hesitation. She's kind hearted and easy to get along with Ihr müsst Iris oder Ken treffen, ich treffe Iris im Klassenzimmer. Sie führt mich gleich dort hin. [Falls ihr Ken getroffen habt, dann schickt mir doch bitte die Antwortmöglichkeiten, falls es welche gibt

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♥ 「Like you said. He was in a really really bad mood. It's been a while since he lectured me like that.」 Deborah doesn't have any actual friends and she only pretends to be friends with people to make sure things go her way. These characters listed are ones who thought Deborah was their friend or who still felt a connection to her without knowing her true intentions. The map version of the school was updated on May, 25th 2015. The tennis court had been removed, the length of the building was longer and the school entrance had been changed. There's also no bushes in the front of the school.

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